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  1. What do you class as high mileage ?

    As we onlydo very small engines no diesels the magic number I have found is 80k anything after that they think doctor who owned it.
  2. More Mini window Advice

    The motor doesn’t struggle on the newer cars like they used to they just shutdown for the sake of five mins I would get them lubed up
  3. Did you ever ..............

    I had the same devil on my shoulder tell me that Corsa are not all alike
  4. Just starting out

    Research is king, Research what sells well in your area. Research what everyone else isnt doing in your area, you wont make money walking into an auction as a newbie buying bread and butter stuff standing next to the man with a pitch who can ask more for the same car, his buying power power will be better he will get cheaper rates on repairs paint the list goes on. Research where to buy cars from and at what cost do the math in between see if it stacks up. Research who can fix them paint them mot them service them. Research where is the best and most cost effective way of selling the car. Research logistics from buying the car to getting it for paint mot repair ect Research what happens when they go wrong. Ummm.... my point is research is king.
  5. auction4cars

    I think mrv Should change his name back to benji
  6. MOT advisories

    I think if you asked someone to come up with a stupid system they would struggle to get one to match the current mot system.
  7. Word on the street is there will be an extension from HMRC
  8. How to obtain stocking funding

    I think the op heading should be how to manage a stocking plan loan not how to get one, anyone can borrow money making it work for you is the trick. Nextgear are a very good company to deal with, they tailor there packages to suit each dealer, so any quotes you see on line might not be relevant to your business, best suggestion would be to ring them and get a rep out.
  9. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Wowzers the claims on that price mini cooper S will be eye watering, i have to ask what made you pick that model
  10. Comparing two sites: Unit vs Roadside

    I very much doubt he can.
  11. Auction 4 cars "release code"

    I closed my account the last three cars have had major issues that a three year old could spot
  12. New Year At The Block

    Eye watering you must have been lucky, well done
  13. How’s January started out?

    Same old January almost impossible to buy anything the prices some people are paying is eye watering
  14. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    Auction fever every year it’s the same thing people moaning kit is expensive in January then in February complaining they have stock stuffed up there jumper.