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  1. Can you pay a capable person £10.00 an hour to do the time consuming but not complex or demanding jobs whilst you do the jobs that net you £100 an hour ( big margin etc). I never view this sort of stuff as losing a grand or 2 on a wage, its freeing up my time to do more important, useful and beneficial stuff.
  2. Good man I need someone to give me a run for my money on my monthly sales figures
  3. Offers there, or if you want me to sell it and give you a £100 back for it from my pitch I don't mind doing an SOR.
  4. Shhh don't tell anyone
  5. TBF my official days in stock off the Autotrader email 'weekly performance is always sub 30 days so 3 weeks or so isn't out of the question. Last one was 27 days to turn over your forecourt.
  6. Eveyrwheres pretty much the same. Bring back Shotts independent fees or SMA.
  7. Its so easy when you get a sale like that. Efficient, quick and easy, a buyer thats actually read the advert or watched the video.And no hard sell required. Good work, and thats your hard work and set up paying off for you.
  8. Have a review of your own recent posts and then decide who looks like a clown.
  9. I was always the same until I started going to Aldi. A full trolley is about £80 cheaper than Asda / Tesco.
  10. I made £300 off one I bought from them. Practically give them away.
  11. It’s just the breed of auction yard staff. Usually Just get a grunt and told they have no fuel cans.
  12. Do you want a Citroen C4 from Cheshire for £2k 2.0 diesel 2012 103k
  13. @Andy Entwistle is the man
  14. Do you have another Corsa, are they the same? Attach some bungee cords to them so if he misses the belt buckle they retract much quicker into his face or taking out a window
  15. I always just get the card machine out and say are you using debit card or credit card for the deposit and put the card machine their side of the desk
  16. They want a shiny new (to them) car. Dont ever draw attention to the fact things go wrong with them or that it has needed maintenance or parts doing pre sale. The less reminding you can do for them that it will need money spending the better.
  17. Does your software have an indecisive mode if considering purchasing an Astra?
  18. You need one of those keypad things like air BnB or van rental companies docs in glove box, keys in key safe on wall enter pin check online banking and sell from anywhere in the world. Probably make a good press story too.
  19. Or ivendi with their 24 month contracts.
  20. Fully get that and understand this. My real world experience of this tends to be as soon as you say no you just end up with a load of shit and toys out of the pram, do you not get a load of kick offs?
  21. I don’t know many that just chalk things down to age related wear and tear. All of ours are back on the blower as soon as something goes wrong and I think if we aren’t fixing stuff there’s little point in them buying from a dealer.
  22. I mean here on the forum you can be given the recipe but without the right knowledge you just can't come up with the sauce. @umesh might be worth a PM for details of some of the IMDA masterclasses that help with sales and stuff. Theres loads of youtube videos learning how to close a sale, read buyer signals etc etc its all there if you look for it.
  23. Its very rare they make the same amount or more at the next sale.