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  1. profit margins

    I think Saber just learned how 'paste' works
  2. Ferrari - write off?

    How on earth do you loose any car onthe bendof anymotorway? Is there a hairpin on the M6 that'ssomehow gone unnoticed ?
  3. These wasters never seem to appear when things are moving quickly. It's as if they know things are slow and they come out of the woodwork. Had a chap and his wife come view a 64plateAvensis a couple of weeks back, black, 42k FTSH. After loading up all the kids for a test drive and dirtying my mats with grass and grime they had the cheek to offer me 500 less than theasking. When I pointed to another 64 reg I had in grey with 50 k they said no they wanted a black one. When I pretended to have another 2013 due in in black they said the wanted a 2014 one! When I said I may have another black 2014 due in in a couple of weeks they said no we need to buy something today. I thanked them for coming to view it and returned to the office. They stayed in their car for a further 10 minutes arguing amongst themselves then drove off. People nowadays!
  4. Am I being had?

    Just another version of the old Nigerian 419 scam. Used to get lots of these years ago. Used to go like this: Scammer contacted meand asks 'last price' Agrees to pay, thenposts a bank draft for say £800 more than the car costto cover the cost of shipping by his 'shipper' The day cheque arrives he calls and pressurises me to return the extra £800 to his shipper by bank transfer ASAP as its urgent. If I was stupid enoughto send the £800 then I would loose the £800 as, by the time the cheque has bounced the 800 has left my account. As I knew it was a scam I used to play along and receive some very impressive dud drafts, one even drawn on a bank holiday Monday! This is just another variant, but using the reputable Paypal to set your mind at ease
  5. Hyundai i30 1.6crdi

    Common common issue with the i30 and i40. In fact almost all Hyundai Clutch pressure plate weakens and the biting point gets lower and lower. Also the nylon rod between the clutch pedal and plunger of the master cylinder wears to add to the problem. We normally remove this nylon rod ( just held on the pedal with an 'R' clip and onto the master cylinder with a plastic 'U' clip) cut it in half and add a 5mm length of 6mm bar between the cut lengths. We crimp a 12mm alliminium pipe outside this, refit it and clutch biting point is back as it should be! Cost us less than a tenner in alloy pipe from B&Q,and 15mins of out time.
  6. There have always been get rich quick schemes as long as there has been currency. I remember about 20 years agoa very intelligent streetwise friend of mine inviting me to 'invest' £3000 for it to 'mature' into multiples of that once I introduced 3 more friends to do the same. When I laughed at him and told him it was a Pyramid scheme and only the first few in would make money he got offended and couldn't see how it was. I later found out family members of his were lured into it, lost money and were no longer speaking. Since then things have moved on. Everything is internet based as it provides a cover.Scammers are more clever and are finding ways to outsmart us, as is the case with used cars lancs ltd. They were clever in that they cloned another business. If you did basic internet background checks it all seemed fine. However one thing never changes, the product is usually too cheap to be true
  7. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    SLL firstly sorry if I assumed you were a guy. Secondly I feel your pain. We have all lost out financially in some way in life, whether it be with a car, a divorce, or whatever. I could always have been worse, Imagine if you have borrowed £10,000 to send to these crooks and still had to pay it back with interest over the next 5 years. Move on, forget it and let it make you stronger. With some luck your bank might get it back for you.
  8. Brand new person

    Welcome Firefighter Wash There was I thinking of giving up car sales to become a Firefighter. I guess the grass is always greener
  9. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Wow the comparison between both,really is uncanny. Both are taken from the interior of buildings withhuman beings inside. Both have windows andlook to be filled with natural light and air. Definitely have to be the same place! Good detective work Billy
  10. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    More likely Black, Nigerian, no education, good computer skills. living in Nigeria and working from an internet café. 100% chance of not beingapprehended, let alone convicted
  11. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    More like a photo taken after a speed dating gathering. Almost 50/50 gender divide. With a prize of two new cars for the firstcouple who get hitched :-))
  12. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    So yes of course it is a scam! I've received 4 private Messages from people who have handed over money or were about to. One retired lady was relieved of £9200 only for the car to never arrive, Another young chap bought a Mini for 2500 and only then after speaking with me realised it may be a scam. The following day he got in contact with his bank to revoke the payment and then sent me this message: ''Got the truth from the garage next door. Basically it was a company, his friends company to be precise but he doesn't do that anymore. Some fraudsters have basically added a hyphen in between the words to set up a new website. The garage next door said he gets multiple calls and people who have actually paid like 10 grand coming to pick up cars but obviously there are no cars! The Lancashire police know about it but the website is still up! So it turns out that some fraud has found a legit registered car sales company who were up and running since 2009, had filed returns year on year, had a vat number and a registered address in Burnley but had recently ran into trouble and were no longer trading. They basically used there business nameand business identity and put together a fake website with lots of nice low mileage desirable cars and underpriced them by at least £1500 if not double that in some cases. The cars photo'd are, or were at one stage legit cars for sale. If you run the reg. on HPI everything seems genuine. However if you examine the website further, terms and conditions are really too good to be true. There is no contact number (alarm bell) You cant view the cars first (siren) You mustpay by bank transfer not credit card (fog horn) Also their story of the cars being financial institution repos, while plausible, doesn't fit it in todays car salesindustry. Why not just send them all off to BCA where you are guaranteed £2000 more, no dealing with Joe Public and all sold within days. So the old saying still applies 'IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS!'
  13. Spot the error in this private advert

    You’d think he’d remove the Aston Barclay auction sticker off the screen at the very least. If he can’t be arsed doing that bet he hasn’t even dipped it for oil. And a gallon of petrol doesn’t cost the earth either! The sight of those Micrawaves turnesmy stomach Rattling engine,rattling bouncing suspension.....feeling sick already
  14. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Anybody ?
  15. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    I think the photos are pretty much flawless. Also you have included a photo of yourself which is really quiet unusual and commendable. Top marks!