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  1. Thanks, we're proud of what we've achieved. Thats a response typical of this forum at times and it's a shame. It's thiskind of sarcastic, bitterscepticism thatgives us all a bad name and shocking public perceptionand makes the job more difficult than it needs to be. Not to mention putting off those who are thinking about giving it a shot for themselves.We never claimed to have £400k in stock, that was someone else'sassumption, but we've grown substantially in a short time yes. Maybe thats down to the fact we have a different approach to most people in this game and love what we do. Sorry if its a tough pill to take to think that someone relatively youngand less experiencedis doing well in this game but it can be done, maybe the right attitude and a fresh approach helps to some extent? Anyway, thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I put quite a lot of time into the Facebook page to be honest, buy and sell more cars on there than I do on Auto Trader! Just given your page a like
  3. radio codes

    We just use one of the code suppliers on ebay, usually around £1-2 and have the code within an hour!
  4. Hello DDLoydss, I was in exactly your position just over 18 months ago. We were looking to set up a car sales business without having any experience in the sector. We had a love of cars and a strong work ethic. After a relatively short period of time we have already more than doubled our investment and been shortlisted for two Newcomer dealership of the year awards. It can be done so don't let other people put you off! We sold from home up until September last year, and all of our cars were kept on a local pub car park! We do things differently to most car dealers and never buy a car from auction. All of our cars come from private sellers, owners clubs and through our social media pages. That way we know we are buying well looked after quality cars and can check them over ourselves. I would recommend specialising, whether it be in a certain make / model or just a certain type of car. If you just sell anything that you pick up for cheap in the auction then you will never get anywhere. Noone can compete with the likes of Available Car and so on. The most important thing to succeed in this trade is to keep customers happy. Prep cars well, fix any issues, and do not be afraid to take a car back. Some customers can be problem customers. Its often easier to take a car back and sell to someone else. That way everyone is happy. Happy to help with any questions you may have. Good luck! Our website: www.blakedowncarcompany.co.uk Our facebook: www.facebook.com/blakedowncarcompanyltd
  5. We're quite active on Facebook and find it to be a very useful tool for both buying and selling of cars. Possibly helps our business model more than some dealers due to the cars we sell, performance and modified cars etc. We have also recently started trying to build our Instagram presence, had a few enquires through it but nowhere near as much as Facebook. Will keep building it and see how it goes though. Does anyone use Twitter? I have noticed more and more dealers taking to Twitter. How do you find that? Has anyone had any significant benefits using Twitter for your dealership? https://www.facebook.com/blakedowncarcompanyltd/?ref=br_rs
  6. We are on an trading estate which is very quiet at night, there is noone to hear or see anything which made it easier for them. They climbed over the fence, started one of the cars, attempted to start another one, cut the locks on the gate and drove one of them away all within 5 minutes. UPDATE: Had a call off CID 2 days later to say the car had a dormant tracker last active in 2009. We paid £300 for emergency activation of the tracker. Picked up a reading straight away as the car was moving, police pursuit and the car recovered. Haven't picked it up yet but have been told damage is very minimal.
  7. Unfortunately we had 3 people break into our premises last night and steal a car. A Focus ST. They also tried to take a Focus RS we had but luckily they couldn't get it started after they smashed the window. They climbed over our fence into a gated compound, used a generator and an angle grinder to cut the lock off and drove the car away. We are now trying to beef up secuirty in any way we can. Is there any kind of temporary trackers you can use for stock cars? or any other ideas? Help please..
  8. Whos going to the awards?

    Congratulations on being nominated for both awards! Great achievement. Sounds like you have a similar sort of set up to us. We started in January of this year, sold 120 cars off my drive! finally moved into a premises two months ago. Much better for us and the neighbours!
  9. Weve been nominated for the Newcomer of Year. Should be a good night! Whos going?