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    Just sold one off an RAC inspection so it does happen. Our new tactic is to get the car MOT'd the day before the inspector turns up and leave the pass sheet sat on the seat.
  2. Electric Cars

    My closest friends collectivelydrive a Yaris hybrid (gets an NHS discount/subsidy) one of the small boxy BMWthings (personalcar) and a C Class hybrid (company car tax swerve...not going to pretend I know what model it is). They're all under 35 years old. The rest get trains and uber, i'm the same. Hate driving outside of work. My favouritegarage we use are hammeringtrade shows and courses to learn about hybrid tech so they can be an indie ev/hybrid specialist. Our only local main dealer doing well (Toyota) don't even stock diesel...not a Landcruiser in sight. Are they the future for consumers? Yes. Do I believe they're good? No. They are utter s**t for the planet.But because people havebeen spoon fed the sustainability narrative they've become the 21st Century Zeitgeist. Social and corporate responsibility is all well and good when you're sat in a warm comfy design studioor chatting in a bar/restaurant about your new motor but less meaningful when you're stuck in a pit in DR Congo mining minerals for the latest ev battery. Will I ever stock a ev/hybrid?Yep, i'm a hypocrite with a mortgage and they're the future no matter what I believe.I'll stick to my well maintained hightax smoker though.
  3. Sold my last diesel

    We haven't really been stocking them for 18 months now, they make up 10% of stock at any one time at most. Saved a bloody fortune in prep/repair costs but it's very location specific.We're in an area withlots of stop start traffic, lefty green council, it's rare people commute more than 10 miles...makes no sense to be selling oil burners for us. If we we're in a semi rural or commuting town then i'd be the other way round.
  4. Advertising with just a per month price

    Surely if they're using the monthly as a headline figure there is a rep example in the advert somewhere giving a screen price?
  5. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    As others suggest; carefully selected from main dealer sources. But when you're halfway through a viewing and get the feeling you don't want to deal Billyit can be quite handy to drop the real source casually into conversation...never fails to make them 'food for thought', 'sleep on it', 'lots more to look at'.
  6. Who is doing well?

    Pretty sure idling has been a fixed penalty issue for a while now. On the topic of how things are; 2019 has given us our best ever and worst ever months with no rhyme of reason between either. Stopped trying to work it all out long ago, just concentrate on cash flow.
  7. Business Slow?

    Plodding along here but it won't be much of an earning month. We cancelled AT for one of our two sites and it's been worthwhile on a quiet month. The site with nothing on AT is doing one a day whilst the fully listed one hasn't sold a bean this week. Tempted to knock it on the head over summer.
  8. Motorhub finally nailed

    Sounds like a days takings from the washing machine to me...or one fifth of a glued back together ex hire Aventador.
  9. Motorhub finally nailed

    Ticked just about every box on the"why you don't buy a car from Bradford" list. Bet they're having a real good laugh...53K, grab the Persil springs to mind.
  10. A quick hello

    Evening MJG and welcome from me. We've not much in common; i'm mainstream, pitch and the mere thought of dealing with used Jag, Audi, BM, Merc & Range, and the people they attract, gives me cold shivers...gimmie a 10 plate Aygo any day of the week. You've also been in the game a lot longer and I know sod all about trading from home. Sure they'll be some crossover though! The same applies to 58 plate Focus's and 61 plate Pandas...firm believer there's only 10% of any auction that's genuinely desirable whatever the makeup and it almost always makes the money
  11. Write off for minor damage

    We sometimes retail them if they come in as swappers and are up to scratch, wouldn't buy one to retail. I can't tell you what determines a car becoming a write off or each categories criteria but I can tell you that it doesn't seem to harm the salebility (is that a word?) whatever the marker. All we do is new MOT and a VERY THOROUGH inspection on the ramp. I don't treat them like a normal car, when I say thorough I mean thorough, just for personal peace of mind. The irony is they'll be a load of unrecorded stuff in far worse or even dangerous condition floating around out there.
  12. Been busy for us start of the week but all the mums and dads with an unlicensed 17 year old in tow are starting to surface...I might go hide during the 11am - 12 midday pre pub lunch time waster slot tomorrow and Monday.
  13. Payment Methods

    No time to log in to online bankingon your laptop/mobile (all of 30 seconds) and check???? Am I missing something? Today 7 handovers, most paid the balancein full 48 hours ago which helps with the cash flow. We re-negotiated our terminals recently but debit card is still an expensive way to take money. Card terminal for a dipper maybe but for balances it makes no sense when online banking is there. We don't do same day collection but if you do it's literally 30 seconds to check payment's in. Your business, you dictate the terms. Throwing £100's away each month using a terminal.
  14. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Thanks, got another one coming back in next week for it and in the past we've been at £600-£650 all in. Didn't realise Euros were doing them for £225+...might take a couple of deliveries to get the right part but that's a good saving.
  15. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Nothing constructive to add but I f**king despise 1.6 TDi's. Factor an EGR into every purchase. Along with all the usual s**t VAG issues. Be interested to know what you guys pay for EGR replacement on a Golf, done far too many and they really eat into profit for us,pm if you want?