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  1. Sitting here at Toyota waiting on a recall, ffs these poor sods get some needless and pointless shit from Joe Public, the big difference is they have to be sooooo polite, where as I can point the rude and ignorant twat to the door. Best is an old boy with an intermittent central locking issue on some 12 month old Toyota POS, sometimes it opens all tbe doors, sometimes it doesn't. They have had it back three times and they can't replicate the fault. This travesty of automotive design is so shockingly bad, the old boy may have to cancel his holiday to Benidorm () due to the worry.....some other shite comparing John Lewis came to his house to fix his washing machine, I'm in stitches here. ......I've a suspicion that he doesn't know how to use his remote control and so does the service advisor judging by the looks we are exchanging. He has mentioned this to the customer only to be met with more abuse than a Premiership referee gets fact most of the problems seem to intermittent with these cars....
  2. I've told them not to bother with that shit, just thanked them for the recall....see what happens
  3. Was paying £15.64 per 28 day listing. Just renewed a listing and bang, now gone up to £21.59! ....percentage wise that's what, around shade under 40% by my quick and dirty maths? Incredible
  4. Mileage descrepancies

    I had a 3rd gen Firebird that did over 700k in one year, busy fella
  5. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    My better half ran late S60's for years all with Red Dwarf miles on them, but one of them had an intermittent ABS problem and, for the life of me, I just couldn't resolve it. It had to go into the local Volvo indie. I didn't spend any dough on it but was getting to dead end and, thinking ABS ECU dry joint issue? It was loosing the nsf ABS sensor output totally at random, and hence bringing up loads more lights, yet everything checked out OK Ended up with the scanner on it data logging when we went on holiday in that S60, yes it pissed me off that much. All this just trying to find a pattern....that f*cking ABS output never dropped out in over 700 miles, until the first 200 yards into the first school run after we got home So, admitting defeat and fearing the worst I dropped that bastard off to the indie at 9am. Get a phone call to say all done come and collect it at uprated torque bolt with threadlock, and an hours labour job done. .....every day a school day but what a stupid CV joint design, don't touch Volvos anymore unless older models, hateful things build wise.
  6. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    But guessing is always more reassuringly expensive
  7. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Driveshaft outer torque bolt, couple of quid?
  8. CRV's have had their day here sir, like many cars, you fly with them for years, then seemingly overnight, the switch goes off. C1's are going off the boil too, they've been too expensive for too long.
  9. So just how much does it cost to hire Kylie for the evening
  10. Only around 5 to 8 nowadays, and sometimes I can 'go green' with an ad' too Just looking and I have 12 out there, how did that happen....I came up here to retire, you know the odd one of two
  11. New V5’s

    I had one turn up this morning for a motorcycle I bought few weeks back and it's the older style....go figure?
  12. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    what's your idea of cheap?
  13. Ref that fuel pressure check.....relieve the rail pressure before doing the check, otherwise you are looking at historic residual pressure, not if it 'makes' pressure correctly on start up. Just fixed a poorly Mondeo with this issue for the local garage. And good luck, this issues are 99% silly things. PS and remind your guys about the benefits of basics like hanging a vacuum gauge across it to check for exhaust blockages etc.
  14. Holiday time for me too, just not worth the grief of the bored, the dreamers or the 'looky me' poseurs. A cheapy may go as a distress sale, but asperational custom over a bank holiday, rarely did when I had sites.
  15. If Vauxhall replaced the crank sensor then that would say the CPS (crank position sensor) output has been 'seen' to go missing, randomly. Try and find if it is indeed random, such as only when hot (or cold? ) using only one of the keys (they haven't been split, maybe both on the same key ring? ) only when just unlocked, you know what I'm saying here. Immobiliser engaged issue will show on diagnostics, at least mine does, so a OEM surely will. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a dim light with engine wiring loom issues on some Vauxhalls.....? Whatever, it seems the hardest issue here to resolve is to find a proper fault finder not a parts darts championand as said getting a grip on the basics, is it loosing fuel or ignition?
  16. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    And not forgetting the stuff bought in just for DA
  17. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Worse by a huge margin
  18. Suzuki Jimny’s

    I'll add, that they eat clutches and gearboxes too, but they do sell, god only knows why, they drive awful
  19. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Has Jeremy Kyle ended the latest season?
  20. No worries, went out on its own so must be OK
  21. They have a business rather like Morgan.....why change something for the sake of it. ...I worry, those new special editions maybe the death of them
  22. .....I do like this one though