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  1. RMS do same day and next day payments. Worth a shout. If someone is in the office and wants to pay and take the car away quite happy to take the lot on a debit card, saves waiting around for transfers.
  2. Got any good criminal stories from back in your police days? What area of the police were you in?
  3. Completely get it for something with spec or rare or desirable. Had someone travel to buy a focus diesel Zetec S that was priced averagely and they came from Bournemouth to Cheshire. There was plenty more between us and them, cheaper and the same money to.
  4. £100 non refundable and I’ll do one for you
  5. Monday is always like that I find everyones got money to burn. Let them spend up then snipe the cars you want on a Thursday and Friday
  6. I don't mind the BCA cars, no issue buying them. For some stuff they offer strong bids, especially with sporty stuff.
  7. Thins out a few elements of competition, gives new opportunity for people. Anyone who has ensured they have adequate savings and investment in infrastructure whilst the times are good should prosper and be able to weather the storm when times are bad. I feel for anyone who struggles or goes under but ultimately whilst I wish everyone well and enjoy seeing success the game ain't built on sympathy.
  8. 4 Cylinder BMW petrol 2008/2012 era and anyone who does sell these is asking for huge trouble at some point. Land Rover Discoverys or Range RoverSports 2006/2013 absolute pieces of shite, selling them piece of cake keeping them away no chance. Mini's avoided wherever possible.
  9. Our Local BMW garage has loads of diamond cut wheels there under warranty. Clio track car sounds good, I need to get something to start using myself. Hobbies other than going running 5 or 6 nights a week I just work.
  10. BMW by any chance for the alloys Mark? What track car have you got?
  11. What electric bike have you got? I'm sure I saw someone get nicked for not having insurance on one
  12. Game of averages. Buy the odd car that’s got problems and not much you can do about it. Probably not gonna make much. Average Profit per unit is where it’s at.
  13. Never took a loss and never had a flat battery on a sales car bloody hell Dave you are like the God of car sales
  14. @tradegirl @trade vet is a retired rich OAP maybe he could be your sugar daddy Rumour has it 'awards' is his safe word or at least that what AD says in their sessions
  15. You really are a complete and utter prick.