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  1. Auction buyers....

    Dealer pays the auction house.
  2. Auction buyers....

    And no purchase no tip. They all start off ok, then buy any old tat to get a drink, been there too many times.
  3. Feast or famine!!

  4. Corsa D ECU water ingress

    It's a real long shot, a wild guess, all up in the air, but maybe call the supplier. Chime back if that works as I do sometimes have flashes of inspiration and be nice to know if that was one
  5. Incorrect spec


    not if it's Honda CRV it doesn't
  7. Incorrect spec

    Oh, so you didn't advertise it with Blue tooth, but had a picture of the audio system on with a Blue-Tooth logo, but that said 'audio source' to me that says head unit....maybe worth posting the pic that had lead to the confusion, if it there is indeed any? It it wasn't advertised with it, then it isn't it? No different to not listing A/C if it doesn't work, but an interior shot may show a button still there.
  8. Incorrect spec

    Call their bluff and refund...if they accept and are talking CRA already over this on a used car then there could be bad timed ahead regardless, if they don't accept then no worries....VW onwers...
  9. No, gearboxes can drop a gear, break a motion shaft etc with no prior warning whatsoever, even when new or new'ish. Had a new Merc genade itself without warning and new Mondeo do the same, MINI's can strip 2nd gear too with no prior warning and plenty more examples like that. Bearings are another matter, a worn 1st 2nd or 3rd motion shaft bearing if worn, should give audible warning.
  10. " Gearboxes don’t just let go of life all of a sudden as we know, " they do?...a little longer in this business and you will change your mind
  11. Hyundai I10

    Strange habit, but don't knocj 'till ya tried it I guess? Strangely we always did well with Hyundai and the punters were really pleasant, so no need for food recycling.
  12. Your favourite toy / project car

    Hmm yes, 88's are good cars too, if ya back can stand getting in out
  13. Not a lot of love for BEN here too with a personal story that isn't for posting in this section, in fact sadly that experience, tarnished my thoughts of charity work and charities, which is clearly very unfair on those on the frontline. .....has anyone ever met a proper VAT registered car dealer recipient of their charity work, I know I haven't? FFS, that says it all TV, I don't feel so jaded now. Be good and proper for the BEN OP to defend this, in case we have it all wrong..... Be good and proper for the BEN OP to defend this, in case we have it all wrong.....but since joining the forum 23 hours ago he hasn't logged on again
  14. .... Sorry, thats the whole point, you don't and won't know. Supposedly you can pay Swansea to forward the details but only if they think you have a good enough reason......avoiding a fine for not having a crystal ball isn't one.