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  1. Facebook Advertising

    Facebook has a number of algorithms which were introduced a few years ago. It will take a while to learn the ins and out of it all but when you have mastered it, it can be a goldmine. Lots of people focus just on the amount of page likes. Some dealers have 50k likes and some have 500, the one with 500 likes may be getting more engagement and traffic than the page with 50k likes. Facebook will only show new posts to people who have engaged with one of your posts within a certain amount of time. You have to entertain and encourage engagement from all of your followers or the posts you want them to see (your cars) won't even show up on their newsfeed. We often post videos and funny clips of things not even related to the cars we are selling. (we even boost these sometimes to people who like the page) Post regularly but do not spam people with lots of boring posts as people will soon get bored. Do targeted boosts to help attract new followers but also do regularly boosts to people who already like the page as they will most likely already be your target market. They should be anyway. Our Facebook page if you want to take a look,www.facebook.com/blakedowncarcompanyltd
  2. Do any of you guys have any drivers under 25 on your policy?
  3. Finance company's?

    Evolution are quite good for subprime or Neg EQ but will need first year accounts usually. To start with I would just go with Close Brothers. Easy to set up with, decent account managers, use of Jigsaw broker for anything Close doesn't approve. Id avoid Santander, nightmare to set up with and decline most applications other prime lenders would approve.
  4. Cheers guys, will make some calls.
  5. Who do you use for trade insurance? Renewal is coming up and looking to change... trying to find a decent insurance broker.
  6. I think Lawgistics may sell somethingsuitable. http://www.lawgistics.co.uk/#sthash.k9nJoszo.dpbs
  7. Cheaper Stuff

    I don't use Gumtree anymore. I did when we had cheaper cars and it worked well. Its definitely worth having for how cheap it is.
  8. Would you still have the eBay Motors style page for your adverts without the package? I have seen a few dealers using just a normal listing same as private sellers which doesn't look great I don't think from a customers point of view.
  9. Finance company's?

    Close are very good with new starters, I would give them a call/
  10. Best places to source stock??

    Send us an email and we will add you to our traders email list. We specialise more in performance stock so often trade 'normal' cars on ranging from £500 - £10k info@blakedowncarcompany.co.uk
  11. Autotrader is it worth it

    Thanks for the feedback. The quickest way to build followers is to constantly share your posts in owners clubs and car sell pages, that way you are building up targeted likes from people who have an interest in what you are selling. A few basic tips: Post engaging photos, videos, articles etc which are going to get people to like and comment, even if its not directly related to the cars you are selling. Facebook pages are now set up to only show your posts to people that have engaged with your page. There is no point having 20k+ likes if your posts aren't coming up for 99% of those 'followers'. If you just post boring photos of the cars you are selling constantly people will get bored very quickly. Be tactical about timings of posts, our audience are most active at around 5pm so we aim a lot of attention grabbing posts around that sort of time. It will be different depending on who your followers are and who your target market is. We did do a car giveaway a while back which did help us gain a lot more followers. We chose a Clio Sport as we knew that wouldattract the right sort of people for our business model, people who have an interest in performance cars and modified cars. We did it as a joint venture with our bodyshop, they painted the car Nardo Grey to help boost their online profile as well as ours. Showing progress photos and posts etc kept the giveaway engaging for the 4 weeks it was live. In my opinion, for a giveaway to work and build the right audience then you have to think of a unique way of doing it, otherwise you have a page full of full time mummys who will more than likely never be interested in buying one of your cars or even engaging in any more posts once the competition is over. You have probably seen that we offer a £100 reward for anyone that shares the post and it leads to a sale. This encourages a lot of people to share the posts which increases your reach and hopefully builds more followers. We have also sold a few cars this way, worth the £100 in my eyes. We had a an open day with a DJ and some food vans which went down really well. Lots of people turned up and it helped get our name out there. We are already planning another one in the next few weeks. People check in and post photos on Facebook which again builds followers. I spent a lot of time reading and watching videos about how to be successful with Facebook, theres lots of good information if you spend the time to research it. We sell around 40% of our cars through Facebook, more so than Auto Trader, ebay or piston heads. We purchase at least half of our stock from people who message the page looking to sell. It really is a valuable tool, hope some of this helps. Good luck.
  12. Autotrader is it worth it

    Could you please send over a link to your Facebook pages, i'm happy to have a look and see if I can give you any tips.
  13. Autotrader is it worth it

    We have just doubled our Auto Trader package, will let you know whateffect it has, if any. Facebook is a goldmine though, out of the last 10 cars we sold, 5 were sold through Facebook.
  14. Autotrader is it worth it

    Do you have a link to one of your adverts? We have around 20-25 cars in stock but just have the 7 car package and rotate the cars. I would be more likely to upgrade our package than leave Auto Trader.
  15. Number Plate Covers

    We cover all plates on EVERY car including when taking photos. It's much more professional and improves the overall look of the showroom andforecourt no end. It's ridiculous to say its dodgy, theres nothing suspiciousat all about dealers using plate coversand if a potential customer is genuinely interested they will get in touch for the reg. We pay £80 for 20 covers so around £4 a piece from a local company. If anyone local to us would like their details just send us a message.