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  1. 6 or 60?? The latter sounds too good to be true! You sure it's really 60 now ???
  2. Trade Girl, my advise to you would be leave this one to the pros. You could end up having to repaint the car if it goes wrong on you. Practice as others have said on a wreck or at least something that's not worth a lot. To start with a dual action is best, as it is less likely to burn the paint and wont leave ugly swirl marks or buffer marks when the polish fades (looks terrible on dark colours). As you gain experience you will possibly need both. A rotary is faster for 'cutting' deep scratches/swirls but generates a lot of heat quickly so you need to keep it on the move and keep the speed down. Also lots of water or compound to also keep heat at bay. A repainted panel(s) will have a different thickness of paint to what it had when it left the factory, either A lot more or not enough clear coat. The latter is an issue. Different car manufactures put different thickness and hardness of paint on their cars and this is something you will see with experience. Take for example Hyundai they put just the bare minimum of clear coat over the base coat, if you try to compound deep scratches on a Hyundai you will soon learn you really cant, or you will end up into the base coat. Your biggest fear is scorching the paint with high speeds and a rotary. Swage lines and panel edges are most at danger as they are sharp points and you can quickly cut through the paint here and into the primer, so its belt mask these with fine line masking tape until you gain experience. I have a Rupes Rotary polisher with I've owned for 20 years and its still going strong. Last year I bought the latest Rupes Bigfoot, Dual action which is a beauty to work with and last week I bought a Milwaukee rotary set (big and small) which is cordless so I can take it around the car lot to do spot repairs. Best of luck, but start small.
  3. Count yourself lucky. I find the local customer can sometimes be the worst, always dropping by looking for bulbs, wipers and silly things as part of the warranty
  4. I can help you out here if you want to PM me some details
  5. In the Public Forum more like, too many getting away with selling shit and no recourse. Bought an a4 last week, photos showed a spare in the boot and appraisal showed one ding on NS door. Arrived with no spare wheel, wheel lock key nowhere to be found and 2 bad scuffs on rear bumper. There needs to be a review section added urgently to that site
  6. Not entirely true. He has 30 days to present it for re-registration. Part of the registration requires the boat ticket or transport firms invoice stating when it entered Southern Ireland. Every day that passes after the 30 days he is fined for late registration. You give him the first page of the V5 and fill out section 11 (permanent export) and submit to DVLA. Absolutely no come back then. Plus the warranty will be null and void as he's unlikely to return for anything ever!
  7. Buttons are dodgy on those Korean steerings. Had an IX35 here a few months back. Cruise not working as I discovered on a journey, couldn't find a steering at the breakers which had cruise, just one with a blank. So removed the buttons, put on the blank filler and thought nobody would notice. Lady came to buy it and the first thing she noticed was it had no cruise control. Told her it mustn't be in that model and sold it to her.
  8. How on earth do you loose any car on the bend of any motorway? Is there a hairpin on the M6 that's somehow gone unnoticed ?
  9. These wasters never seem to appear when things are moving quickly. It's as if they know things are slow and they come out of the woodwork. Had a chap and his wife come view a 64 plate Avensis a couple of weeks back, black, 42k FTSH. After loading up all the kids for a test drive and dirtying my mats with grass and grime they had the cheek to offer me 500 less than the asking. When I pointed to another 64 reg I had in grey with 50 k they said no they wanted a black one. When I pretended to have another 2013 due in in black they said the wanted a 2014 one! When I said I may have another black 2014 due in in a couple of weeks they said no we need to buy something today. I thanked them for coming to view it and returned to the office. They stayed in their car for a further 10 minutes arguing amongst themselves then drove off. People nowadays!
  10. Just another version of the old Nigerian 419 scam. Used to get lots of these years ago. Used to go like this: Scammer contacted me and asks 'last price' Agrees to pay, then posts a bank draft for say £800 more than the car cost to cover the cost of shipping by his 'shipper' The day cheque arrives he calls and pressurises me to return the extra £800 to his shipper by bank transfer ASAP as its urgent. If I was stupid enough to send the £800 then I would loose the £800 as, by the time the cheque has bounced the 800 has left my account. As I knew it was a scam I used to play along and receive some very impressive dud drafts, one even drawn on a bank holiday Monday! This is just another variant, but using the reputable Paypal to set your mind at ease
  11. Common common issue with the i30 and i40. In fact almost all Hyundai Clutch pressure plate weakens and the biting point gets lower and lower. Also the nylon rod between the clutch pedal and plunger of the master cylinder wears to add to the problem. We normally remove this nylon rod ( just held on the pedal with an 'R' clip and onto the master cylinder with a plastic 'U' clip) cut it in half and add a 5mm length of 6mm bar between the cut lengths. We crimp a 12mm alliminium pipe outside this, refit it and clutch biting point is back as it should be! Cost us less than a tenner in alloy pipe from B&Q, and 15 mins of out time.
  12. There have always been get rich quick schemes as long as there has been currency. I remember about 20 years ago a very intelligent streetwise friend of mine inviting me to 'invest' £3000 for it to 'mature' into multiples of that once I introduced 3 more friends to do the same. When I laughed at him and told him it was a Pyramid scheme and only the first few in would make money he got offended and couldn't see how it was. I later found out family members of his were lured into it, lost money and were no longer speaking. Since then things have moved on. Everything is internet based as it provides a cover. Scammers are more clever and are finding ways to outsmart us, as is the case with used cars lancs ltd. They were clever in that they cloned another business. If you did basic internet background checks it all seemed fine. However one thing never changes, the product is usually too cheap to be true
  13. SLL firstly sorry if I assumed you were a guy. Secondly I feel your pain. We have all lost out financially in some way in life, whether it be with a car, a divorce, or whatever. I could always have been worse, Imagine if you have borrowed £10,000 to send to these crooks and still had to pay it back with interest over the next 5 years. Move on, forget it and let it make you stronger. With some luck your bank might get it back for you.
  14. Welcome Firefighter Wash There was I thinking of giving up car sales to become a Firefighter. I guess the grass is always greener