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  1. Any1 want 2 buy my car???

    This sounds perfect, I've got a buyer lined up, if only it wasn't red.......
  2. Advertising

  3. Hubby wants it - Wifey doesn't want it....

    Yeah I agree, this has got buyer's remorse all over it, before they've even bought it! Your right to trust your gut instinct, but I know you don't need me to tell you. You're
  4. Hubby wants it - Wifey doesn't want it....

    I'm sure a quick oil change will suffice
  5. CAP Valuations

    Ok thanks.
  6. CAP Valuations

    What does that cost?
  7. Transport recommendation

    All sorted. Cheers.
  8. I need a non-runner picking up from BCA Blackbushe, back to me here near Peterborough. BCA can offer the service, but I could be waiting ages!! Can anyone on here recommend someone trust worthy and reliable who could do it fairly swiftly? Obviously the car would need to be winched on.. Cheers
  9. why i dont open sunday

    And here. Saturday’s are so quiet now, I keep thinking about closing Saturday. Now that would be living the dream, a whole weekend off! Or at the very least do viewing by appointment on a Saturday. Very rare that anyone just turns up on a Saturday.
  10. You know the only good thing about a shit / quiet period? It usuallymeans there’s a purple patch around the corner! I think everyone is suffering idiots at the moment. Don’t let the cretins grind you down.
  11. Buy good quality cars, prep them right, attract the right kind of quality (sensible) punter, and you really shouldn't have to worry about people "mashing up a gearbox in 30 days". Buy shite, high mileage dogs with issues, cheapies etc, you'll attract the type of tosser that gave you the runaround via text in your previous post! Just my 2p.
  12. dvla information

    I can't bare speaking to the DVLA, can just hear that condescending, slooooow, soft Welsh accent now..........
  13. Have you got a moustache? I'm sure I've seen you at BCA Peterborough?!
  14. Pain in the arse - knowall customers

    Absolutely, or they don't like the colour of the leather...