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  1. Air conditioning machine guidance

    Don't work, it don't make the advert, sell it cheaper, get it gone to a tighter punter.
  2. Astonishing Survey Result (Not)

    We have often found that traders whom consistently sell lower than cost don't appear to do very well around these parts. There maybe a countrywide correlation here to profits too but I'll leave that to the biggers brains than myself.
  3. who find the motor is dead

    I'm in London at the moment, near Tower Hill. Be jesus this area has gone downhill over the few years we have been coming here, loads of free office space, shitty littery streets, empty bottles n stinks of piss....or is that me? Walked 10 mins to a restaurant and been accosted twice by beggars. Quite a few homeless too kicking about, it's rougher here than Hastings and that's saying something. I know its Sunday, near the financial area, but the pubs that are open aren't rockin like we are used to, something has really changed here, where's the dough? Chatting with the guys at the hotel it's been their worst year, bookings down, punters ain't spending like they are used to. A lot of English stay here, but more than a few Jonathan Foreigners too. As I said where's the wonga, the streets don't seem paved with gold here at the moment. All a tad odd?
  4. Air conditioning machine guidance

    Ford by any chance
  5. It’s gone mental again

    Except you stole from me
  6. who find the motor is dead

    I would worry with over 60 cars in stock though
  7. It’s gone mental again

    There really is no sense to this game is there? I gave up trying to work it out 20 years ago, it used to fry my brain so much it made my hair fall out.
  8. Air conditioning machine guidance

    Got three friends with garages now (used to be 6!), two lease their machines now and the other no longer bothers with a/c regas and repair. The problem with offering this service is that if the vehicle is empty (not low) on gas, that usually means there is a leak somewhere, and customers don't wish to pay for a service that doesn't work....but Quik Fit do (or did). If the OP actually chimes back and isn't the usual newbie whom asks then we never hear from him again, I'll ask the question of my friends of how it's going. A/C repairs can get very expensive, very quickly, if it's not much more than a low or high side pressure sensor in my experience.
  9. Charging for finance application

    Crikey Charlie, Welcome Finance now that is a blast from the past, great post

    yes it does but the ad says 1.8! PS it is (or should be) a 1.6 on that plate PPS I did think this was a wind up from the off
  11. Charging for finance application

    I don't know your business Nick, but under half are accepted, would that be a good rate of acceptance? Maybe it's the under 6k are usually subprime that my friends find so frustrating?

    Ok I'll take this from the stance of this is a genuine post, not a wind up, but you did ask for help. I should add I can see my first comment was nail on head though. That's a proper swervy car, dreadfully prepped. Terrible boxes, the wrong engine size 1.8 muscle lump engine in a car of that size. I wouldn't want that in chop, I'd rather let the punter walk. An interesting and courageous collage of backdrops there, that should appeal to some whom like the inner city urban getto look. Phrases like 'spot on', 'drives faultless', let's not go there. AT give you quite a sizeable ad' to play with, so use it all. Service history? Well that could mean the original Vauxhall PDI? How many services, when was it last serviced, when was last cambelt? You may wish to shoot your valeter or I maybe unfair & he or yourself have a weak bladder. I can't comment on the guy who did your pre-sale functional and safety checks, but I'm guessing there weren't any? MOT? No mention of how long but that's because it's short and you know it, it's December, so what's that 5 months? Selling a car without a new MOT is asking for trouble. Not wishing to sound harsh but, I'd say you have zero idea as to how to do this job? Best of luck
  13. Charging for finance application

    We don't do finance but have colleges that do, and there seems to be a correlation between those wanting finance on low end stuff say up to 6k and well, lets call a spade a spade, lying b%*tards. The amount of time these idiots waste, only to get to another rejection due to their obvious lies and dodgy past makes me glad we don't dabble in this area. Maybe over this limit, things get better? If we did do finance we would charge say, £35 for the admin' just to clear the air somewhat from genuine to chancers. There are enough timewasters in this business without the truely potless brigade dabbling here.
  14. Bad Month

    Ouch, I always thinks this hurts more than a no sale. But at least the weight comes off the shoulders with the rucka, more so if the cars a good ern but the customer's not.
  15. How much....that’s rediculous ?

    No way is that a 6k around these parts