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  1. That Q7, was it failed turbo with consequent engine runaway on engine oil? If so, I heard a whisper about a class action on this.
  2. Small claims court job, seems clear cur enough? 'cut' even
  3. Pre Delivery Inspections

    Whom is currently doing PDI's on your stock?
  4. Where is BHM

  5. Warranty companies

    Most warranty companies will need proof of cambelt change too, which to me is very fair. For other non service items such a wheel bearing going then history is not an issue. We use Centurion and have found them to be very good, so does our third party mechanic, which says more than we ever could.
  6. ebay scam

    Must be all that Frenchiness around here, Clios, Meganes, Scenics, garlic, not it...yet
  7. Not going in halves with a friend starting up a diesel fuel injection business.
  8. Again, all stuff we would swerve here. Sorry to hear you've been finding things so tough, things do pick up at times, and can pick up very suddenly. But, I would say that I've been in this job for too many years and it's never been so hard to make a good living from it, and I know a more than a few who have had enough. If it's a final decision, I wish you all the best with your next business et all
  9. Polo not starting in hot sun

    I've heard about selling cars over a puddle if they drop oil, but under the shade of a tree....
  10. "Total Loss" Settlement Advice

    Fair bid = what they offered sounds about right, only by word of mouth of my VAG selling mate. Not much you can do about voluntary excess, you must of agreed to this upfront.
  11. Use whom ever is going over the car for your PDI's.
  12. DSG box and warranty

    The 'bang into reverse' is a sure sign there's trouble ahead, as said earlier its a failing clutch pack/drum. They can fail completely very soon after first symptoms, in my experience. A third party warranty maybe an answer, but don't expect them to pay out if the fault is noted by the buyer at sale time "well it was a bit bangy", the warranty company may call fraud so you loose both box and cost of warranty. Put it thru the auction.
  13. May sales

    Bit like buying stock, when we are bursting at the seams, cheap stock is everywhere.