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  1. Struggle with the newer shape but do fine with the old shape...older ones a low price point + still low tax, mpg etc
  2. We're strictly 9am - 5pm. Won't do Sundays under any circumstances or appoint after 5pm. Occasionally go in a bit early for a handover but that's it. Probably costs a couple of deals a month but so be it.
  3. I got my first "Hi, your car, what discount can you offer because..." in months. Apparently you're a rude c**t for saying that the cheaper "privately" advertised base model that you saw in Friday nights auction with three months ticket sounds like a cracker and to snap their hand off. Some people just can't handle good advice.
  4. Glad i'm not alone. Haven't needed an alarm clock since I joined the trade!
  5. ...i've got a few kicking around to back their claims up!
  6. A couple of the small traders around our way specialise and buy privately. One only does 107/C1 & Aygos, the other's into small autos. Limits the buying opportunities but once you've had a dozen of the same make/model you soon get to know the pitfalls, common issues, rough recon costs for bits etc. Handy if you're only doing a few a month and starting out.
  7. +1 On the few occasions we take a car back it's only for good reason; cash or finance buyer it would make no difference to the decision. I've never experienced a finance company putting any pressure on me facing a complaint or rejection so long as it's dealt with properly. BIGNIT; FWIW we do 2K - 8K and find about 90% of the finance applications that get accepted are on 5K + stock. Under 4K we find little uptake or enquiry. (that said we do get plenty of enquiries for finance on £995 part ex's )
  8. Spare a thought for all the Bristollian crusties living in converted ambulances and minibuses... reap what you sow.
  9. Ours is £25 a panel...location, location, location! (we're gonna really struggle to hit those AT price markers looking at what some of you boys pay for work)
  10. Another vote for Ring units, had a couple of "Tradecharge27"s for 3 or 4 years and both are robust units, can't kill 'em. I wish I had enough hair left to need conditioner.
  11. Maybe the same as somewhere charging £50 but smashing it on the discs and pads? ...or am I just being a cynic?
  12. It's a different world in certain areas past London. I wouldn't ever choose to leave where i'm from but did look properly at a nice gravelled 40 car forecourt near where my missus is from, Peterborough area. Could've bought the freehold outright for the same as two years rent and rates on one of our current places. Absolutely crazy.
  13. You won't find an indie around where we are doing MOTs for less than £40 and labour is £50/60 upwards + VAT. I don't really mind the hourly if it's to someone capable. It's all a bit meaningless IMO because living costs/operating costs vary so much around the UK, screen prices vary to a lesser degree but a £2995 Corsa in Birmingham can still be £3495 in the South East.
  14. 40 from 70 ish in stock. Cleared some old faces which is good.