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  1. I drank the koolaid and i never felt better!!

    RAF is text talk for rough as F*^@ ...............so i am told.
  2. BCA Not as description!

    Take a seat we will get back to you ?
  3. We do just fine without them. Every case is different there is no one size fits all.
  4. Feeling Like a Leper..lol

    On a plus note if you stay out you keep your like button.
  5. Warranty for home trader

    self all the way imo
  6. Vehicle Diagnostic Training?

    My guy done the snap on one euro did one but he commented it was more how the machine worked rather than how interfaced with the car.
  7. Who is doing well?

    I have done two from fb this week one was a young lad working in admiral insurance looking at a fox sent him all the details via fb he works silly hours so his mum came in and drove it loved it bought it simples.. the other was the usual messages details turned up as promised deal done.
  8. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    100% but I buy local cars so it features in my advertising so maybe I force the issue but I have found it to add value to a sale. You know us welsh we just an odd bunch full stop.
  9. The perfect ad

    Add no longer showing
  10. Movex aproved account

    Welltrans.....lated as i dont understand any of that.
  11. Cargurus top rated dealer

    I would have it on the wall quicker than mps putting there expenses formin.
  12. Who is doing well?

    I skipped right to the end of this post as for me reading how well someone else is doing when your own business could be better is the single worst motivator i have ever found. There will always be someone with more cars who is selling more making more buying more, but on the flip side there will always be just as many people having the bank take there shirt of there back. my two pence worth.
  13. If your going down that route I would rather build from scratch far easier than patching something up and ten times the return.
  14. I blame the rise of all these save money on your shopping save money on your car insurance sites, we are now a culture of price driven people.