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  1. Close brothers help well with this kind of thing
  2. Business Slow?

    Yes your stock is great and nice website you should be selling. I have around 20 cars and have 5 sold and gone, 1 went to wales . Your turn will come.
  3. profit margins

    As much as that?! Damn I'm doing it wrong.
  4. Paddock Wood

    I've had some bargains up there over the years for sure but it's a long day and got harder everytime we went so gave up. We want the cars the same day as well to drive back! I actually buy the leftover B.I.N cars across BCA/manheim and Aston B. Get some good cars at good prices.
  5. Paddock Wood

    Yes not been to a physical auction for months just buy online now, used to go to blackbushe but its a hell hole up there.
  6. All the dickheads have started creeping out with their kidsto kick tyres and test drive cars with no money
  7. is for sale

    I'll get an insurance quote and never let you know.
  8. AutoTrader is over price

    Autotrader thread no. 2438443848394939
  9. Suzuki Jimny’s

    Old fords and mazdas must literally dissolve up there
  10. Suzuki Jimny’s

    I've just taken the convertible one in. 2004 79k miles in blue. Horrendous to drive rather drive a defender.
  11. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    3 today picked up again
  12. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Same here really, this week was flat only a couple of tyre kickers and thats it.
  13. BCA essential checks £7.50

    5 working days for delivery Just another way of making more money they dont need, sound familiar?! I rarely buy out of BCA anymore most of the cars are shite.
  14. Diagnositic Equipment

    I use Autel MS906 Great bit of kit and does a lot for the money.
  15. Low mileage cars attract odd people...

    Same here fiestas like leaking coolant everywhere as well.