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  1. Auctions for the first time

    I had a little Snicker at that ...I'll get my coat.
  2. Auctions for the first time

    I'm so old I remember when that was my last Rolo, I blame the t'internet. NB:- I noticed Monday that 'Walnut Whips' are now 'Whips', someone has nicked my nuts? What all this PC nut allergy correctness? The loud mouthed minority ruining things for the sweet toothed silent majority again.
  3. To be fair the Lawgistics reads as:- "I confirm that I have test driven the above vehicle and there are no apparent faults, other than those listed above." I can't see that taking away customers rights, but, we (here) understand it's not a get out of jail free card either. It does show willing and those "it always idled like a wet dog" liars have to take a step back. I'm sure all would agree it's good practice to check your car out before sale and we all do it critical items such as tyres, pressures, levels, lights, brakes et al and items such as door locks, windows, heaters, mirrors, blowers, seats, blah blah blah. Years ago we would do it, but not make a record of it being done, now the devil is in the detail. ...and nothing worse than viewer putting the rear window down and either, nothing happens or it won't go back up
  4. They are a mystery to me and always have been…..they seem to be clones of Cheapy Clio we took in chop, ‘04, just over a 70k and done them easy way, one owner and 14 services, bill for cambelt kit @ 50K, new MOT with no advise notes, new discs/pads all round, air & wheels…old yes, cheap yes, nasty no, and far too good for auction, in the corner @ £1,195 ready to go with 3 months warranty. Mr Plummy –Smythe calls about the car, wants something for his daughter, but doesn’t wish to spend over £1000 on a car for his precious daughter, so tell him not to bother coming to view and as it won’t be any cheaper, it’s a good car. So, many of you can guess the rest of the thread… 63 plate VW Golf TDi turns up at the front, out pops Mr Plummy-Symthe with his daughter (very charming young lady) and asks to see the car. At his point of arrival I’m on my own doing a PDI on another Clio (what else) say a good morning and he tells me he is the guy rang about the cheapy Clio earlier…..he didn’t need to tell me, I just knew anyway, by the car. “We are looking at lots of Clio's today, but thought we would take a look at yours first” Alarm bells ringing, horn blowing. “She is over there, came in with a full tank of fuel and I've been using her all week to commute to work, go to auction,ohh and only just drove 40 miles to collect some parts first thing, I gota say the heater works well” "Must of driven her over 300 miles" “So does it drive OK, I mean is it reliable, would you use it?” “Err, yes I’ve been using it all week…” “I’ve been told to avoid French cars by my friend” “Mechanic is he, works on a lot of broken Clio’s?” “No, he is a carpet fitter, but works on his own van” “Ohh, well there you have it, don’t a buy Clio, it’s French and your friend doesn’t like them. Buy something German, I hear Lupo’s and Polo’s are popular but I won’t sell you one, I like to see my customers when they buy a car, not every other week fixing cars” “Yes, my mother had a Clio and it was really good” “Well, buy a Clio then. I guess it comes down to whom you believe, your friend who is a carpet fitter and never owned a Clio, or your mother who had one and she liked it” “Can we have a look?” “Well, you can, but remind me of your budget” “Errm, around £800” “What happened to the other £200?” “My friend says I should be able to buy a good Clio for under £800” “Carpet fitter gentleman?” “Yes” “But this one is £1,195” “Yes” So, at this point I’m thinking life is too short but been here some many times before. “OK, lets get the keys and you can have look” if only to get on with my work doing a PDI putting wheels back on the newer Clio Pop bonnet, open doors, start car. “There she is, service book, books, bills all in the glovebox"…."good looking Golf, how has the Golf been for you?” “Brilliant, we love VW’s” “How many miles on her, looks good in blue” “Just over 70K, good for the year” “Any issues?” “No, been great” “Original clutch” “We had a new clutch and full mass flying wheel fitted last year, my word it was £1,200”? “Original EGR valve” “Yes, we had one of those, it is a service item after all, had it changed along with the air measurement thingy. We had a choice of air measurement thingy, we had the cheap one fitted, you know how garages rip you off, but it didn't seem to work as well as the VW one, the bulb kept coming on and the car lost it's oommpf" "That's a surprise " "Had to fit a second hand one VW one in the end" “Door locks working OK” “Why? Do you know how to fix them then? The passenger rear won’t open at all, we had a front lock replaced under warranty when we bought it” “I think that stuck door lock, maybe a drama getting at door open, door skin off job I hear” Back to looking at Clio “The miles are bit high aren’t they?” “About the same as yours and it’s 6 years older” “Yes, but for a French car I mean” “I really don’t think this Clio is the car for you, your daughter, or your carpet fitting mate….but I will say, it’s on the original clutch, air flow measurement thingy, there is no full mass flying wheel to go wrong and a clutch is £40, all the door locks work and the EGR is original” “Can we hear it run? “Erm, she is running?” “Is that right then, should it be that quiet?” “ Good ones are” “Well, I won’t waste your time (thanks!), we are going to look at one that is £750 with the same miles” “Sounds like a real bargain, tear his arm for it. Thanks for coming, do let me know how you get on with that bargain?” …..back to PDI....I could write the same for every Golf customer we see.....must be our part of the world I guess?
  5. You are going to need a proper Landy diagnosic code reader on this as guessing can get expensive on these. Ask around for a decent indy in your are...plenty around everywhere but plenty of chancers too. Hopefully just dirty switch contacts and DP60 switch cleaner will sort it, hopefully not the control module.
  6. Still get the Buzz

    "have you got another, exactly the same"?
  7. this isn't the one is it? You a right one there. Valet the next car, put TalkSport on the radio and forget and it, complete chancer.
  8. Still get the Buzz

    ...did he ask the usual question?
  9. I wouldn't expect bad brake balance to show on MOT rollers if wheel centre line is off (caster) but could be wrong?
  10. If they mean the centre points of both struts sit within the 'strut tower', the bolt mounting holes can be an elongated void and the struts need not sit in the same position, like for instance Puntos. Some are worse than others, one of those things that once pointed out you notice. Why? This is to make for suspension geometry set up. Right and left hand drive have different set-ups, to allow for crown of road etc and body pressing tolerances, don't know about MINI's though but worth checking. Sound like idiots, you've done your best, wouldn't worry.
  11. Yes, we noticed that too, those Nationals do have an odd feel like treading on a bag of mushrooms (only thing I can think of) but bed in after a few days. We had a Focus p/x'd back few months back, we sold ohh it must be 7 years ago now, had a clutch spark out of it at 53K (same as the reg'), we fitted a National 3 piece, the first one we had only as Euro's were doing a deal on them 50 something quid all in with Lucas concentric.....that car now has over the ton and clutch is still fine. We put one in a 407 recently, and again felt it odd to begin with until it bedded down after an hours driving, must be something to do with the friction lining I guess?
  12. Still get the Buzz

    Ohh sooo agree, that one sounds like you could have real fun with that when the pitch is quiet, great bit of sport there to be had. On a serious note, you dodged a bullet there I mean, what sort of twat buys something for a car they don't even own....FFS
  13. Bizarre comments by customers

    no one can top that one! Campers..we sold a White over Yellow Bay Window around that time for a dozen, after I rebuilt the crappy air cooled grenade they call an engine, that had more crank float than a slide hammer and rebuilt the steering box, all with only 80k careful miles up it. The buyer turned up with an open can of Tenents Extra, during the sale downed another, and drove off with another on the go, happy days.