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  1. Awesome August or Arrrrgh August ??

    Not had so much as a phone call yet! Mind you July turned outa great month and it was two weeks in before I had a sniff.
  2. How much could I sell this CAT C car for?

    Check what similar straight cars are selling for on Autotrader etc and ask at least 40% less. Rule of thumb is Cat D knock off at least 30%, Cat C more like 40%to 50%
  3. I hate scumbags as much, probably more,than the next man. But having dealt with real scumbags in previous occupations I probably have a lower or higher (whichever) threshold for the definition. Thoughtless or rude people...or low-ballers are simply an irritation but seldom get anywhere near scumbag status. I think a lot of people see motor dealers as fair game for behaviour they might not consider when dealing with vendors in other arena's but then to be fair, there are a lot of scumbags in this business. Just go to the local auction and they are swarming around like flies around the proverbial turd. A lot of people we deal with are time wasters of some form or another, but most are no more than that.
  4. I prefer to think of it as being on my own level with my own standards.
  5. I think that's perhaps an extreme view. People take advantage of the anonymity of modern communications, they are perhaps inconsiderate and thoughtless,but not necessarily scumbags. They could well befairly polite and mild mannered in real life and are simply bolder behind a keyboard, it's a common trait online, not exclussive to this arena.I,m with Mat,I tend to politely reply to all communications even if it's to tell them to fuck of and stop being ignorant but in truth I'm more likely to say that face to face than online. I,m pretty old school. My writing is polite and middle class and seldom rude. In person I,m a working class grumpy Scotsman and not inclined to accept bad manners or rudeness with good grace.
  6. I bought a car from BCA today. Unusual in itself, because it's 2 months since I,ve had a look in with anything at BCA. I paid £500 below my limit for the car,It's also a grade 1, never thought I would ever get near a grade 1.There is not a mark onthe car other that a nasty scuff on the trim in the rear which the grader missed. History checked and is genuine. It's literally the first car I,ve bought this yearthat needs absolutely nothing but a price tag. It's even been mot,t and serviced in the last couple of months. What can possibly go wrong?
  7. July sales 2017

    Until 10 days ago, I thought it would be an awful month, then I ended up doing my three best deals ever in quick succession.
  8. Rude people are rude people. I don't put up with it, don't have the patience and never have and I,m not scared to tell them.I don,t deal with rude people whatever their race. There are plenty of rude native British people.
  9. The same heritage as whom? If you mean Asian, then no. Could not be more opposite.All my heritage is from in the U.K. Certainly for the last 300 years anyway. I have no idea prior to that, but Viking Or Pict would be my guess.
  10. I,m on drugs yes. Prescription ones. Never taken an illegal one in my life. I can only speak as I find. My Asian customers tend to be in the 30 to 40 group (heading for middle age as I said) last week I dealt with a father and son. The son was buying, the father was paying. Both were gentlemen. The chap I bought that particularcar from was also an Asian around 35. His mother made me the best cup of tea I,ve ever had and fed me chocolate biscuits. As I type this I,m on my way to the Midlands to buy a car from another Asian family and all the signs are that the car will be as described and the deal will be smooth. I may be controversal here but I think I score with Asian people because I give the older ones who,s English is not great a bit of time and patience and try to understand them. Also, I think a lot of buyers (and sellers) immediately switch off and lose interest as soon as they hear an Asian voice on the line. A bit of respect goes a long way.
  11. It's threads like these which reignme inevery time I deicide, right that's it I,m going full time. I think I would hate it. Right now I pick and choose what I sell and whom I sell to.Nothing which attracts families! Nothing which attracts young tyre kickers. Nothing which attracts idiots. I also prep the cars properly, do anything which needs doing and don,t try to hide anything. I operate strictly by appointment, deliberately make it quite difficult for the customer and make sure they have to make a proper effort if they want to view,so I,mpretty sure they are serious. When they get here I am nice to them, give them my full attention and tell them right away that I won't try to sell them the car, they must want to buy...and if they don,t then the appointment I have lined up next will for sure. I also make it clear right at the start that the price is the price and is not negotiable. A good percentage of my customers are (heading for middle age)Asian men whom I generally find are a pleasure to deal with. I also buy many cars privately from Asian families and again I always find them very polite and respectable. East Europeans I'm not so keen on. I generally like them as they are hard working and great if you want a job done, but hard workto buy a car from or sell one to. I very rarely have problem customers and 9 times out of 10 (literally and statistically) the first to view a particular vehicle buys it) That said, it may take me several weeks, even longer to attract even oneviewer for any particular vehicle, but my thinking is...I only need one. I can literally go weeks without a single appointment and begin to think my phones cut of...then sell two or three and it's all fine again. So, generally customers rarely piss me off. It's the non-customers, they ones who I make sure never get near my place who drive me nuts. I think if I allowed walk-ins I would probably end up killing someone.
  12. Photographs

    The photos won't be any better with a DSLR unless you are prepared to shoot in raw and use a digital darkroom program. If you take the photos in favourable circumstances, avoiding harsh light, shadows and close contrasts, most cameras are capable of great results. Cameras are simply a tool. In the right hands they will mostly all do the job if they in good working condition and set up properly. There should be a function on your camera to sharpen/increase contrast etc. However the most important thing is to make sure the focus is correct. I see so many poor car shots where the problem is simply that shot out of focus, which is the one thing which is almost impossible to correct in post no matter what camera or programme you use. This said there are numerous free programmes available which will quickly and easily correct/enhance a shot. Also, I would not be tempted to use any of the easily applied effects you sometimes see. I don't think it helps. People just want decent photos which represent the car accurately.
  13. Car Finance Kill Switches

    I,m pretty sure this has been used in other industries for quite a while now. I have heard of it being used by agricultural finance companies on combine harvesters and tractors. Some of these machines cost in excess of £200k Stop a combine harvester in its tracks in the middle of a field (which I have heard of)and the owner is certainly motivated to make the payment.
  14. There is a biggest loss thread running. What about profit though? I,ve never made a huge losson a car, but I,ve never made a huge profit either. I,ve had a couple which left me with just short of 2k profit after costs and I,ve taken a deposit on one which providing the sale goes through will give me my first 2k plus profit, although it is a 20k car. And right now I have one in my garage which is standing me 5k and it's looking like I can get 8k for it, which would be my best deal ever.
  15. Reading this, my £650 loss on a low milesPorsche Cayman seems like small change. I've lost a few £££ here and there, but never anything major as yet. The loss on the Porsche really f**cked me off as it was an absolute gem of a car, flawless in fact. So it felt like a huge loss. I think it's easier to take a loss on a car you don,t like or has given you problems. The other loss I remember which really annoys me is the £300 loss on a '60 plateBMW estate, again a mint car with no faults.