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  1. Getting our own back.....

    Some of you guys must have the patience of saints. I couldn't deal with these people, I would be sectioned in a week or in Jail. I don't sell anything under 5k and only have low owner,full history, low milage mint cars so people can't catch me out on anything. Luckily most of my customers barely look at the car and a deal rarely takes more than half an hour to complete. Trade ins go straight to auction. I learned!! I took a 1 owner low miles 03 plate pug once and decided to retail it as it was so clean. £1295. Phone was off the hook and emails, texts with all the stupid stuff. I think I had PTSD by lunchtime.First guy came to see it, was over it like a nasty rash, underneath, inside, gave it the mother of all test drives, brake tests, steering tests....2 f*ckinghours. Looked at this, checked that... He bid me £1150 because he detected "some wear" in a place that may or may not exist. Normally, I would have told him to go forth simply because he had screwed around for 2 hours, but rather than put myself through that again, I said fine...just take the car and go. Never again.
  2. Getting our own back.....

    I,ve been trading again for a couple of years now, having been a full time car dealer previously in pre internet days. I am going to quit for the winter and move to the sun for a few months an reassess. It's just been so quiet and my search for suitable premises has so far been a time consuming waste. I did finish (well just about finish...still got 3 to move on) on a high note though. A couple of weeks ago a couple wanted to buy a £7400 car, said they were going on holiday and would collect in 10 days. £200 non- refundable deposit taken.10 days later woman phones me and claims major financial crisis and can't pay. Fair enough. It's actually the first time I,ve had a sale fall through after a deposit was taken. I thought the car was a bit cheap so I readvertised at £7700. Within 48 hours I sold it for £7700 with the customer paying on the spot and driving away. I'm £500 up on the original deal. It's difficult not to smile.
  3. Merc SLK PX price

    Maybe. I tend to avoid Blue, the exceptionsbeing Alfa's Breras/Spiders inBlue and Audi,s inSprint Blue and BMW,s in Estoril Blue which seem easy to sell. I,ve not had JasperBlue, but it looks like a quite aPearlescent colour and my instinct would be that it's just a good colour for the model.
  4. Merc SLK PX price

    It's a pretty saleable car in normal circumstances.Mileage, spec, history,colour all good. As long as it has no more than 3 owners it's goodstock even at this time of year. In normal circumstances ie. when people are actually buying cars that wouldbe a fairly easy retail at £8995.00 for me. I guess you need to decide what you can get for it. And how much you are making onthe car it's being traded against. I would say you would have to be cautious and between 6.5kand7k is probably about right given the time of year and the fact you may be stuck with it all winter. If someone came on to my drive with the car right now trying to sell it to me, 6.5k is as far as I would go.
  5. Audi with a phone holder fixed to the dash. It's the Audi option, so take it off and there is a 35mm square hole in the dash. I usually by newer cars so I,ve notencounter this. It's a low mileage 2008 S3 so still a 5 figure car, so not something I want. Any ideas?
  6. I don't accept that the dealer is always in the wrong and I will stand my ground. If the cars right when it goes out and I,m confident my cars are, and the customer has declined an extended warranty, then after the statutory 30 day period they are on their own within reason. A head gasket goes 6 weeks after purchase and the customer hasthe right attitude I,ll probably repair it, after 3 months I would offer a contribution. Again depending on attitude, but I would not feel under obligation to do so. We need to stand up for ourselves.
  7. Any colour for me as long as it's black. Given a choice, it's the only colour I would stock. Dark grey and white arealways reliable, I struggle with silver and blue and avoid red.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, I'm having a site meeting tomorrow with the agents, so I think I,ll go with the caveat "subject to suitable planning consent" I really want this place, it's the first location I,ve seen that has made me go, yeah, I must have this. I don't want a sales pitch or anything roadside, the last thing I want is random walk ins. I,m a bit like Arthur Dealy, unless they are actually coming to buy a car, then I don't want to know:) April was the last time somebody appointed failed to buy. But I do definitely want somewhere I can store and prep all my cars under cover and in space and comfort.
  9. Ok, I, am thinkingabout leasing a premises with B1 permitted use. My car sales business is by appointment only and the main use for the building is repairs, prep and storage. As I said we will not be open for walk ins, viewings strictly by appointment. Yes, I know it's restrictive, but I simply don't have the patience to deal with the riff-raff. And I genuinely like to give my customers my undecidedattention. There are already a couple of auto businesses on site, one operating classic car renovation business with ancillarysales and the other a straight repair garage. What do you guys recon about planning? Do I need to apply for car sales planning or just wing it? I don't want to ask the planning people if I need planning as they will be alerted and then do their best to complicate things anyway. I suppose in theory I could just drive the customer to my house and do the deal there, but my idea is that I want home and business entirely separate. Any of you guys have experience with this type of situation?
  10. Quite Month!!

    I have my best stock ever, every one a winner and better and cheaper than any others available within 100 miles.The only car I have hada serious enquiry about this month was mymost expensive and the customer arrived as appointed,took a quick look, declined a test drive, shook my hand, completed the paperwork and money in 20 mins and was driving away in a 22k car. The rest I,ve barely had a phone call about in the last 3 weeks.
  11. Aggressive Customers

    I probably loose out on a few sales because I have a very low threshold for knobheads. If their first question is "what's the least you would take"I usually loose them as my immediate response is, "if that's your first question then you are looking for acheap car rather than a good car and I,m probably not your best bet. However,Ifyou are looking for a good car perhaps we can start the conversation again?" Having said this, I am pretty happy with the customers I get, they tend to be nice people and if they make the effort to view 9/10 times they buy. I don't discount, but I gave an old guy a fifty pound note yesterday as a "luckpenny" as he and his son were such a pleasure to deal with.
  12. Valuation tool / CAP v Glasses

    I did subscribe to CAP, but to be honest it's pretty irrelevant as a lot or in fact most of the valuations are no real reflection on the current market, so I no longer pay for any guides. I felt it was in fact detrimental and in certain respects clouding my judgement or inhibiting me. The way I value a car whether it is a stock vehicle or a trade in isto establish my selling price using experience and the current market as a guide and then base what I am prepared to pay based on condition and the profit I want to make.
  13. Awesome August or Arrrrgh August ??

    Not had so much as a phone call yet! Mind you July turned outa great month and it was two weeks in before I had a sniff.
  14. How much could I sell this CAT C car for?

    Check what similar straight cars are selling for on Autotrader etc and ask at least 40% less. Rule of thumb is Cat D knock off at least 30%, Cat C more like 40%to 50%
  15. I hate scumbags as much, probably more,than the next man. But having dealt with real scumbags in previous occupations I probably have a lower or higher (whichever) threshold for the definition. Thoughtless or rude people...or low-ballers are simply an irritation but seldom get anywhere near scumbag status. I think a lot of people see motor dealers as fair game for behaviour they might not consider when dealing with vendors in other arena's but then to be fair, there are a lot of scumbags in this business. Just go to the local auction and they are swarming around like flies around the proverbial turd. A lot of people we deal with are time wasters of some form or another, but most are no more than that.