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  1. Was paying £15.64 per 28 day listing. Just renewed a listing and bang, now gone up to £21.59! ....percentage wise that's what, around shade under 40% by my quick and dirty maths? Incredible
  2. Ref that fuel pressure check.....relieve the rail pressure before doing the check, otherwise you are looking at historic residual pressure, not if it 'makes' pressure correctly on start up. Just fixed a poorly Mondeo with this issue for the local garage. And good luck, this issues are 99% silly things. PS and remind your guys about the benefits of basics like hanging a vacuum gauge across it to check for exhaust blockages etc.
  3. Holiday time for me too, just not worth the grief of the bored, the dreamers or the 'looky me' poseurs. A cheapy may go as a distress sale, but asperational custom over a bank holiday, rarely did when I had sites.
  4. If Vauxhall replaced the crank sensor then that would say the CPS (crank position sensor) output has been 'seen' to go missing, randomly. Try and find if it is indeed random, such as only when hot (or cold? ) using only one of the keys (they haven't been split, maybe both on the same key ring? ) only when just unlocked, you know what I'm saying here. Immobiliser engaged issue will show on diagnostics, at least mine does, so a OEM surely will. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a dim light with engine wiring loom issues on some Vauxhalls.....? Whatever, it seems the hardest issue here to resolve is to find a proper fault finder not a parts darts championand as said getting a grip on the basics, is it loosing fuel or ignition?
  5. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    And not forgetting the stuff bought in just for DA
  6. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Worse by a huge margin
  7. Suzuki Jimny’s

    I'll add, that they eat clutches and gearboxes too, but they do sell, god only knows why, they drive awful
  8. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Has Jeremy Kyle ended the latest season?
  9. No worries, went out on its own so must be OK
  10. They have a business rather like Morgan.....why change something for the sake of it. ...I worry, those new special editions maybe the death of them
  11. .....I do like this one though
  12. Latest project