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  1. Liking/Loving Posts

    As car traders we are a miserable and cynical bunch whom don't 'like' anything in case it comes back and bites us on the backside, so it was deemed redundant
  2. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    Any battery will charge if volts over 12.9v, but that Oxford says suitable up to 30amp/hr, maybe that's only got a 3 amp/hr max charge rate? So I'm guessing that's a good battery tender but would take a long time to charge a normal sized car battery.....anything lumpy, even longer (if it can maintain more than 12.9 v), but its mostly about time to charge. Think of the volts as pressure and the amps as flow, you can can have high pressure with low flow, you want high flow too. Even an older 1.2 Clio runs minimum 40 amp/hr. So a Lidl one (4 amp/hr) will take at least 10 hours if totally flat, more like 14 tbh, but a battery will rarely be that flat. I've 4 lidl chargers, just hook up n leave for a day, good to go. Proper battery charging is a science in itself, well chemistry PS if your battery is real flat, bring the battery (car) indoors to warm up, it will charge quicker, cold kills ability to charge and discharge.
  3. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    This, good smart chargers. Have a Clarke 140 amp battery bender too
  4. Dog hair

    Looks like something from an Anne Summers party You do hold it, don't you?
  5. Dog hair

    I often think this too when a shocking p/x comes in, you really wouldn't wouldn't want a cup of tea in the owners house would you
  6. court Mediation service Help

    Maybe spend a few quid and seek the advice of a solicitor, it need not cost that much. PS:- Not wishing to sound salty but, threads such as this really should be in the private section, ANYONE and EVERYONE has access to this.
  7. Diesels

    Yup, same lump 5 litre, that's a starter motor! 5.7 here Every journey is an event with thst upfront
  8. Dog hair

    Spikey S&M brush and blue nitrile for dog slobber you can hide it but one hot day and it's back.
  9. VAT Margin and warranty

    Can't see that flying, it's not an expense, unless it's an expense....but. But don't matter anyway, vat is paid on bought in to sold out, unless I've missed something all these years?
  10. court Mediation service Help

    It's not that clear though, is it? PS my daughter is 7 and knows what an oil light is.....but she's had a head up. Customers do have a duty of care and from what I read here she has not met that. You do get costs if reasonable. I'd bet the court won't award here 9999, worst way is refund. Don't be scared by this, take her all the way if you feel hard done by.
  11. court Mediation service Help

    Mediation is pointless as said earlier, had a guy blow an engine up, wanted a brand new crate engine on a 10 year old 100k car, which I refused and other shit. Mediation went something like, "will you offer the new engine" and I said no, but would fit a tested s/h engine which even the mediator said wasn't good enough (they are meant to be impartial) customer wouldn't back down so after 3 mins that was it. Won the case as the guy wasn't reasonable, forged receipts, didn't allow me access to the csr and avoided mitigating his losses. Judge opined it was a case of tough shit as it was an old car. I'd go to court on this one, you are the reasonable one here, the customer isn't.
  12. Ads are not always coming up, helpdesk phone number has an automated message of "due to unforseen circumstances we are unable to take you call" Anyone else getting this?
  13. Oxidised Headlights

    Welcome to the forum True Trade. That's some impressive CV you have there sir. Where in the world are you and we would love a linky to site, we are a nosy bunch and always like to see other ideas and nick them
  14. Haven't Audi been doing this in the City for a while now?