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  1. ....just to put a salted boot in ...good point though, but the guys a builder, s'all kesh.
  2. £180 Plus VAT, f*ck me sideways I ain't Jeffrey Epstein
  3. I'd say definition 2 shows that the car was sold thru the business, the sales invoice states that it was transaction thru the business. This is such an odd that maybe the OP should pay for some professional advice, I know I would. An hour with a solicitor, 80 quid tops, no doubt less (£45 for me last time) should answer everything and maybe a letter too.
  4. If the issue was oil starvation you'd be worrying about bottom ends, that's the first thing to suffer. An oil change often makes knackered chains noiser as the new oil is thinner than the sludge that's been dropped out of it and, also acts as a flushing agent creating bigger tolerances between links, pins and rollers.
  5. Yup, but back then Glynn Hopkins was Saturday only, bought some ok gear out of there but always hard work.
  6. I'll try and find out on the clk. Micra....bought an 04 out of Gynn Hopkins at Enfield when the car was 2 years and 20k odd up, what could possibly be wrong with that? ....EML on way home, £400 wonder Glynn Hopkins put it thru the hall
  7. Good point, I'll sort that Jeep 4.0 and 2.5 petrols good Chevy V8 small and bigblock good KIA petrols good, don't know about diesels Honda petrol good, diesels not The old 2.3 were rattlers too but went on forever too.
  8. I wouldn't hang ya hat on a garage using pattern parts and oil goosing a chain in few miles, afterall the majority of cars that come my way aren't using OE parts, but best of luck with it. How have you left it, refund sale price and swing for the rest or, see you in court?
  9. Well, the problem 08 Merc clk 200 is in fact a goosed timing chain and according to our local Daimler inde he has done loads, £500 all in with pattern parts. Add to the list Juke 1.6 petrol, had a lady want to chop one in, 70k sounded like an f*cked 70's A series.....quick google 'n yup very common. ... FFS can't these OEMs screw a chain on a car properly nowadays and, to all those timing belt comedians who wanted chains, well they ain't laughing paraphrase Bob Monkhouse. So it's any Beemer Wary of Merc 4 pots PSA/MINI Prince engine Any VAG product Corsa 3 n 4 pots And I'll add Ford Explorer and GM 2.2 4 pots for those with long enough memories
  10. 3rd one since last week.....was very rare previous to new system, very odd?
  11. This, but buying in bulk oftens get them transported in my experience.
  12. my mechanic dors call them Disco 750's......average cost of bill. Come in for a light bulb, go out with a list of other 'can you justs' He did everything he could to put off the local plumber into buying one when asked about ownership .....the guy has since found out the hard way....some people ask for advice that they just can't take.