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  1. sick of

    Bird sh*t on cars!!!!! Drives me crazy!!!!!!
  2. Trade plates

    I must have been lucky as I got my confirmation back on 13/12/17.
  3. I agree with all the above, the trees are causing the issue with shade, perhaps try and pick a particular time in the day where the light is at it's best? (I know that's easier said than done sometimes). Perhaps I'm being picky here, but, ".......and a 12 months MOT with all advisories repaired at our expense...." I can understand why you're saying that, but to me it reads like you expect each car to have a list of advisories on each vehicle which doesn't inspire confidence. Other's may disagree, but it was just how I read it, although I appreciate the sentiment behind it. Lastly, don't beat yourself up if your cars don't always fly out of the door. I'm sure most of us at some point have had some of what we think are our best cars, sit for a little longer than expected.
  4. VW record sales 2017

    Whilst I agree with all the comments about VW, I hate them with a passion! But, I'm not surprised they have a following in the trade, as they are (Polo's in particular) seemingly popular by the niave public. What baffles me, is why they are so popular?! My mechanic use to role his eyes at me whenever I bought a 1.2 Polo, and I used to agree with him, but they always flew out, and that was the only reason I bought them..... Trouble was, they would often fly back in with an EML!!! Why they have a 'reliable' brand image is beyond me.........
  5. Newly part time Trader

    Yep, well, until I start selling cars again.....
  6. Newly part time Trader

    Too many lemons.....
  7. Ford Mustang

    Have you sold it yet?!
  8. Delivery of auction cars

    I pay my accountant to claim the vat back on everything. The irony.....
  9. Does anyone know what BCA are doing about credit card charges, as didn’t they charge 3/3.5% + vat for CC payments?
  10. Anyone else get mildly 'excited', when you buy a 1 owner car from BCA, listed with no service history, but your hunch tells you it must have..... You look in the glove box, no book pack, quick look under the seat nothing! You then resign yourself to the fact of trying to trace the history, ringing the original supplying dealer, ringing unhelpful mot stations etc.... Then boom!! You not only find the full book pack, but a fully, up to date service history all stamped in the book!!! I must confess to doing a mini fist bump!! Anyone else feel the same? bit like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..... Happened twice this week!! Maybe I'm just sad....
  11. Complaint LAMBDA sensor failure

    Spot. On. Did genuinely make me laugh that!! "...it hasn't changed their sex life...." Brilliant!!
  12. Finally got a unit

    Not very 'transparent' though is it...... (Great idea though!)