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  1. I'd wriggle and try to get of it saying the registration was provided for you to check and satisfy your requirements that the vehicle met your needs. Ultimately if he kicks up enough stink your going to have to take it back and these cars have taken an absolute hammering in value over the last few months so your in for a hit. Try at all costs to keep him in it. How often does he go into Ulez zone. £500 / £1k might be the best offer you can make financially to get out of it.
  2. It was probably off the back of a lot of customers travelling a long way to collect cars with £100 reservation fees on and noticing most people went ahead and most people were normal we took the gamble with deliveries. I'd take the money. Not a single car leaves here without payment in full. You want a look pop down we open 7 days. You want to buy its payment in full. It does tend to be confident buyers who choose delivery the trouble some ones tend to buy in person. Apart from a copper in edinburgh who recently bought an A6 and is a thorn in my side.
  3. Customers are lazy and accustomed to online shopping now. Buying online is just the norm so for cars despite being high value some people just don't care. Convenience can be factored in for a price or charged for. I see no reason to worry.
  4. Autotrader forum? How many posters that use here got banned from it
  5. That. Kinross, shotts and central have had the same lemons going through before
  6. Rely on no man. Put your own money where your own research is. Ignore all these guides, iControl, Retailchecker etc do your own thing. @David Horgan @Nick M.K. both are consistent. Neither of you 2 use these things do you? Time and time again I see traders who use i Control retail check struggling. Honestly better off buying stuff you want and winging it adding £2k / to the invoice price from auction that using these guides.
  7. You know what you are wanting to do so just do it. Work hard and you will be alright. Also you have the gift of schpeel / gab / sales talk so thats one of the most important things.
  8. We have hit a point where certain cars work very well for certain platforms given the right understanding of these platforms and the right use. I mean why would you want to push a car on AT that has a high marker that looks great value for money, with no price marker, at £249 per month on facebook. Things change.
  9. Everyone starts somewhere, the hard part is buying. Sack off the job and just think with an extra 30 hours a week how much more you can make. No shortcut, no easy way to buy stock. Its private and travel all over the place or its the auction. Do you have a website yet?
  10. Its the treating them fairly that allows healthy margin build up. I can make more per car now than I used to because of looking after people. Some dealers remain buoyant year round. Consistent on the surface but underneath just plodding on getting shit done.
  11. Can’t bypass you if every single white cars high. Just do what you would always do price to Market. I paid no attention to autotrader retail prices before this and the markers make no difference to me. i have 2 / 3 c class coupes all showing high. Will realign at some stage.
  12. I suspect December will finish on around 35 or so for us. In November I predicted December to scrape 20. currently around 26 cars for the month all bar 2 collected and paid in full. Surpassed expectations.
  13. The first lesson is not believing everything you read and learning to take a loss.