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  1. I use AA it does work customers like seeing the AA logo and gives them confidence. I personally dont like RAC crap company.
  2. I went to Blackbushe first time this year (used to be a regular) and every car was way over. Bought a couple (just) wont be going back anytime soon. My local Aston barlcay is still good most make cap or cap average. Didnt know AB were doing cheap delivery.
  3. Welcome where abouts in Somerset?
  4. I like your enthusisam
  5. I usually get called Tim so Tony is a new one They did called a chipstick but it was crap, looked like lipstick.
  6. I use T cut colour and its very good to be fair, espcially the black, I used it on a black qashqai with bonnet chips and it covered the whole lot. After rain and washing they were still covered. Very good product imho.
  7. I can vouch for this guy.
  8. V50 are normally good news around the 5-6k mark but that one does look dear, the V60 replacement are cheap now so that wont help.
  9. Why did you buy it then? Who's going to buy a 19k Audi on a doorstep unless its massively cheap? I sold an old Freelander I took in chop for £2,000 With a £1,700 margin! Already had an MOT just needed a wheel bearing and a valet and it was gone in 2 weeks. Selling high end cars doesnt always make you look good, just find car with decent margins.
  10. good products and cheap.
  11. I had an old boy come in and look at a Ford B Max and said he was dissapointed it didnt have 7 seats.
  12. I hate main dealers with a passion they look down their noses at used car dealers like we are all gypos. I seldom buy anything on there tbh I'd rather pay abit more from BCA.