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  1. I've always tried to do the right thing when it comes to customers coming back to me with complaints and issues regarding vehicles they have bought from me, sometimes I've probably been too generous, but in a small community it helps to have a good reputation. Today however I have had a lady contact me 29 days after purchase to say that she wants to return the vehicle as it has a faulty bonnet catch and she can't open the bonnet. I have offered to repair the catch, but she is very aggressively pursuing the line of 'I can reject the car and get a full refund if it's less than 30 days post sale'. My question is - is this a valid reason for returning the car? Some pieces of advice I have read suggest that no, it isn't a valid reason and it should be dealt with under warranty, which is my stance. Other advice to the consumer suggests that they don't need a valid reason and can ask for a full refund if it is within the 30 day period. Advice welcome.....and finally, how do people generally deal with situations in which you take a car back inside a 30 day period, only to find that it is in a poor condition or damaged? Thanks in advance for any advice!