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  1. Car Gurus

    Hi All, Never had any luck with the free Car Gurus but recently were upgraded for a month as a "free trial". Had a few leads including phone calls and one sale. Now the trial is over they're pushing for us to continue using this paid package which I would like to do however I'm not sure the price they are quoting is competitive. For those using paid Car Gurus packages, is it worth while / are you getting quality leads and deals? For those who don't mind sharing what are you paying per month, feel free to PM me? We stock roughly 20 cars so the quote they've given is based on this. Thanks, Kelly
  2. Is CarGurus worth it?

    We've been using eBay Motors Pro now for a while but the leads seem to have dropped off a cliff, we are giving Car Gurus a go - Has anyone got any experience with them? Are they worth the money?
  3. 'Price Indicators '

    I really, really hate these with a passion ! Why will Autotrader not listen .. We do not need 'price indicators' , without rambling on these are genuinely misleading the innocent public and will affect every dealer who advertises on Autotarder - Including ME !! Going live 4th April , initially on mobile only then I guess being rolled our everywhere.. ( Won't allow me me to upload image )