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  1. £400m for charging stations

    While Chevy Bolt is looking like a better choice.
  2. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    There is a software upgrade for this....assuming it ain't been done larger error margins on the sensor behind the steering wheel. Fixes most, but not all.
  3. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    I have had quite a few S60's over the years and my wife ran two until 200k, chime back with the codes and I do my best as others to hlp.
  4. Each to his own and everyones mileage differs depending on experiences
  5. Stock Turn

    We had a Scooby 80k wagon do the similar thing....drove it 150 miles back no probs' mot, valet, pdi all fine. First test drive clutch started slipping ever so slightly....FFS! Bizzarely the guy (a Volvo truck engineer, nice guy but Mr Indecisive) loved the car, right spec, right colour, good history 'umed and 'arrred for close to an hour in pub next door and finally said no. Didn't want it due to the old clutch slipping, even though we would fit a full clutch....and leave the old one in boot, copy of receipts (always do) so a great benefit to the new owner....go figure? He hinted that old clutch in the boot could be from anything The silver lining? He bought another local private Scooby with a whining rear box in top and rang back for advice....."take the box out, repair it and fit a new clutch while its out" "No sorry I can't pass you the details of our shit hot clutch/gearbox man, that's proprietary information sir" and he huffed n puffed like the Flying Scotsman.
  6. Test drives & driving license
  7. MX5 LWB...rare old beast They were right afterall
  8. New Trade Plate Laws

    I do have a copy of the DVLA guide in my wallet it does say the original can not be covered and that the trade plate can not be in the car....but I still do and would be willing to in court still as being safer. 4. cannot be displayed inside a vehicle must not cover the vehicle's existing number plates (except on a motorcycle) so one rule for cars another for bikes for some stupid reason? they are the latest guidance notes issued March 2017.
  9. Never been this dead before

    Agreed, but, and it's a big but.... you still need to stand behind that car so a small profit can quickly be a loss. Not trying to tell anyone here how to suck eggs, but when you have been doing it for donkeys years, you learn that it's simply not worth doing business if the margin isn't workable. Seen good guys go down this way working on slim pickings, even worse on these modern grenades. Couple or three bad months working on small beer can mean ruin.....the joy of the car business I wonder if a comfort and laziness slant is creeping into the game?
  10. Test drives & driving license

    "3. We will then Contact your Driver to get the Latest Copy of Their Licence." I'm puzzled as I can't see how this works for a test drive if they need to contact the licence owner, the owner would be in your showroom wouldn't he, or am I missing something, which is more likely? There is another gov' service but you need the National Insurance number and who knows that? For us it's hard copy or no keys, firm.
  11. Done this numerous times and never had a problem, descriptions match the car, there is a legal statement that you will need with regard long distance selling regulations that is very important with these types of sales. Drop me a PM to remind me and I'll post in the advanced section. PS I did once have an issue, although the customer still would have taken the car, but at what cost....? X300 Sport Jaguar when they were quite new, Sapphire Blue with Magnolia hide (had to be this combo' as it was the wife wanted, no compromise) ....sold to a guy in Devon for his wife's 40th. Paid in full then 2 weeks later they come to collect the car. We wrapped it in ribbons, flowers in the car. Ladies face is a delight...until she opened the driver's door and I could sense something wasn't right straight off. It took a while but eventually she told us (husband and me) what the problem was. Well her idea of Magnolia hide was actually Windsor grey, FFS every house in the UK was Manolia at that time! She had never seen the photos of the car for sale, only the husband of course, it was a surprise. Well, I said to hubby that she would never of be happy with the car and the first squeak or blown bulb and she would be rucking. We all agreed to refund less £300 expenses for a few things he wanted on top of the normal sale....sold it again a few days later so no great loss. Ahh, sorry missed the point of the customer never seeing the car....NO, NO and NO. Done with once with a £5 W140 300SE, went to Campbeltown, near Mull of Kintyre....guy tried to fleece me for a new headlight that his carrier had broken....although we never saw a picture, guy was a complete arse. I would never do this with a car again. But, I've sold numerous classic bikes blind and never had an issue....different type of buyer....go figure
  12. Never been this dead before

    We have no seen sign of prices getting sensible yet, BCA auctions cheaper that DA.....just seen an edgy 09 base model Clio in Silver (), no air or wheels, make over 16 with a short ticket to April....Drive Vauxhall car so you just know it there will be a drama too....described as long MOT strangely so not a good start... DA prices seem to be on another level for the gear we sell. Funny should say that we tried to buy a £2000 Cherokee off a forecourt this week for our own towing use, 11 months ticket. OK it's a cheapie but..among the rest of the shit this car had.... ABS light not coming up (de-bulbed?) both front tyres with outside bulges bigger than Big John Holmes jeans, washers not working, front passenger seat belt not working, nsr door not opening from inside or PDI what so ever, scary stuff.
  13. Showroom / Workshop Floor

    If we put a wet car away or we get rain come in the underside of the door, it just dried with no harm done. My garage at home has had carpet down for nearly 10 years now and it's still fine.
  14. 08 Megane...three owner car, MOT'd yesterday no advise notes, 6 services. " can you guarantee the car has never had any pets in it what so ever in the car at any time and put that in writing". You need Life Style Renault sir...