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  1. Mark Carney has frightened UK today, with his predictions of doom! Commercial property down 48%,interest rates 6%,and the rest. Will cars go up or down do you think, sales are all ready well down. My thinking is a shortage of stock will keep things pretty stable, car wise. What's your thoughts?
  2. All, There will be no doubt a great deal to understand and get our heads around; however: In the initial hours of today's result - what is your immediate 'gut' feeling in terms of it's impact on the new and used car market in the short and long term?
  3. Morning all! We're broadcasting live again today at 1pm. Hope you can join us at but if not we'd love to know your thoughts on the topics we're discussing. All the details are here: We'll be reading your commentsout on the show. If there's anything else you want us to discuss now is the time to say! See you later