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  1. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    Reviews are a pain in the ass but they are a sad fact of running a business, yes people do read reviews and decide what your business is like before even speaking to you, you must reply to the review and turn it around in your favour, explain that it has cost you xyz removing car from sale, preparing it to his standards loss of turnover etc etc state that deposits are none refundable and a contract such as the one he signed is legally binding.....worded correctly it can make him look like a skint chancer wannabe rather than an innocent hard done to saint...
  2. A Basic Question

    I believe there are only a certain number of times you can do this before DVLA get wise to your bank details keep stopping DD then they block all DD,s from that account, sounds Bollox to me cus they getting paid but that’s a govt body for u....
  3. mot update for may 2018

    No MOT and free tax, out comes my new smoker... maybe they will start giving me fuel vouchers next ;-)
  4. Challenge

    Bet the one you cancel AT on still gets buyers saying they saw it on AT
  5. Fleabay motors total discrete sales since January

    First impression counts and the first impression there is your picture and the price, nothing wrong with the pic but as a private I would have looked at price n thought fcuk that’s expensive n move on to next one, you have a slash/banneron your pic with your Garage name but that is not the cars selling point, I had to scroll down ad to find its unique selling point that if I had seen immediately I would have stayed on ad and not moved on to next one, put the mileage on a slash on pics make it scream out at them that this car is ultra low miles n better than the next one..
  6. Dealer Website

    Click dealer, and when we went with them many moons ago there was no hard sell, cost wise it’s the cheapest and biggest forecourt you will ever have,
  7. Fleabay motors total discrete sales since January

    i do ok from e bay, but as quoted previously they all say we saw it on AT,,, I aint on fecking AT,,,, Anyway I got call from e-bay last week telling me all about the super new platform that I really have to be on,,, would only cost me an extra wage a month!!! cars listed on bumtree etc and we had to be on it to succeed ... I told the nice lady that I would tell her the same as I told AT when they tried to make me have products I didn't want....fortunately she listened,, So I am still on EBMP but not on bumtree, THEY NEED US MORE THAN WE NEED THEM....
  8. DPF Issue

    I thought maybe a private, can I revise my original advise? Only way to clear light has to be done at 3am, sit in car with rear doors open, remove all your clothes as the static from them may upset the process,, start car and hold accelerator to floor for a full 10 minutes while pressing horn at the same time as reciting the Koran...... sorted the EML is no longer your biggest problem
  9. Searching for all pug experts

    Change oil pressure switch, had one last week but was an easy diagnosis...as soon as I unplugged wire I got covered in oil.
  10. DPF Issue

    Have a forced re gen before any additives, but would have thought dpf light would have been on rather than em light,
  11. Right to Reject

    she wasn't telling him what was wrong she was telling him he could throw it back,
  12. Right to Reject

    that was easy to solve,,,, snowflake and the flashing one was traction control,,,, his fecking wife can use google but cant read a handbook, I dread when fuel light comes on or it needs washer fluid..
  13. Right to Reject

    They get better,,,, Mr Knob rings this week... I bought a car off you 3 weeks ago, i have a serious problem withthis car u sold me an orange warning light is on and sometimes another one comes on, my wife has looked on google and spoken to trading standards and I want to reject the car because I am within my rights, ok I say what are the lights? I don't know he says but I shouldn't get warning lights after 3 weeks so you need to collect it and give me my money back, have you looked in handbook what lights are for says me, no he says,,, what do they look like says me....... wait for it......... it gets better.......... go on any one fancy a guess???
  14. Taxing a stock vehicle

    why didn't you just cancel the DD ??
  15. Taxing a stock vehicle

    I usually tax on direct debit using green slip then cancel direct debit when I sell car, no doubt it is not the way to do it but at least it is taxed and doesn't put another name in book.