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  1. PM me if you want more details Dan.
  2. Have a look on the MID, it may have been put on there by Lookers if you haven't, worth 30 seconds.
  3. NB I wonder if Lookers would see this as gross misconduct?
  4. He'll have to have the body of Jabba The Hut to knock me off
  5. Some see the cost of everything but the value of nothing
  6. No, I meant 'deprived' in a legal sense, I obviously didn't put that across very well In common usage, theft is the taking of another person's property or services without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it
  7. FFS you can't be this naive, surely. I thought you meant you thought your mechanic had his own insurance. Lookers won't put just any car on cover, afterall they haven't booked it in for any work etc so why would their insurance cover it. In short, ya buggered with potentially a huge claim on your insurance history and, unless he has any money/means it probably ain't worth chasing.
  8. Unfortunately this could get worse for the OP. Plod may take the line that you have allowed an uninsured driver use of your car, so you could be prosecuted for this. With no MOT too, lets hope it was taxed or it's quite likely to get even more painful (excuse the pun) due to personal injury being involved so the powers that be will be checking all and sundry. Only way I can see you progessing this is a civil claim against the 'mechanic' after everything has been paid out (two injured parties means big money). Should you choose this path this would mean airing an amount of dirty washing so to speak in court. Just thinking out loud. I wonder if the guy has/had deprived you of use of the car, meaning stolen.....but then that could fall down as you willingly gave him permission for use, tough one. Your car has rear end damage, I'm guessing your mechanic reversed into the third party, just curious? Before anyone starts putting the boot in here, when was the last time you checked your regular mechanic/garages insurance policy? Similar thing happened to a guy I know at auction, who had been using the same local mechanic for years, although his insurance had time expired as, the guy was getting forgetful in his old age. Luckily no one hurt but a 10k X300 Jaguar (back then) totalled when it flattened a farmers gate taking out the 12" posts too.
  9. Either starts at 55 plus VAT or thats a flat rate, only what I've heard. From what I know for bigger vendors at 'real' auctions will have zero fees and free collection, the buyer fees pay for everything hence the ridiculous prices.
  10. It did ring a bell. I can't see why this is happening....whats in it for the copier, bar being branded a twat? Kids are off though?
  11. Yes they do, DA had a guy do this for a Vauxhall dealer I used to buy from, and a dealer in Northampton I bought from too. Its meant as 'showing the ropes' exercise but DA get twitchy when a dealer isn't loading cars like they used to. If the excuse is "not enough time" then DA have sent a guy in I guess to keep the enertia going.....usually even more useless, mechanically inept and visually challenged than vender.