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  1. Peugeot 3008 What would you do?

    Why is this even a consideration? PART of his heated rear screen isn't working on a 5 year old car yousold 2 months ago! That has absolutely no impact on the CRA or you as a dealer. That could never be argued to make the car not fit for purpose. With regards to the fault I'd tell him to whistle as it's not even a fault, more a scratch as you'd expect on a 5 year old car except it's unusually inside the rear window from loading or a removed sticker as stated. If you don't want his part ex then reverse the deal to suit yourself minus mileage & extra owner then go again with the Pug. That way you get rid of the open top skip & can sell the good car again to someone with a brain.
  2. Another Dealer Auction tale of woe

    Precisely. It is, or certainly feels like, a very 'us & them' situation. The clause of 'not been mechanically checked in our workshop'seems to be justification for not even giving the engine bay a cursory glance. What do they do their appraisal reports on, the back of a stamp? I'm sure if it was a px in their manufacturer group in age range for the plot they would check it over pretty well on appraisal why would everything else not be the same? The best sellers are those that appraise & detail a 25yr old shitter like they do a year old car. Show me the stone chips & minor mirror scuff on that 300k 2002 Passat TDi! I think let's make a single thread for good and bad then it has balance and saves the witch hunt, also allows good and bad experiences of the same vendor in case it was a one off rogue. Some examples of current auctions can be used for discussion too, then we can go to DA and tell them how to improve their service and of course they'll listen to us and the world will be a better place ... maybe ... I'm off to do just that now, see you all in the members lounge shortly
  3. Lawgistics Warranty

    Another vote for self warranty, we useA1 Approved Warranties (note the subtle difference to Betginge's supplier who we used to use but now don't for very good reasons, PM me if you're nosy). 3 months and £300-500 claim limit depending on the car included in the screen price. Costs £124 per car with £100 going in to the pot and just £24 to administer the claim should it happen.After 3 months A1 offer to sell the client the remainder to make it a 12 month overall but as the contract is with them it takes the heat off you standing by the car for 12 months because "you sold me the warranty". The pot is then yours to be flexible on should you have a screamer after a short period, stops the temptation of dipping into it when you see a bargain at auction too! Mark is the man at A1 give me a shout if you want his number, all stationary is free too.
  4. Another Dealer Auction tale of woe

    I was going to suggest a good and a naughty list thread for DA sellers so we can try to save a tiny bit of sanity dealing with our "fellow car industry professionals" in the main dealers. I recently travelled a long way for an old RAV4 based on the superb description and photos, I was so confident I could have just paid the money & driven off. Everything was listed, even a correct guess on the EML fault! On the contrary I bought a Transit again from miles away, I just asked the selling dealer if it was smoky at idleor any oil contamination before I travel and was met with "It's an auction mate". The price wasn't in question but surely checking the basics of correct fluids in correct holes shouldn't be too big an ask. After I verbally leant on him a bit he tucked his tail between his legs and checked for me, I travelled with confidence and drove the van away Some of the photos & descriptions (if they can be bothered to write one) are a joke, they deserve to keep those cars until the end of time
  5. 'Amateur' Valuation Options

    Ask Tom Hartley
  6. 'Amateur' Valuation Options

    It seems that every man and his one-eyed dog think they can make a fortune selling cars. It's easy! Let me just tell you, it's f*cking not! Example; A mate text me today asking if I deal in bikes as well as cars, no is the answer to that. Apparently he's found a new bike but the dealer want to give him £800-1000 less than what his is worth in p/x. "All they need to do is wash it and put it on the forecourt for a grand more than they're giving him" he tells me The general public haven't got a clue what it costs to run a business, especially one in this trade. They see aneasy couple of grand in every car clear profit without any hassle or stress, all year round, no problem. If i had my time again I wouldn't be getting in to this game, that isn't to put you off because we'reworried about you being our competition, that's doing you a bloody big favour. Do what you like, but don't think it's all roses fella
  7. Assistance with Car Finance

    Whilst you're waiting you can advise them to apply for their own finance with various brokers that advertise on tv. Obviously you can't do the introduction until you're FCA approved. Some brokers will work still work with unauthorised companies
  8. SVA is now IVA. Despite the name change it is still a test carried out by the most jobsworth, anally retentive men available at the DVLA. The sole purpose is to try to wind you up enough that you'll be forced into violence against said human being. They're fun, have a try
  9. SOR Type Deals?)

    I've done quite a few. What I will say is either go down the route as suggested from Lawgistics above and act as a legal agent then the CRA doesn't apply (won't stop the angry customer knocking on your door though) or take enough money out of the deal that you can back it up should you need to
  10. Time to pack it in?

    This may sound harsh but if you can't make money by trading from home without rent & rates then you must be doing something very wrong! Is it your adverts, photos, descriptions, phone manner, you?! I'd be looking for feedback on these things from where you can get it. Why not post up a link to your website or one of your ads so we can give you some constructive criticism?
  11. @JonWhat's your background? Why have you decided to get into selling cars? Do you have all your legal & financial obligations in place? Do you understand the CRA 2015? Do you know how much you need to make in this every week/month/year to make this venture viable? Answer those questions and we may be able to help more
  12. Trade with trade plates and children

    Not an option unfortunately, she only works up the road from my pitch anyway. I suppose I could take her on the back of the bike, that's taxed (£7a month) I'm pretty sure the quick ride and the messed up hair would make that a one time fix though No sorry, you may have to get your own passenger seat technician she's booked up for the foreseeable future Intermittent slow starting from warm is my go to should I need it
  13. Trade with trade plates and children

    This. If I have my mrs as passengerin a car on trade plates taking her to work on occasion, I'm also testing the vehicle for a potential underlying fault before sale. Very grey area surely?
  14. Cleaning materials

    They have set territories don't they? When I called them up initially they told me which rep covered my area, I doubt they can step on each other's toes
  15. Cleaning materials

    Cheers i'll talk to my rep about it when he's round this week, not that he knows much his products! G101 is so good, I use it for pretty much everything Highstyle for engine bays too