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  1. Detailed market sales/trends per quarter analytics

    so folks I have read the stats been on this forum and heard everyone say dont buy odd colours dont buy Fiat 500 etc etc then a trader pulls up in a mint green 500, split brand new 64 plate 19k and i gulped,,, felt my bollox drop n said fcuk it... bought it this morning,,, as trader drives away laughing a young blonde bird stops n falls in love with it,,, sold before i had even transferred money for it,,,, wot do we know? n wot do stats mean??? just use your gut n you win some n u lose some....
  2. I’m never buying another Land Rover

    I said the very same last year after another haldex unit and rear diff bill cost over £2000...... but greedy bstard that I am thought a mint FSH low miles evoque had good profit in it so had to be bought..... last week I had a £2000 bill for transfer box on same evoque.... never again am I buying a Landrover..... or will I ....
  3. Is there a limit to customer service?

    This guy has probably given you his life savings, imagine if the fuel leak really was there and he set off to drive it back to you, fuel drips on hot exhaust car goes up in flames he frazzles to a crispand you sit in front of judge saying It was too much trouble to collect car from him that he had just bought off me!!!!! This job is an inconvenience at times but if we are going to make a living out of it we are classed as professional and have responsibilities, just sort while you still can..
  4. Car Gurus

    I cancelled after 4 months and not even a phone call, I really wanted it to work but I cant afford to fund find and fund anymore, imo it was rolled out to fast and should have been a gradual build up at no expense to dealer.
  5. Insurer requires 6 docs of trading evidence in 6 days

    I think you need advice on accounting as well as selling cars because without proper invoices the tax man is gonna tear you another arsehole. Angry punters are one thing but you aint seen nothing till you meet a civil servant with a hatred of car dealers, keep every scrap of paperwork throw nothing.....
  6. ebay scam

    He has been a busy Billy today, I got exactly same e-mail this morning,,,, someone will fall for it and then all their stock on e bay will be hijacked and replaced with silly cheap ones and the punters will be eager to ring the new number with debit card details desperate to get that elusive bargain...……...
  7. Welcome to the motor trade and a good piece of advise....caveat emptor..... it takes years to learn this game and then every day still throws shit at u,, you usually find though that traders are more honest than privates but either way it’s not an easy money making game and along the way you will get stuffed...

    Sold a civic and customer is back 3 week later with powerfold mirrorthat's stoppedfolding, in the past I have known complete mirror have to be replaced for about £400,,,, did a google search and I found topic about it and they had replaced part inside mirror housing, so I pays my £1.99 for bit off flea bay and bobs your uncle,,,, saved a fortune ;-)) ..... then I googled my sore throat and stiff neck,,,,,, I am dead in 6 weeks.......
  9. What do you use for sales invoices?

    Click dealer, piece of piss to use and even the customer can read it, unlike my old hand written scribblings..
  10. ex rental

    May be an old topic but what are peoples views on retailing ex rentals? I used to sell ERAC cars years ago and although didn't make fortunes they were a good addition and a ready source, I had the ERAC rep round yesterday and think there is a market for them.
  11. TSB BANK

    The bigger the company the harder to deal with ;((
  12. TSB BANK

    If I ran a business like some of the blue chip companies and govt bodies I would be locked up, 25th May a £750 standing order left my personal TSB account as it normally does but it didn’t arrive at destination, I rang TSB was in a queue for over an hour and when I spoke to someone they agree something gone wrong say they look into it and ring back,, 3 days later no one rings back so I ring again and takes 45 minutes to get through only to be told same thing, once again they didn’t ring back so I drive 15 mile to branch for cashier to tell me manager busy n he will ring back.... he didn’t .... since then I wasted another 4 hours ringing them then this morning when I rang them woman says it will take 8 week to sort!!!! WTF I want my 750 quid back... if I have a punter with a blown bulb and I don’t sort it that minute they are threatening CRA etc...SO BLOODY FRUSTRATING...... . RANT OVER .... HAPPY FRIDAY
  13. Kia Sportage 1.7CDTI

    Must admit Kia and Hyundai dealers are very good about warranty claims, took a few in for bits of jobs under warranty n no qualms or trying to get out of it cus we trade...
  14. windscreen chips

  15. windscreen chips

    Screenman I am in sunny Lancashire and alwayswelcome a recommendation of a quality tradesman. if you know any one this way sure we can give them some work.