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  1. Good Time To Buy Convertibles?

    No accounting for taste!
  2. Good Time To Buy Convertibles?

    Well,this chat obviously motivated me, after not buying anything for2 months just bought an MX5! Thanks!
  3. Good Time To Buy Convertibles?

    Well, that's my theory gone up in smoke! Great to learn it now though, so thankyou all for the advice.
  4. Good Time To Buy Convertibles?

    Ok thanks. My theorywas buying now whenthey might be cheaper and sell when they are more in demand. I would of course still try and sell them for a profit from now until spring, however, ifthey didn't sell, I guessed I would get more for them in the spring.
  5. I have a budget of £3000 per car, is now a good time to start buying convertibles andessentiallysitting on them until the spring to sell?
  6. Which auction?

    I new to the game too. I've bought a couple of cars from Manheim, I havenothing to comparethem to, but they seem ok. I'm now looking at trying to buy privately local to me.