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  1. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Ahh, the memories of DA. Years ago, I was banned from a Honda dealer over a crock of shite I rejected, not unusual even back then. But, the DP decided to try and have a stand up row in front of house with customers milling around the show room telling me I "HAD TO BUY IT WITH ALL THE FUCKING FAULTS" ...guy was really exploding, not very professional. I was being uber cool and trying to do my level best not to wet my self as he grew redder and redder with arms flapping like windmill, all this in front of the usual Honda silver haired walk ins and those with cars in for service. ... one of the funniest events in my life, the guy in meltdown all over a 3k Golf diesel turbo that sounded like a bag of spanners, with a top speed of 20 mph and smoking like a Routemaster on a cold start, siiting out the front of the showroom with the whole site in a cloud of blue smoke as it tried to idle. Unfortunately it ended badly as the DP called me "fucking peasant" under his breath just as I walked out the door, resulting in a Honda DP being pinned against a wall in full view of his staff and civilians until he begged forgiveness.....maybe I deserved a ban afterall From what I heard the guy got sacked a year or so later for the usual stunt of creaming back handers on the choppers and, the staff were glad to see the back of the idiot. I know lots of colleagues banned from certain venders, with one thing in common. The vendors are sharks, those banned being proper dealers.
  2. Border cars

    Renault seem to be offering zero margin and hoping for bunts on upsells, if I can believe the latest stickers on the windows of the showroom nearest me? And 4k minimum px on Zoeanother must have electric golf trolley.
  3. July, how’s it going

    Possibly Maybe you are thinking of Play Dead or Its So Quiet? Thats just Human Behaviour.
  4. No more BMWs

    I think BMW R&D must use some guys from the old Triumph Meriden Cooperative for gasket development. I've seem more oil tight TDi Discos than these later Screemers, sorry Beemers
  5. Ebay more expensive than Autotrader

    I'm getting enquiries on cars I sold in March from Ebay, but FA from the new faces
  6. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    DA quoted T n C are "£100 of damage/reconditioning", why are these guys making their own rules up? Are they are in need of a SpecSavers appointment Ohh, the missing bit... .... it is "vehicle description will/may not be relevant to the actual car for sale" Yesterdays experience would confirm that with an appraisal guy who could give the late n great Arthur Daley a run for his his money, see VIP section for 'DA the good, the bad, the ugly' reboot I'll predict that DA will get even worse with the current drought of main agent sales, a lot of those boys are really hurting and things are getting savage.
  7. Car gurus

    I hate the Car Gurus adverts, for me, it paints the wrong picture of vendors
  8. July, how’s it going

    Quiet month again, and hopeless for restocking.
  9. Border cars

    I meant the complete opposite, the likes of Lookers, Pendragon are making fuck all on investment. And the amount of debt they are servicing is scary. The problem with this game (and always has been) is that when the goings good, many are tempted to take on debt, with money makes money mentality. But, this game can turn on a sixpence and a bad 3 month run can be the ruin of a car sales. The longer you (well I and those I know with many years in) do this job, the more conservative you get, having seen it all before.
  10. July, how’s it going

    To be fair it had a recent battery
  11. Written off car MOT

    I'd say its good practice to MOT any vehicle before sale.
  12. Border cars

    Check out the big boys profits to see the real story.
  13. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Something to so with Wurth?
  14. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Just been looking at these, the ones I see are now Blue tooth @ £28...? WTF is Wow Snooper at £70?
  15. Phone melting for Mazda6

    If it's not rotten as a pear, or a 1.8 using more oil than fuel they are a nice drive in my experience.
  16. Instead of a moan about prices, footfall and customers. Well carp fishing still seems to be the number 1 past time amoung my dealer friends and other guys around the industry. Still good for me too, but I'm also bit of a music fan, play guitar and now learning to play piano all over again...had two teachers when a kid, one of which liked her Teachers a bit too much, bless her. Track days on bikes and cars when I get the time, competition trials. Doing jack shit away from anyone sitting on a beach with the family....not having to talk to strangers and being friendly to some obnoxious types, beats the 'gregariousness' out of me ohh and being away from cars is a plus....hence I like Venice and Lundy Island
  17. No more BMWs

    I'll put my hand up and say I'd rather have a Focus over an A3
  18. Cherished number plate question?

    £80 for a retention slip, lasts 10 years now so no need fr the £25 drink every year to Swansea christmas whip.
  19. July, how’s it going

    I've got some peachy super low miles small cars, such as Pandas, Clio's, Fiesta's hanging around too if that helps

    ...good news those Dacia's and well built too in my experience.

    Some have high profit, some are low, some are money back, always has been.
  22. June Trading Activity

    way to go, well done
  23. Auto trader leads

    "Customers call, but messers mail.*" OK, I do see where you are coming from Nick. 2019 PC version, how about Most proper buyers will call, but many messers may mail, txt, WhatsFacetube et al and, of that some, a small proportion may indeed purchase a horseless carriage using these forms of interaction. NB:- This is a generalisation of current market condition experience, based wholly within the Norfolk and Northern Suffolk areas, at the time of writing. It should not and can not, be relied upon for other regions, nor should it be used a benchmark for any other business situations. It is also the opinion only, of one motor vehicle vendor and in no way reflects other traders findings. This statement may not be fit for purpose and, the writer makes no statement there of. Other summaries are available. that should cover it PS I have just sold a car to a guy in Asia via video