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  1. Tom

    Website ??

    I believe you can turn off the indicators in your portal for your website
  2. Ask them there is/was a recall on timing chains
  3. Yes this Got a 2008 3 series coupe with the N46 and the engine is brand new only done 54k on the chassis. BMW fitted a new engine free of charge after a recall in Jan this year.
  4. They have no point or logic at all
  5. Tried that marker still shows?
  6. yes thats correct you can list your own stock on there
  7. I think the price is very fair and the platfrom very good said no one ever
  8. What happens when you buy an old diesel out of manheim bristol you cant drive it home it will need to be transported?!
  9. New Aux Belt £10? Disc and pads £30? Can of can under seal to freshen up the corroded parts £10? Quick easy fixes and retain the customer confidence to buy from you again. £priceless
  10. If you have no V5 but you have the previous name and address of last owner you can get a new V5 in 1 week not 6 weeks.
  11. It's usually the vendors job to tell BCA what it is, unless its a wbac of course.
  12. Have you done an MOT history check on it? This is how they warrant the mileage if its in sequence, also service history.
  13. Thats weird so is it showing in trade?