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  1. No more BMWs

    The 1.5 Ecoboost is the revised engine not heard anything bad about these.
  2. Yes on Peugeot for example you sometimes need to inflate over 38psi then drive it for min of 10 minutes above 30mphto trigger the TPMS system to recognise the tyres are inflated. You sometimes also need a "wand" to wave over the valves to trigger them but this is when you fit new valves and sensors to the wheel. You may need to plug it in to a proper fiat diagnostics to see why it wont reset.
  3. No more BMWs

    Yes apart from the 1.0 ecoboom and powershit dont touch these and you'll be fine.
  4. No more BMWs

    Agreed, the modern BMW's are garbage timing chains, rear diff bearings, turbos, the 4 cylinder petrol engine craps itself. German cars used to be way made reliable old cars but not now. VAG are nearly as bad with crap petrol engines. The only brands Ilike are Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota and Honda dont get much trouble with these.
  5. June Trading Activity

    Do you check for *in trade" first?
  6. Yes sounds like a bad earth, I had a renault which made other lights come on i.e indicator made the abs light up, foglight made service light come on, the pcb board on the cluster was knackered.
  7. sorry couldnt resist:D

    1. Tom


      :D what was your previous forum name?

  8. sounds like a cluster fault

    It usually does
  10. June Trading Activity

    Neither of those are your fault, if someone really wants a car they will come another day, as those did not come back they probably wouldn't of bought any way This week has been good for us in a strange up and down month.
  11. Zafira recall

    Do they sell though with the bad rep they have now?
  12. Doubt it! Used cars are in strong demand it is a bit quieter at the moment but the country is abit upside down with this brexit rubbish, having said that the auctions rung me today to know if I was attending this week so perhaps they are quiet? Rarely go to the block now.
  13. No v5,but it is in the trade?

    No but it would just add an extra owner just tax is using V62 at post office when you sell it.
  14. No v5,but it is in the trade?

    Check if its in trade do you know how?