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  1. Some of these posts really make you question yourself on times, i remember a newbie running around the block telling everyone about this amazing new painter on the scene just started up and was cheap as chips as he wanted to grow his business....you guessed it by the end of the month the painter had so much work he put his prices up.
  2. Dont think you will get much luck with auctions dealers already paying way over the odds for this kind of stock who are well established and can offer a perceived added value for the stock and therefore charge more than you will be able to. As epv suggested i would be looking to buy private and build from there.
  3. Wrong shape ball for me, if you have never been to a six nations or World Cup rugby match it’s well worth a try amazing crowd.
  4. In truth hand on heart it would be easier to become a doctor, there is nothing easy about the second hand car industry the customers dont like you the suppliers dont like you the revenue dont like the advertising companies 100% dont like you..hell somedays i dont even like myself.
  5. Still amazes me how people view our industry as rock and roll and something to aim for.
  6. second vote for this option, really go to town and be the best in town you could then write your own bank statements.
  7. its the sign of the times sadly its the way a lot of people communicate, we have a pay as you go sim phone which we send such items out so we dont have to give our personal phone number out. Whatsapp is massive cant see it going away anytime soon, to be fair we use it a lot in work and works really well for group messages.
  8. Are you not turning up at your potential customers door step ? who needs to advertise drop them a business card get your trade plates and insurance sorted and away you go, next time the garage wants something collected they ring you direct instead of paying a commission for an agency to do it. is it really that simple or am i missing something
  9. What are you going to sue for ? what is your material loss ? zero, go rent a boxing ring and last man standing gets the password to the mid database.
  10. three words spring to mind...................can of worms.
  11. If you have to use them i would wait until they join forces with there new owners ebay that way i suspect they will roll all three under one bill and it will cost your pennies to use them.