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  1. Something different

    2.5 spanish....lovely thing
  2. What really annoys you about customers ??

    Me about a Firestorm last month... "why are you selling the bike?" "cos I don't want it anymore" "ohh, I think I'll leave it then"
  3. Something different

    Sorry sir, A Fezza F-40 I could source tomorrow, a 'Silverstone' GTi, probably not? Strangly I've had quite a few customers see it and want to buy it. I always think that most people wouldn't even know what they are/were, some even think it's a Scooby of some type? ...had some lads down from Wales on a peachy 156 V6 and bid me good money for it too, they are the Welsh clubman rally car of choice so they tell me?
  4. mot due? email

    Don't you still get 13 months ticket if you present a little under a month early? That GOV site reads like you don't, 'keep the same date'?
  5. Car feeds needed. Can you help?

    Are you asking how to 'mirror' AT ads' and then generate revenue from your sites advertising, as that's been tried before?
  6. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    you have read the threads on here?
  7. What really annoys you about customers ??

    Had a weekend of no shows....Friday to Sunday had 4 off.....I don't open Sunday as a rule but was at the site working on one of my bikes. And as usual when it's quiet the interesting types come out. Had a guy drive 5 (yes five!) hours after multiple emails and txts & extra photos, to see an oldie but very goodie p/x Focus at a grand, very level, straight & super honest car, 2 local owners, 13 stamps, Pepper Red, recent boots, cambelt 3 years ago with bill, 5/18 ticket & with working a/c, yes really on a Focus. Was all over it, loved it but had another to see! I asked what he didn't like about the gem, thinking maybe I'd missed something obvious, Fred West in the logbook or something....I had indeed, so thrash my but with a bastard file. ....the inner door pull handles were tatty on both front doors, been scratched by rings I was thus informed, a sure sign of a careless owner (whom serviced the car?)....after I stopped laughing (very unprofessional) I agreed with him and said I completely understood where he was coming from and appologised for wasting erm, err, his time. .....that's a new one on me, a door pull handle anorak....forget the rest of the lovely little car at a bag, "I demand 'as new' handles". Doesn't matter how long you have done this job....
  8. Something different

    Have you done Cadwell? It's on my to do list as everyone tells me it's the nuts, Brands and Snetterton thus far and loving Snetterton, all the corners seem to have twin or three apex's, hard to get a perfect lap in. Track bike is a quicker times on that than the gixser litres I've tracked, which I put down to carrying better corner speed and the litre being too much bike for me... Two classic gixsers in the fold, trials bikes, and a Gasser EC-200 ...and 7hp ride-on lawn mower.
  9. July sales 2017

    Great start to the month (bar heavy drinkers) my phone lines been cut doth clock strykes ye month of doom, 'tis now thyne offsprings summertyme of merriment ....or killer kids holidays.
  10. Something different

    Proton Satria Gti Silverstone here too....'n seven motorcycles, none of which get used. ...I've got a few keepers on the lot too, regrettably
  11. Advice please with BCA purchase.

    Please don't say its a 1.6 as well. Plus one
  12. I dislike taking cash, rather have a debit card....easier all round.
  13. Received an unlicensed letter from DVLA

    To answer your original question, yes.
  14. Category D cars sales

    it's a dark and murky world rebuilding write off's.....I always wonder how they make money from it, from what I've seen the cars are never cheap enough anyway? We never retail anything on the hit list, it always goes off to the block.