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  1. Bye bye autotrader

    For what is worth any advertising has to be tracked for around 3 months IMO just to get a feel for it. Any less and it’s hard to get a good idea.
  2. Not in the slightest. The people that drop it aren’t seeing the value in the first place. Me or Nik both find it works for our quite different business models. Neither of us would drop it. a couple of other dealers who feel it’s a big bill and aren’t seeing the leads being provided would not miss the sales as it isn’t providing any.
  3. @jimreidvehicleis Aberdeen area decent honest reputation with workshop. Worth a shout, I hate these situations when other places exploit you.
  4. Top Dogs for Finance Commission???

    I do a lot at lower rate to avoid clawbacks where its just not worth them changing on the lumpy stuff. This is actually one thread I would love to see what TV has earned back in the day as I reckon there was some serious money in finance back in the day from what I hear with salesmen literally going to the bahamas on the finance company incentives.
  5. Part-time Trader

    wait for eternity
  6. Feeling Like a

    There is a bit of that but some of its pretty useful and free and I really am not one for expo / trade show type events. Some of the stuff I picked up at CDX a few years ago changed my business and didn't cost me a penny.
  7. Feeling Like a

    @Andy Entwistlemight beable to help when he sees
  8. Warranty for home trader

    Self or you pay twice. You are covering stuff under the CRA - If you cover stuff under CRA why not get your salesperson hat on and then market that as a warranty which covers the basics anyway and upsell extended cover.
  9. Warranty for home trader

    If you don't offer warranty whats the point of buying from you over and above a private sale.
  10. FB Automotive

    FB Marketplace is the new gumtree. Absolutely great for disposing of PX shitters.
  11. Who is doing well?

    Good going Craig.
  12. Vehicle Diagnostic Training?

    Snap on do them fairly frequently.
  13. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Just tell them all cars are personally sourced from some main dealer contacts. The amount of cars we get from the dealer down the road whilst hoping the valeters haven't left any manheim stuff in them Just give people the answer they want to hear with that stuff they get the same warranty irrespective.
  14. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Same mate. Best tea of the week whenever I went there and was there a better feeling than getting a car back without having paid and selling within 24/48 hours