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  1. I don’t think CAP is an accurate guide on a lot of cars. There are many newer cars I would not pay anywhere near CAP clean for but others, particularly older, low mileage, scarce cars, double cap clean might not be particularly outrageous. Selling price and work backwards, it’s the only truly accurate guide and costs nothing.
  2. Ooops Didn't read properly. I never used the forum. I don't miss autotrader mail what I meant
  3. I do. Never did much for me to be honest.
  4. If you wish to pay in cash there will be an additional charge of 2% of screen price to cover bank charges.
  5. BCA quoted £287 plus Vat for one which was fine but couldn't do it until after Christmas. I managed to pick up another car and paid around the same per car. The cars are from two locations about 30 miles apart. Its around 362 miles. I had a guy offer to plate them for 230 per car but I would rather pay extra to get them on a wagon.
  6. Phoned them and sorted it. Appreciate the heads up. Thanks again
  7. I did. They can't help. I have two to come now, so there is money in it for someone.
  8. I wonder if anyone knows a reliable plater/transporter. Or if any of you guys have a spare day? Looking to get a car taken from BCA Livingston to Swindon Bet 17th and 20th Dec. BCA can't do it before new Year and I would rather not go up there. Would prefer a transporter, its an Audi TTRS so will need careful handling.
  9. I think its possibly something which needs to be raised with the Office of Fair Trading. I suspect nobody has actually reported them (AT) to the OFT I do think that in all probability some of their practices are dubious to say the least. They can speculate whether a car is priced high/med/low in relation to the market but as it is a used item who's value is subject to condition, this could be construed as misleading unless made very clear that the price indicator assumes a particular standard.
  10. Indeed it was. BCA got back to me...which I am impressed by and have updated the system to show the correct milage which is 50% more than the mileage originally listed as correct. I guess thats my good deed for the day.
  11. So, there is a car at Blackbush today which interests me. It is listed as 30K warranted miles and there is a DVLA milage discrepancy listed. My check on the MOT history reveals that its first MOT shows 13k miles, second MOT shows 0 miles and its third MOT shows 7k miles, so in 2 years the car has covered -6k miles. So, how can the miles be warranted? Its a two owner FSH prestige car. I have brought this to the attention of BCA and asked if the SH shows a clock change, someone was supposed to get back to me, but no surprise...not a dicky bird yet. I won't be bidding on the car now, but note that it still shows warranted miles!
  12. My main reservation about your chances is lack of experience. If you have a decent amount of Capital and know the trade and know what you want to achieve you will make money. Its hard not to. BUT...you need to get that experience. Move into the trade gently. DONT...absolutely DONT give up your day job. Dabble, learn, make your mistakes and losses when its doesn't matter to much because you have an income. Once you have a bit of experience AND a decent pot... at least 100k and are confident you can make a living go for it.