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  1. 35 years in job and still dont know it,, it changes constantly,,, when i started if someone said people will watch a computer screen to buy a car i would have laughed at them,,, if they said my car would turn its steering wheel and park by itself i would have laughed louder and if they said cash was not king but typing digits into a phone would get me paid i would have given up on job.... whats next????
  2. Card payments customer not present

    you cant blame them but i aint paying for their interest free bit or tesco clubcard points or whatever else points they get....max on credit card £500 and i think i am being generous at that..... turnover £1m on credit card would prob cost over £10k in card charges, and remember turn over £1m you may end up with 5 or 6% as profit so giving 1.5% in card charges just so billy can have clubcard points is bad business, no wonder ryanair charge to put your bags on plane... how much did they lose when they had to stop charging for credit cards....
  3. Card payments customer not present

    This job has enough pitfalls without playing credit card roulette, max I take on card (credit or debit) over phone is £500 for deposit, don’t gamble, if they can’t get to you to put pin in either pick them up or lose the deal.... unless you don’t mind losing your car,,,,
  4. Cheap card processing?

    You’ve never sold a Honda Jazz then ;—)But seriously we do get a lot of customers (usually over 60 yrs of age) who don’t trust/use internet banking, they are the type that would still want to give a cheque, I still gawp when I see a “youngster” in pub waving a phone near machine to pay for a glass of pop!!!!
  5. Trade to trade

    i have bought hundreds if not thousands of cars over the years off traders who have gone on to be my friends, I try the car before i buy and i point out any faults to them at time of sale in the hope i can chip them, traders i buy off know me and how i deal and i like to think i can spot a problem but i am a professional in the motor trade and if a fault occurs after or if i havent spotted it its tough shit because i know if i become a whinging bastard i wont buy many more off them,,,,, u win some you lose some
  6. Brexit scaremongering

    when interest rate was 10% business went on and house prices rose,,, these people are incompetent and should be held accountable for the cock up they are making of brexit, and the recession creating scaremongering they spout...
  7. (Keep going!!) Looking for a Partner

    Go to Blackpool, change it all into pound coins and shuffle it into slot machines, less chance of dealing with lunatic privates and a chance of a better return.....
  8. MTD & HMRC (Important)

    I seem to recall our DMS/website provider saying that their system was compliant with this.... but I may be wrong ..... our accountant was going to speak to them to clarify...
  9. T&C's on sales

    You don’t have to give a warranty but you do have to make sure that the car is fit for sale, a new MOT goes a long way towards showing this,you can write any known faults on the invoice ie sold with air conditioning not working but you can not hide behind terms such as sold as seen,,, you are classed as the professional while Mr Punter is the innocent who knows not if a car is a cocked up death trap nor can he be expected to know the full workings of a car, writing sold as seen could land you in big shit as you the professional are taking Mr Innocents rights away from himand you can guarantee Mr Nice customer will think nothing of shitting on you when car goes bang at top of road..
  10. PX Bundle

    Had loads of them and they are great fun and have earned us good money over the years and apart from rusty bits are fairly bullet proof,, certainly more usable than an MGF or Lotus elise, but yes they are usually owned by cocks...
  11. Buying from a cowboy

    we didnt get that far i just felt uneasy about the guy so told him it wasnt for me.
  12. best tyre shine

    Autosmart or Autoglym are the 2 that spring to mind....
  13. Buying from a cowboy

    Not really,it’s a game of Russian roulette, but the OP said the V5 wasn’t in guys name, if it’s meant to be a private sale then walk away if this is the case, usually instinct is the best judge... if in doubt leave it out..... years ago guy came into our showroom with a lovely merc needed quick sale blah blah blah, hpi clear, 2 keys, full history, excellent stock mint car but something didn’t ring right so I left it and kicked myself until watching news week later n it said Mr King been found murdered in his house body been there a few week etc.... same name as Merc V5, I rang a mate who was plod and asked if Mr King had a Merc.... hour later I am surrounded by plod asking for suspected murderers description.... they caught the guy and my plod mate said the new “owner” of the Merc was in tears as they took it off him and left him with a big bank loan and no car..... I have dodged a few bullets in this job but that Is probthe luckiest escape..
  14. Buying from a cowboy

    Just get aninvoice from them with name address & all should be fine & keep a copy of the advert if you incur any problems your covered!. what i meant is how are you covered with an invoice and copy of ad??
  15. Buying from a cowboy

    How do you work that out?? That is the sort of thing a private would say when he is buying a “bargain” off a guy in pubinstead of paying a fair price off a professional motor dealer... same private gets knock on door 6 months later and police take car off him.... what good is a computer generated invoice with name of guy who is probably locked up now for ringing cars?? And copy of Advert? Really.... do you think Autotrader or Facefuck are just full of legit cars???