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  1. Don’t worry brumz we will all tell you what you want to hear so you can carry on doing what you are doing. what do any of us regular contributors know about advertising anyway. Our advice is awful.
  2. Is Brumz attending the CDX event? I thought Brumz was maybe just for west midlands area, why the name? If you want to list all my stock on it, I don't have to do a thing and I can sell something without signing anything or paying a penny go on then I will give you a chance.
  3. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    Just give it back aswell. Why get into an argument over £250 with a tosser. If the deposit was placed in person different story. Your right, he should be buying, it was commitment but on this one don't fight it just get on with something better.
  4. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    We take refundable reservation fees. Its refundable if you come out and see the car and don't like it. Recently adjusted the terms on website so that if we hold the car for a few days and you just changed your mind that it is not refundable on that basis. Fairs fair and it pissed me off no end when people decided not to bother after holding the car for a few days.
  5. Ferrari - write off?

    Meanwhile today on things that never happened...
  6. Am I being had?

    Yours do because if they don’t they don’t have a hope in hell of buying a car from you. We get a lot just turn up having given all the info they need. Regarding paypal blatant scam. Also when telling people you have changed brakes spell it right breaks sounds shit.
  7. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    Facebook advertising is peanuts if you do it right. It will only get more expensive but it’s a hugely effective way to get your name out there when done right.
  8. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    You can hide comments where it’s visible to the poster but not to others on page. You can also just banter them back, it’s social media after all. boosting has little success. Targeted adverts works better.
  9. Re Priced UP

    2 bottles of wine and a box of chocolates from customers. jesus I’ve had one gift and one tip in all my time.
  10. Car gurus

    Nail on head. Additionally to this younger buyers who perhaps don’t care about autotrader. also if you google Fiesta ST / Landrover Freelander Black / BMW 320d M Sport CarGurus pulls up higher than autotrader. they then adjust search to 10/20/50 miles based on postcode and CarGurus may just drop your car under their nose. after that they then retarget the hell out of the customer. Strong platform.
  11. Business Slow?

    True. A coffee and a lunch or breakfast with a thanks for yesterday you worked hard or thanks for last week etc I feel seems better.
  12. Business Slow?

    Even with a deposit its not gone until its driving away mate, quiet patches come and go. It is always best to take a deposit and as doom and gloom as it sounds without a deposit its still for sale despite the people who say hold it for me I will 100% have it don't sell it who think nothing of buying elsewhere and not letting you know.
  13. Business Slow?

    You are expecting too much. Common sense isn't common and initiative is generally lacking in most. When you take the thinking out of it for them it becomes easier.
  14. Newbie to the site

    I couldn't care less they all get treated the same and if its our issue it gets resolved, if its not they don't because we are under no obligation to do so. Prep right, treat folk fairly the rest falls into place.
  15. Business Slow?

    How come and any notice given or just off. Will take 3/4 people until one settles and they are alright.
  16. profit margins

    I usually work to Autotraders suggested profit margin of £150 / £200 per car. Anything else is just greedy to be honest.
  17. Business Slow?

    I have only been in the game around 6/7 years now but the bank holiday weekends and half term breaks have always seen a downshift and if we are dealing during these times its a bonus. Make sure the pitch (online/digital and physical) are presented as best as can be, make sure everything is ready to drive away get all the little jobs out the way and it soon starts up again. This year monthly sales figures are down for us overall slightly but just keeping on plodding away at it. Brexit bollocks is not helping so trying to treat every lead, every walk on, every call as well as possible and give everything the best chance. @NOACROSSwith reducing or getting rid of sales staff, buying online you can do more. With good pics and videos, and online reservations you can have the vast majority of the sales process done in advance of customers coming out.
  18. Newbie to the site

    Same day payments here. No chance waiting 3/4 days. Same as Dave Horgan hit the end of day on the bigger payments or full car payments so they come through right away.
  19. Motorhub finally nailed

    Far to much like no chance of them paying up a fine and generating any money. Probably similar ethos to proceeds of crime.
  20. Bank transfer problem

    I truly hope that is the case and not someone trying it on. I wouldn’t be so relaxed.
  21. Part-time Trader

    There aren't that many used car dealers who are absolutely loaded.
  22. Motorhub finally nailed

    Can't help but have some admiration for the brazen ability to have been ripping people off for what must be getting up for 15/20 years now back in the import days. Lawsuit, after lawsuit no fucks given.
  23. Part-time Trader

    The best way to get started is just to do it. There will never be the perfect time, you will never have enough money or enough stock or anything else but the key is getting cracking, getting stuck in and learning. learn what works, what sells, what doesn't what attracts good customers and what attracts the bad. Starting part time is fine, doing a few on the side is fine basically you are arranging appointments at times to suit you around your other job. A lot of it is mindset, are you a positive person who looks on the bright side and finds ways of doing things, overcoming challenges and getting shit done or do you throw in the towel at the first hurdle and blame others. Got to be really critical in business often of yourself and identify your own shortcomings. If partnering with someone make sure you are not both doing the same thing. There is no point. Find someone who has strengths in areas you don't.
  24. Bank transfer problem

    Drive away now instantly - Card payment I don't mind totake the fee ortransfer if you can / we are not to busy to wait about. 1 sales person with 3 or 4 customers milling about card payments far easier. Deposit placed and coming back - Transfer only before collection no real reason for any excuses.