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  1. You wont find anything cheap in Blackbush i presume they have put you on a silver account there are people there who have a huge buying advantage who will be able to give almost close to retail and make the money up with added value of a lot and finance packages ect. but good luck he who dares and all that.
  2. Second shout for george parts are also ten pence of the shelf, mine feels like triggers broom had so many bits replaced but its still the original machine. Takes a right beating as well the poor thing.
  3. I only mention it as i avoid those posts at all costs, dont find them mentally productive at all.
  4. There is an August thread already running somewhere
  5. Ring your rep ours often has a few chests he can do part ex deals on
  6. We used to use a garage and the owner was a right git, tried bending the testers arm to pass this and that all the time, the tester had enough one day and handed in his notice on his last day had another mate of the owner come in 4pm for his test and he also was a bit of a bully so the tester ticked almost every advisory he could the print off was almost 15 pages long put it in the car and left.
  7. Pop over to detailing world forum there is a wealth of knowledge on there and they will point you in the right direction for sure even down to deals and what polish would best suit your needs. Very friendly bunch as well.
  8. Bit poor I thought swipe left to bid, I had no sound but only tried it once might need something turning on no live stream just pictures and swipe button. the technology is out there the Aston Barclays on line app is like watching it on your pc poor attempt bca imo
  9. Every single time i use someone knew which is quite rare these days for such reasons as the op is now going through. Belt and braces is in our blood, another issue of not being on the ball a friend of mine employed a brick layer the brickie dropped a trowel from the scaffholding and hit someone below very nasty accident turns out the bricklayer used a false utr number to obtain employment now the main contractor is getting it in the neck hse and insurance company all over him brickie gone to ground. Acts of god as the insurance companies like to call them happen all the time.
  10. I would sack your accountant if he offered you that advise .
  11. Don’t see the big deal lots of topics pop up all the time with the same questions how many autotrader topics pop up for example
  12. some of the ones on ebay will add or remove what ever you wish so you could design your own very cheaply
  13. Issues in a BCA auction thats an old wives tale isnt it,bucket of water and a nice magic tree and your away.
  14. That’s very wise fault code reading will tell you everything you need to know and more about the car, feel free to come back to us with the fault codes. Dont rush into anything show them you know what your on about try and drop subtle hints you won’t be walked over, I like to write things down so nothing gets forgotten about silly as it may sound but my Subaru pen gives an alert sales person a clue I know about cars just saves him making a fool of himself trying to waffle me. Good luck