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  1. Try different styles of advert / dont boost all at once / google a/b testing when one gains traction chuck money at that kill the other one send me a xmas present if you sell one before xmas
  2. Spent a lot of time and money. I share a lot of insight here but some stuff will cost you
  3. Its to do with your content. Good content, a little organic reach and then a boost finishes it gets it over the line. No point boosting a piece of shit advert. Its just putting a piece of shit in front of people who aren't going to click it.
  4. Yes. Trial and error, when you crack it its a good feeling.
  5. You do save a lot of money when prepping in house. I don't know about 78%. Our own workshop was the best thing we did instead of having to pay any external labour costs. You are right though the efficiency it leads to is where you really make the money. Cars back and out the door quicker.
  6. Its my best return on add spend. I constantly try and drive the cost per sale down.
  7. If 90% of garages have their cars MOT tested in advance ready to pay and drive away but you don't and you were in the market for a car and needed one would you buy from the place that would let you drive off or would you buy from the place that made you come back ?
  8. You know those ones where a 3 series has M5 wheels that would be about a grand a corner and then wonders why they aren't genuine....
  9. The ones who want to buy don’t mind taking an hour or 2 off. The ones who want to browse and just look wont.
  10. Aren't sky adverts targeted at what you search when the box is connected to wifi these days so you are probably more likely to see that sort of thing.
  11. Who are you and what have you done with Simon?
  12. Price always goes up around 10% in March
  13. In answer to original question - Do you like making more money per sale? Do you like putting fewer obstacles in front of customers? Do you like making it easier for people to buy when they want to buy from you?