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  1. Stock turn over

  2. Right car wrong place?

    Udderly rubbish....
  3. Right car wrong place?

    I know the jokes were a bit crap and I’m sure you’ve ‘herd’ them all before.... But well done for milking all the info / attention, give yourself a massive cow pat on the back. And well done for not being a cow-ard.
  4. eBay purchase Motors from Cox

    Probably ok at the moment while you've got a contract with EMP but would imagine a pretty big price hike come renewal time....
  5. Right car wrong place?

    "We all ran for it into the offices...." Would love to have been a fly on the wall!! Brilliant! Bloody cow-ards
  6. Epoxy floor paint

    Surprised Simon isn't laying his floor with £50 notes.....
  7. Epoxy floor paint

    I thought that was £1500 to do Simon's, so yours would be half that??!!
  8. Epoxy floor paint

    That's a fair old chunk of cash, but it's going to look great when it's done!!
  9. Right car wrong place?

    So true! That's why all my cars are reassuringly expensive.....
  10. Why do customer's carry on looking for cars after depositing? To be fair I carry on looking on my phone for all sorts after 'depositing'.......
  11. Right car wrong place?

    Ok don't milk it....
  12. Right car wrong place?

    Glad to see he’s found his target market, a silly old cow with the horn....
  13. Right car wrong place?