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  1. After some mini advice

    We sell loads of these and they often come in high, even an adjustment doesnt save them its only a short term fix they soon go after.
  2. After some mini advice

    Yep echo above never had a mini like that, had one burn a clutch out customer let her son learn to drive in it and he mangled it. Quite normal in the c1 aygo 107 family.

    We used to have a lot of them on Mini's and your right if you underseal it first they then put car has been heavily under sealed almost implying we are hiding something.
  4. Christmas plans everyone

    The scary age of 49 I am a big believer in looking after myself I can’t avoid stress in my work life so ensure I have sufficient down time to recharge. Life is way to short and money is no use to me in a big brown box.
  5. Christmas plans everyone

    You think your confused you should see the dilemma i get into trying to decide what to wear on a night out !
  6. Christmas plans everyone

    Off to Florida from 12th December back 6th January bit of a tradition now spending new year in Miami. Plenty of time to work but not so much time to chil outso do enjoy this break, seen far to many old school traders drop down latley either very ill or kick the bucket having done nothing with there lives other than stand in smelly auctions halls.
  7. Car valeting

    Yep we had a car in last week from a ex smoker blasted all the plastics and Bosch smell gone.
  8. Car valeting

    That will never get old....dave
  9. Car valeting

    Our George reminds me of triggers sweeping brush, two new wet pumps countless wheels and even the odd hose or two apart from that its the same hoover we have used for years.
  10. newbie

    There are no such thing as golden rules what works for me would be a disaster for another dealer five miles down the road. Sadly it’s going to be a hard learning curve, this industry isn’t for everyone lots try and many more fail. Listen to everyone’s point of view and decide on what bit of advise fits for you.
  11. Mechanics report on a £2.5K car?

    If only life was that easy.
  12. Mechanics report on a £2.5K car?

    Depends on who turns up i have had some tidy ones and a few we almost threw out by the scruffs of there necks. I just say these days done waste your money and go buy a car elsewhere, no1 they dont trust you, they dont trust the mot station you have used its clearly handing out tickets for smarties, I dont deal with people like that, the AA guy has been almost instructed or assumed to go there to find faults if he doesnt he hasnt done his job.
  13. Mine went up as well which annoyed me no claims sir yes 26 years umm ok and it still goes up, what has changed the most over the last few years is in the olden days you could ring around loads of brokers and let them scrap it out, however this year i was told that my underwriter coversure will only quote two brokers and its up to them to decide how much of there margin to give away. How these people make a living on there margins i never know.
  14. Credit cards. Do you,don't you

    We give people the choice but offer them a full tank of fuel if they do a bank transfer on a small round around its never more than £30 and a great way to get cash in the bank the same day, no risk of silly claw backs and no fees. The odd person still puts it on there card as its the only way they can afford it.
  15. Another Newbie!

    Welcome on board from the other end of south wales