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  1. agree with all, you pay for what you get. Nacman how many sales do you get from AT for your £2k? you've got to work out your return, theres plenty of cheaper websites out there but tried them all and for me none come close to the return we get from them and I monitor it very closely
  2. Car window stickers, used to put the web address on number plates but stopped in January to try something new my grandson suggested, for the same cost of the number plates Ive bought 200 universal iPhone/Galaxy phone chargers that slot into most cars USB ports (when they have them) with my logo on, they're about £4 each and get loads of comments from car buyers, they love em.
  3. It took a week - 10 days from the hammer going down to it being delivered, is that normal? how long did they have your money for before delivery? rarely use BCA or Manheim physical auctions now but is that generally the lead time nowadays?
  4. I do find that the majority of emails tend to end in nothing, but perhaps 1 in 20 will then follow through with a call or a visit so its worth replying to them. Looking at my DMS - Email as initial enquiry source has resulted in 9 sales so far this year. Not the best source of leads but I certainly wouldn't disregard any of them.
  5. Agree, avoid, the risk is 100% yours
  6. I think like any kind of loan, you've got to manage it and not let it get out of hand, I had a small stocking loan until a few years ago, positive was it keeps you sharp and focused on return and making sure you sell within an allotted time as said above. Negatives, like a credit card the offers to increase my funding kept coming virtually every week and its tempting to build your business around this debt. But if you use them wisely, your confident you can get a good finance pen and do sufficient volume its somebody else's money you're playing with so nothing against them, just grow within your means. Seen dealers go from 10 cars to 50 in a year and all they do is work for the funding company and stressed out their head
  7. Was on the free package last year but came off, cant find me on there now so bit of a puzzle, call me old school but wont display it as I've not earned it, doesn't feel right
  8. Yeah, nice surprise, nice little plaque and stickers just arrived, feel a fraud if I put it up though as I've never even been with them let alone had a review from one of their customers, I must be on their mailing list or something.
  9. I know they target certain towns and keywords on Google and ramp up the leads when they're doing a sales push from free to paid in certain areas, then move the spend onto new areas when they've signed up a load of dealers, sounds like a canny plan just moving the leads around to new dealers but not sold a one yet from free listing, been quoted £540 for up to 40 cars in January, then £360 as an intro offer for same amount of cars last week so as Rory says I'd name your price
  10. Cards all day long for smaller amounts and deposits then bank transfer for the rest, use a Barclays terminal and its quick and never had a problem, don't handle a lot of cash these days which is how I like it. I've nothing against cash but I do think it makes you more credible and trustworthy if you offer card facilities in buyers eyes
  11. Yes, works for us, we stock anything between £4k up to £20k. tried everyone else and whilst they're all so much cheaper, you get what you pay for, no one else comes close for us
  12. There are plenty of website and dms providers out there and it all depends on what you want from it. You can pay silly money for an all singing and dancing website that you don't really need. Cardealer5, Spidersnet, GForces, AA websites, Autoexposure, Autoweb. I looked at quite a few before I settled on Clickdealer a few years back when I swapped over from an old autoexposure site, for me it does what I need, decent quality site, mobile, finance and deposit system, backend dms is pretty good, stock feeds etc. Team used to be fantastic but think they've grown very quickly and whilst OK, service has dropped a little, takes a bit longer to get things done than used to would be my only slight negative best to have a shop around and compare what you get for the money and what you want from it, difference in costs can be quite huge, and some will charge you for every little change once you've signed it off so make sure you see a menu of running costs
  13. I think as long as you measure what you're getting out for what you're putting in that's the main thing. different websites work for different dealers, different price points, different profiles, we've all got different business models and what works for one doesn't for some. I religiously pour over my advertising bill and match it with my CRM to measure not just leads but the gross and net profit per sale from that advertising. If the figure is a minus I drop that website after 3 months after which I've given it a good crack of the whip. I then move that spend into what is working. Currently at this moment in time its the autotrader. For February it generated 80% of my sales, sold cars to Totnes, Bournemouth, Sunderland, Dundee, all over the place where people wouldn't have found me as I don't use anyone else. for what I'm spending and the profit of those sales its well worth doing for me but each to their own. when that starts to drop I'll look elsewhere but until then I'm happy, have tried Carguru's (lots of leads no sales) tried ebay (lots of leads, lots of timewasters, lots of ridiculous offers, 1 sale after 3 months) have tried motors (zero both) and have tried Facebook (lots of leads, lots of timewasters, no sales) I stock 35-40 cars priced around £4k-£20k max nothing heavy, all makes. measure the profit you get from the sales you get from your advertising - I'd happily pay more for 1 quality lead than 100 shite ones
  14. Just rang my rep and he doesn't know anything about 0.79p when I mentioned it, says its part of the increase this year. completely free unlimited checks, I don't get spec check but I paid extra for that anyway when I used it. my increase is £238 a month for my 35 cars but I'll be saving £220 from dropping HPi plus I'll be able to do more of them, getting text chats as well, no brainer for me but check with your rep, might be cost neutral or even cheaper if you can bin off hpi, anyone know if if hpi tie you into a contract? cant find any paperwork
  15. this is from my Autotrader advert - exact same thing I think Mark