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  1. I buy quite a few cars from Isle Of Man, no MOT,s there but neither do they show up as imported,,,, number of clever cnuts i had on old 944 i sold last year telling me must be fcuked because not mot,d for 10 yrs
  2. I looked on site and they all seem to be main dealer group types who are obviously sick of the greedy monster, I sent a request to join but they basically said only looking for big boys.... well fcuk u,,,, ha ha
  3. you probably pay more to Autotrader than you would pay a good salesman so why not sack AT altogether and employ a good salesman then you can be open 52 weeks of the year...
  4. dont u just love a spammer,,,,
  5. 60 car pitch, been without them few years now and numbers sold virtually same year on year.
  6. how much would you buy it for and WOULD you buy it, because if it goes tits up after you sell it you will own it cus the owner will be long gone...
  7. I hate Autotrader and as a trader I dont/wont give them my money, But i love my Autotrader shares.... and when the advertising prices go up each year by 20% i laugh at people who have money in bank earning 0.0005% interest while my shares go up funninly enough by 20% ;-))
  8. “Hi you all know that auto trader is a rip off”. Yes and we know the govt have fcucked us all with Brexit old news, for years traders have threatened to boycott it but nothing happens, if your not happy do as lots of us have and leave, don’t threaten them cus they don’t care, just pull the plug. But if it works for you and costs say less then £150 per sale then stay. I personally hate them but as a business they are good and my Autotrader shares keep going up...
  9. i pay £500 for 60 cars on the sponsored listings package,,, usually do 3 or 4 a month from it,
  10. in all fairness to the OP the rules around displaying Trade Plates are all to cock, how you display them by the book is crap and unachievable on some cars, the system need overhauling, one minute u have to cover original plates next you cant, but it has always said not to display in windscreen.
  11. i used xk8parts.co.uk for some bits last year they seem to break a few, worth a punt.
  12. Click dealer top people, a forward thinking honest company that do more than it says on the tin.
  13. Couple of points, 1, I am not your mate, 2, you have tried to nab a bargain and are bleating because it doesnt exist, 3. you are on a car dealers website, we are trade professionals who pay proper money for a proper car and we know bargains on this scale dont exist 4. you didnt go to a genuine dealer because you were unwilling to pay a right price for a right car 5 SEE POINT ONE best of luck with your studies I hope you learn that bargains do not exist
  14. wow how cheap are those cars, i better rush and reserve one with my debit card i dont want to miss out on a bargain....... and if it goes tits up i will go to Dom Littlewood or watchdog because i am an innocent private who has been scammed out of my hard earned cash... IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ITS A SCAM.