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  1. Video does not help me sell (much).

    Simons avatar is his best looking selfie to date. * Kettles and pots.....I make him look look like racing snake
  2. 2 x broken vw polos please help

    ouch....not much anyone can say except we have all been there before. best of luck. PS I've mentioned before that we Ebay'd a petrol Laguna with a broken cambelt in p/x a while back (well years ago thinking about it!), only 30k up it and simply stunning in black, with loads of history, including a bill for a cambelt superkit fitted only a few months before failure. We pulled the cambelt cover off to find the original Reggie belt and waterpump, waterpump had failed being seized solid.....even had paint marks on the cover and a Gates sticker in the engine bay. Scrap it or Fleabay. Fleabay saved us on that one, made silly money, some real bizarre bidders for 'broken biscuits'.
  3. Right car wrong place?

    I'm sure milking those beasts will work, you'll get a fluid but may not be milk.....they look like bulls to me
  4. Fuel Lights on or off

    Off. Volvo 480 years ago, customer drove 35 miles then ran out of fuel, flattened battery trying to start it, called AA, paid a fortune for a gallon of fuel (£3 then) and then sent me a bill for this and that, trauma, sunspots, burnt dinner the lot....forgot to mention his 155 had a f*cked waterpump.
  5. Radio codes

    Ffs, how tight are these guys?
  6. No, what you do is say "certainly sir, we can renegotiate a deal, but as you wish to break the agreed contract of £200, you forfeit your deposit. OK lets start again, I maybe able to go another £20, but give me 10 mins to work the figures, can't promise anything though, the cancelled deal may of been the best"....
  7. Don't you just love it when....

    I was going to post a reply, but got a few more posts to see...
  8. 2 x broken vw polos please help

    Swallow a pill, it will taste awful but soon washed away when that money back, turns a profit. Ebay it, you never with that VW tat and VW gear attracts tight oddballs, whom think they can turn a pigs ear into a silk purse for a fiver. We drop problem childs at the drop of a hat, first time hurts but gets easier with time, or after you've painted yourself into a corner and, what would of been a grand loss, suddenly looks like two. Best of luck
  9. Right car wrong place?

    A new MOT may help?
  10. Do you think they knew?

    Yup, a little learning is a dangerous thing....more so with power probes
  11. 2 x broken vw polos please help

    Quality products, sure are.....but 'poor' being the missing adjective.
  12. Do you think they knew?

    What type of Cherokee is this, KJ Liberty (small bug eyed), or the larger Grand Cherokee WK, could even be a very late plated WJ Grand Cherokee? I'm not taking the piss, but a lot of people think every Jeep is a Cherokee, even thinking a XK Commander is a different flavored Cherokee Mopar had habit using the same ignition switches on a lot of cars, and we paid around £30 for the actual ignition switch for our last KJ....the switch sits behind the key chamber drive which can also fracture. Not watched the video but this is probably what he means by actuater pin. There were two types of ignition, an all cast metal affair (good) and a plastic cased switch (bad) which can give issues....never seen a no start but sure it can happen, usually odd issues like headlamps staying on etc. We buy from Jeep/Chrysler in Wembly and have also bought from both, they have great pics and give great service....£30 for ignition switch and around £70 for the key chamber drive
  13. Do you think they knew?

    If this was here, we would have a quick and dirty look, if scanning wasn't too much help. 1/ ignition on. 2/ Gear selector in park and handbrake on. 3/ Remote feed to starter motor solenoid, carefully worked though! ...and work back from that, used to work on the old ones!
  14. Hello and looking for advice

    Different story around these parts, complete opposite with the mechancis and painters we use. We are all bad payers yet you want to pick our brains for free to put food on your table, theres an irony there...
  15. 2 x broken vw polos please help

    'Scots' Dave maybe along later to help with the box, engine is simply a trawl around. Good luck. PS first Polo's or usual stock for you?