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  1. Bought them like that Sir
  2. Helps to get ahead doesn't it. That and a natural ability to know what sells and tell which cars will break down on the way home and what will fly out and not come back under warranty
  3. Work harder than anyone else. If everyone else is working 50 hours a week and you do 80 or 100 hours you win, you get much further ahead in a much shorter time.
  4. I coudn't really get to positive about not bringing in £10k+ a month commission cheques
  5. Thanks TV I used to run a couple of car washes and do the valeting before starting in this job nice of you to say I agree completely though, get the Albanian wash to do the majority of it, get your cars advertised quickly and on with a mini valet and then just give them a quick tidy up back at base.
  6. Can you pay a capable person £10.00 an hour to do the time consuming but not complex or demanding jobs whilst you do the jobs that net you £100 an hour ( big margin etc). I never view this sort of stuff as losing a grand or 2 on a wage, its freeing up my time to do more important, useful and beneficial stuff.
  7. Good man I need someone to give me a run for my money on my monthly sales figures
  8. Offers there, or if you want me to sell it and give you a £100 back for it from my pitch I don't mind doing an SOR.
  9. Shhh don't tell anyone
  10. TBF my official days in stock off the Autotrader email 'weekly performance is always sub 30 days so 3 weeks or so isn't out of the question. Last one was 27 days to turn over your forecourt.
  11. Eveyrwheres pretty much the same. Bring back Shotts independent fees or SMA.
  12. Its so easy when you get a sale like that. Efficient, quick and easy, a buyer thats actually read the advert or watched the video.And no hard sell required. Good work, and thats your hard work and set up paying off for you.
  13. Have a review of your own recent posts and then decide who looks like a clown.