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  1. Complaint #2 Response

    I'll give you a shout next time I need one picking up!!
  2. Complaint #2 Response

    I drove an Aygo back from BCA Measham to Peterborough and that was bad enough!!
  3. Complaint #2 Response

    You drove a C1 for 6.5 hours?!
  4. Fake 5 star or bad reviews

    He'll be along soon, oncehe's finished replying to all his glowing reviews......
  5. Fake 5 star or bad reviews

    In fact, he's probably too busy checking his own reviews right now, which is why he hasn't replied yet!!
  6. Fake 5 star or bad reviews

    He loves a review does BHM.....
  7. Cars you cant get enough of

    Thankfully we don't sell boomerang cars....
  8. Not brought me part ex with me...

    I just like to have the last word, but shall we call it quits and make friends??
  9. Not brought me part ex with me...

    What he said ^^^^^^^^ I did say double negative, you must have read it wrong!!
  10. Not brought me part ex with me...

    Isn’t that an oxy moron? Think you mean, ensures neither parties time IS wasted...
  11. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    I don't know how any of you buy them at the right money?! Every time I see one with sensible mileage and good history go through the block, always makes crazy money!! Always leaves me wondering how anyone makes any margin in them!!! I can never get near an A4 Avant....