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  1. Of no interest to 99% of the forum I reckon!
  2. Favourites for profit are just any retailable swapper. We're a forecourt so work very much to cater for the local demographic (otherwise we'd be inside an anonymous unit). Right colour DS3s, Merivas with the suicide doors and any small/med petrol auto do particularly well for us. DS3's and those Merivas are probably the kiss of death for most of you i'd imagine.
  3. Did you not see the plumes of soot coming out of it in the video when they got the pump running? Worse than the leggy 05 1.5dci Megane I (literally) smoked for a bit
  4. VAG TFSI are the only engines we avoid. The high oil burning Mazda/Ford stuff and nightmare 1.6 PSA engined Minis and 207s we stock but probably one in four causes grief...still profitable enough to stock. Stock anything supermarkety really but not much German, not much 4x4 and very very little Prestige or sporty stuff if possible...more to avoid a certain demographic of punter than the cars themselves. Forgot to add we don't really do much diesel.
  5. They're having it away. Our local Peugeot dealer had 3 on the board halfway through the month.
  6. Retail £8995 at one of those Rover/MG/Triumph carandclassic type places.
  7. I've used Tivoli Autos in the past, really good but they're mostly a Volvo specialist so depends what the car is. Worth a call 01424 442277
  8. We just get cars delivered and get most painters, valeters, mot and garages to collect and drop off from us. Mobile dent, glass and key guys visit. Not a big fan of staff when I can outsource it all to specialists but it's each to their own. You might need to rethink the grand a month if you do look for someone...not even minimum wage and you want them to be self employed as well!
  9. Just done two by phone, no issues
  10. Auctions don't generally own anything; they'll sell goods on behalf of dealers and joe public for a 20% fee. On face value they're transparent because all the bidding is conducted online at the same time as the physical auction takes place but in reality lots of Lovejoy-esque things happen. It's more the goods themselves that are questionable though, so many fakes out there it was becoming impossible to operate without routine investigations...main reason I left. I don't think any proper dealers use eBay.
  11. I got out of the antique auctioneering game about five years ago to do cars. Ever decreasing number of actual buyers because it's literally a dying industry with an ageing demographic. Add to that about 40% of the UK art market is forged/fake and a lot of the remaining is heavily restored or simply worthless. Plus the legislation killed lots of the market for no good reason. Takes a lot less brain power to buy, market and sell a Ford Fiesta than a Napoleonic prisoner of war carving, plus the margins bigger and the market's less demanding. Gimmie cars every time.
  12. Fallen right out of favour for us and all we do is bread and butter. French and Ford 7 seaters still selling well.
  13. I've had that Bjork song playing in my head the last couple of months.
  14. Thanks Nick, wondered if the later stuff had been improved. Interesting how Audi sound like they're happy(ish) to fix these...Skoda was a very different experience. Happier to f**k off someone on a supermarket brand than one you're trying to make premium I guess.
  15. Nick, is a newer/modified engine design? Be interested to know as we blacklisted the TFSi stuff because of the oil consumption issues but it was usually on 09-12 plate stuff. Has the newer VAG stuff improved?