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  1. If it was the release bearing it would be worse when the clutch is pressed(when the bearing is then under the most load)if it rattles when clutch pedal is up it sounds like the usual vw gearbox chatter,a combination of no dual mass,3 cylinder (uneven tickover) engine and very thin gear oil,as CRW says just have a quick google about it no solution,we even tried putting thicker gear oil in one,did nothing except make gear selection harder!!!!
  2. We got one today aswell,cant see any reviews for us????
  3. We all remember the "crash"in 2007/08/09,some called it a recession but I think we were talked into that,it was the banks/lenders that screwed up then restricted lending,when we looked back at our sales fig. from 08/09/10(retailing about 500/year (from a stock of about 40/50 cars),we had the best few years we had had for a while,then in 2012/13 we saw a decline to doing about 400/year,most of these extra sales come from people buying used instead of new when things are a bit twitchy,when things are more settled with little financial worries on the the news/media chanels then people go back to buying new,just my thoughts,could be wrong but thats how it worked out for us the last time the shit hit the fan.The finance experts tell us that recesions come in 7/8 year cycles,if we think the 07 crisis was not a true recesion are we due for a mother of all? as cant remeber the one before the 07 mess(too old!!)
  4. Whats the theory behind the two stroke oil Dave? tia.
  5. Hi Umesh,we have the Autel machine that Dave mentioned and rate it very highly,good back up from UK head office(I have been told its far east origin).We have a an unbeleivabley good diagnostic guy very near us with a lot of dealer level kit and he also has the same Autel unit altho' the wireless/remote version ,and he speaks very highly witch is why we decided on ours.
  6. Does that kit do the Pug?citroen 4 pun type nuts,they are the only ones that we struggle with,on the video it says will cover every type of locknut,always a bit dubious about those claims.We use a firm called Evo Automotive for a lot of replacement locking keys,just take a good quality photo and e mail to them and if it was opbne of their designs will send a replacement key in abot 1 or 2 days for about £16.00,very helpfull firm.but we do struggle with those citroen types,you can order the from citroen wiyh chassis no. but is about £70.00!!!
  7. peter..o


    Not sure but some of the the DV6 engines in the fords/mazdas/volvos dont have the eolys fluid inject system like in the pug/citroens,this system seems to help with DPF clogging issues,we have run loads of the pug/citreon types as personal cars with eolys system with zero problems,maybe someone can elaborate??
  8. Hi,just a question for screenman,we are in the northwest(southport)and have rcently lost our brilliant screen chip man,do you know of anyone near to us who you could recomend,thanks,Peter
  9. Where do you go to ski Nick,weve been to Borovets 5/6 times and Pamporovo once,love Borovets,regards,Peter
  10. I think the whole forum should be closed to us car dealers after all look at the title "CAR DEALER FORUM"a forum for car dealers not billy joe public,Another thing on prices is when we frequent our local far eastern quisine restaurant(or any other for that matter) and the bill arrives for(in our case last weeks family meal £245.00)do we say"will you take ££££'s or what discount,the bill is paid in full,whats the difference???