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  1. Refund

    ITS NOT MARKS N SPENCERS,,, Elaborate a little more.....
  2. Dealer Service?

    You’ve never been in a Northern council house then.... not a pot to piss in but a 70 inch telly on wall.... and I phone 20 for every sprog...
  3. Dealer Service?

    I personally went for video 2000 with a big fcuk off front loader..... wonder how many newbies to the telly sellygame ploughed there life savings into stocking them?
  4. Dealer Service?

    Brave man, I wouldn’t know of a trader who I could offer a 3 yr old leaf to, I stock 60 cars from Hyundai i10 to Bentley Continental and I would stain my pants at thought of having a leaf in stock.... but maybe I am an old dinosaur so I wish you well..... but I wouldn’t set off on my jollies in one....
  5. Where to hire delivery driver?

    as a trader when you took your uk test why take an auto one??
  6. Where to hire delivery driver?

    I just discovered that my driver license only allows driving the automatic car today! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the FCUK do you just discover something like this??? Can you remember taking a test?? How do you expect to just hire a car when you don't have a license for it?
  7. Lets join a forum and ask a question about our own product n hope everyone looks at it....then vanish.....lets all bombard REEF BUSINESS SYSTEMS and Saffron with stupid e mails and crank calls....
  8. Warranty companies

    oh dear another illiterate newbie that sounds like a disgruntled private
  9. newbie

    This guy has been watching too much telly,,, do wheeler dealers or wotever its called ever pay vat or any labour costs??
  10. Invoicing

    switch to click dealer for website and it all comes with it.
  11. Negative Sales Invoice for labour ??

    dont try to complicate matters with HMRC because they will jump on you and no matter how good your books are they will fcuk u one way or the other, either bill factors, bill billy or take it on the chin. keep away from HMRC,s radar.
  12. Halfords Tools Black Friday deals

  13. For the MB Lovers amongst ya :)

    Fecking knob
  14. Halfords Tools Black Friday deals

    Do you get trade discount on top of sale prices?
  15. Quiet On The Finance Front?

    Out of interest who pays what to CF247??? I am currently £125 a car (up from original £100)