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  1. And US liability laws, being what they are, is why civilians aren't allowed free access to most auto auctions FFS Can you imagine the fall out from Billy Bob 'n Marge, getting home only to find their auction purchase won't fit the ge'rahge
  2. The first fish I ever caught was a Perch, true story that
  3. I see what you did then If not, the irony was brilliant
  4. Ya on the right track.....funny how you remember these things like yesterday. This was back doon sarf in a 'lucky' unit we had for a couple of years. Long, long time ago, so I don't mind posting this, Mk 1 face-lift Montreal Blue Focus Zetec 5 door 1.6, climbed up the exhaust pipe during the inspection, wanted a new MOT as it only had 50 weeks.....rude as can be too, had to really bite my tongue but we'd had a quiet run. He liked Focii as his wife had one too.... Sold and then came back a week later but sitting on two front kojaks, complete with paw prints all over the front wheel rims, with him complaining it had a bent ticket and that we had missed them too, yeah right "No problem" says I faking mock anger, kicking over a few chairs, "lets go and call out the MOT tester, have it out with the twat, he's only two units up, Trigger we call the muppet".....with me getting my coat off. "why Trigger, bit thick is he? " no, he has a trigger switch temper, no doubt he'll do bird for it again, but to be fair he is a proper up straight guy, just don't suffer twats though" "ohh, is that the time, got to be at the dentists".... ....we had some real fun in those days.
  5. just reminded me of a 156 (?) I had come in px ohh, must be 10 years ago now. .... Speedo would stop at 70mph then stick there for a while until, going over a ok large bump or dash clouted with hand.....I'm embarrassed to write that it took us more time than it should of to suss out that big blob of Bku-Tak over an idiot light.
  6. PS I also write down tyre depths and make on all 5 tyres in my PDI.....good story there
  7. Sorry, but you are incorrect here Mark, regarding court, it is expected that a vendor, be it new or used, will have executed a PDI before offering the car for sale.......'before offering the car for sale' is a VERY important bit here with regards the no advertising cars 'just in awaiting prep' and that one that you slap on another ad' spot etc before being ready.....a HUGE NO NO for trading standards and rightly so. It's in the vendors interest to have this PDI counter signed by the customer. At the very least it shows there is an inspection paper trail of a systematic PDI being performed, rather than a bucket of water thrown over the bonnet plastic trader stylee. For example. No one really expects a customer to have checked emissions at point if sale, so it's always been more about our own needs and requirements. The PDI will, can and does catch problems before sale, thus saving comebacks and therefore time, money and inconvenience and "whilst it's backs" makes money, not costs in this respect. Last week.....boot lock on a Clio not locking consistently when cycled a few times (£10 fix) , 12v source not working on a Kia (10p fuse) another, tool kit missing a wheel brace on a Picasso. Appolgies if I misread your posts meaning, I feel sure you do PDIs, but it was more a legal point I'm addressing here
  8. I keep saying that I'm gonna get my own PDI sheets made as, the Lawgistics ones could really do with improving...... But I say that about many things according to her indoors
  9. Yes, I also insist my customer drives a car too, so no "ohh, the clutch is too light, heavy, black, low, high, quiet, good, fantastic, mechanical, goes down when pressed...... " etc they also then sign my PDI form to say they have driven it and are happy with it, I believe it's also on Lawgistics form, I'll check that later.
  10. Yup, good opportunity for a good salesman
  11. We have a winner, cheap, simple and easy to use, I thank you. PS I'll hang the key off a piece of string going thru the rear window.
  12. Sprung loaded flaps, ooooer. 1 former, straight as, all the doors, more history than the Tower of London, only 42k, that's an average of just over 3k per year...... BCA Tony?
  13. Only 200 miles though of free motoring in 14 days......their T n C's take somw reading!