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  1. Been busy for us start of the week but all the mums and dads with an unlicensed 17 year old in tow are starting to surface...I might go hide during the 11am - 12 midday pre pub lunch time waster slot tomorrow and Monday.
  2. Payment Methods

    No time to log in to online bankingon your laptop/mobile (all of 30 seconds) and check???? Am I missing something? Today 7 handovers, most paid the balancein full 48 hours ago which helps with the cash flow. We re-negotiated our terminals recently but debit card is still an expensive way to take money. Card terminal for a dipper maybe but for balances it makes no sense when online banking is there. We don't do same day collection but if you do it's literally 30 seconds to check payment's in. Your business, you dictate the terms. Throwing £100's away each month using a terminal.
  3. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Thanks, got another one coming back in next week for it and in the past we've been at £600-£650 all in. Didn't realise Euros were doing them for £225+...might take a couple of deliveries to get the right part but that's a good saving.
  4. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Nothing constructive to add but I f**king despise 1.6 TDi's. Factor an EGR into every purchase. Along with all the usual s**t VAG issues. Be interested to know what you guys pay for EGR replacement on a Golf, done far too many and they really eat into profit for us,pm if you want?
  5. How do you pass time on dead days?

    What's your website again Mark? Love looking through other sites when I get downtime (read that as nicking ideas!)
  6. Thanks for highlighting this Simon. Big Like. I spent a long time last summer reading and UNDERSTANDING the CRA15. After thinking i'd learnt a fair bit I added a return to base for repair clause on our invoices last year and it got tested for the first proper time last week,around the time you posted this. We sell 90% within a 10 mile radius but had one with a gearbox go 5 months after purchase and 80 miles away. Bit of a disagreement between us and Billy but the clause stood up to the test, with Lawgistics on the case for good measure. Well worth having this clause on your paperwork guys. We don't usually apply it to local dramas, were very accommodating, but in this case it's saved usa lot of grief.
  7. BCA essential checks £7.50

    I'd say commission on hammer isn't an add on because it's (supposed to be) how they earn their money. I don't begrudge comm because I can build it into my bid but the extra waffle is where I don't agree, the extras are unnecessaryadd ons to me. Things I can live without but am obliged to pay for.
  8. BCA essential checks £7.50

    But with Ryanair at least the basic transaction (a ticket) is cheaper than elsewhere. With BCA the basic transaction (buyers fee/commission) is significantly more expensive than both the local indies we use...they're not even cheap to begin with before you get into the world of add on fees.
  9. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Never been busier here. Feb was our best ever month and March has hit record numbers but might not be as good money wise, quite a bit of overage stuff needing messy recon. Had a real touch with swappers because we can't buy a thing in the block lately.
  10. Branching out into other areas of business

    If you can successfully sell cars then sell cars. If you can't hack it branch into other areas of business.
  11. It's definitely getting worse with all the google lawyers! Both of this weeks ones were justified but it's been an upward trend over the last 12 months for us. Less warranty claims though so we're doing something right I guess.
  12. Cheers! And I really wasn't being mean. Fault with the punter NOT with the car.
  13. Not wishing to s**t on your post but i'm a firm believer that what you stock determines what kind of people you attract. 150K 'I can't afford better' complicated SUV = hassle. I'm not saying it's a fault with the car but more the punter. I'm not deliberately trying tobe a c**t btw, celebrated my birthday today with two refunds and three warranty claims, we all get 'em
  14. Reviews - cheating or not?

    I'll stick with my honest 4.5 on google thanks. Do the job right and you'll make plenty of profit without sacrificing your principles.