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  1. I am still here.....holly crap how sad does that sound, not a lot changed still a daily struggle to source stock to source decent customers. One thing that has changed i think is the advertising landscape, what ever your old flavour i can bet you a cup of hot chocolate it would have changed and not for the better.
  2. I dont see that being the crux of the issue, for me the issue is dealer auction will allow almost anyone sign up with homemade vat number and purchase cars, there is no way on this earth i could compete with the guy who doesnt declare a single thing offers no services other than a burner phone and a picture of his backside heading off into the sunset with the customers money never to be seen again, they know it we know it everyone knows it but it gets them sales and keep the dealers listing cars with them so it will never change.
  3. A lot of dealers have no idea what info there sending off to the vat office with there mtd return, the revenue's ability to be able to drill down into any entry now is as clear as glass, going to be a lot of surcharges issued this year thats for sure.
  4. Depends on your level of input required most accountants will offer an entry system and charge a nominal fee just picture snap the invoices wing them over and they do all the entry work, you may be surprised with the cost v work required. Back in our car audio days we had close onto 30 staff and the accountant used to charge £50 a month to do payroll wasnt worth our effort or headache just emailed him hours last day of the month and payslips turned up within an hour job done.
  5. If only that was true I see it as the decent buyers leave the pond life that shouldn’t be in there in the first place will remain and continue to feed the main dealers goal to offload crap at any price.
  6. I am part of that gang as well its a mini adventure the add says there not far bloody wrong, PS as a keen rugby fan i have to ask, your not related to Lee Halfpenny by any chance, true welsh rugby legend.
  7. I am convinced I am going to get some nasty disease at some point due to dust that stuff and mdf used to make, H&S I used to think that was some fancy clothes shop up London way.
  8. I agree, that would be classed as a major win in my book. and certainly not worth the hours on the phone following a claim.
  9. I think your barking up the wrong tree here most will happen is some measly fine from the dvla which no doubt will be put in some dormant company name and never paid, back to the drawing board.
  10. shall we all hire a mini bus and come around sort him out for you....or you could grow a pair and go have a chat with the guy.
  11. Sounds like you have a plan, I Suggest you have a look at how the second hand car margin scheme works and what your entitled to claim and what your not and go from there.
  12. Totally agree one of those rare occasions where the old website was ten times better with what they replaced it with.
  13. I will answer you vat question the rest I cringed as I don’t BMW’s or the customers they bring, anyway there is no real way of reducing your vat if one business claims it the other company incurs it if you own both businesses it’s six of one and half a dozen of another. finally what starts of as a passion for most of us very quickly turns into ground hog day, I know prefer to walk as much as I can as I am fed up with cars.
  14. They have killed that platform for me won’t be bothering to renew
  15. Amazed it took them so long to catch on.
  16. Firstly I would try the search button this topic has been done to death and back.
  17. The issue you will come across when you come onto a forum of people who run businesses not only in there heads is that they can smell a lie a mile away and the above comment just confirms its all a load of tosh.
  18. 100% agree its trial and error for us before we take any action we always have our own stats to back it up, I have a small indi dealer close to me with 3 sales staff if they do not fill in where they heard from you and what influenced the customer to pick that dealer questionnaire they have the sales person loses that commission three strikes and they lose the months commission, point being i think everyone is now looking at where to put there money a lot more than we have in the past thanks to the arrogance of autotrader.
  19. I often find with questions like these, what every one is doing is of very little importance to me, facebook doesnt work for other dealers do i care umm nope it works for me and thats all the info i need. welcome to the forum by the way.
  20. Don’t forget the bill would more than Likely be estimated so could easily double it and the onus would be on you to defend the bill not the other way around. or worse case they see it as out and out fraud and prosecute accordingly.
  21. Painful, we have a pact I don’t go on her forums and she doesn’t come on mine thankfully.
  22. Part of the registration form will ask for your current turn over and that’s the tricky moment for you right there. option 1 don’t declare and pray it doesn’t get noticed option 2 declare your previous fife years and u less your records are bomb proof you will get an estimated vat bill and be warned they won’t use lube when they enter you.
  23. There is zero chance he isnt registered doing 10 a month surly ?
  24. with that level of turnover stock and profit generated i dont think you need any advise from us, clearly the other way around. Your vat bill must be a killer.