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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I’m looking looking for a Mitsubishi Lancer GS4, in the Gloucester area although willing to travel around 70-80 miles each way, looking for: under 80k miles (willing to go max 100k if the car is right) decent history body work doesn’t have to be great but not the Sportback model not cat c/d/n/registered as damaged colour does not matter! I can pay whatever you offer if it’s reasonable, I am wanting one urgently so cash on collection if I can drive away after viewing! Please contact me through the forum or email -Sam H
  2. I thought I’d share this little story with you of what happened to me this week! Just lining a car up that had come into stock , a beaten up old mpv pulls up , a guy jumps out heading towards me shouts “ what does a Chrysler C300 do to the gallon†a bit taken back I said “ No Idea..but but let’s have a look “ we went into the showroom and towards my office .. As he walked in he spotted a SAAB Convertible and started to walk towards it. After a few minutes he said I like this, I’m sure my missus would like this.. I printed the details off then he went on to the question of MPG on the Chrysler. I looked it up gave him the answer, As he walked away I said why don’t you bring you misses let her have a look at it. Last night he rang up asking how much for his PX , and telling me a figure of the least that he would take against my SAAB, I rang him back and said I’d love to offer him what he wanted but he was unrealistic in his expectation , it would be £500 less IF the car was as described. Earlier today they came down , looked at the car in more details and I inspected the PX, Told them my offer is the best I can do. They said we’ll go and think to which I say when you’ve give it more thought and want a drive give me a call and I’d get the car out ready for a test drive . 2 Hours later i got a call, when can we have a drive? I asked when did they want a drive? Well it’s raining now and you have to move all those cars.... I said give me 20 mins the car will be on the front . Sure enough 20 mins they apologised that I had to move 3 cars out to get that one out and my showroom was looking a bit wet/ dirty – I said its only water- I can soon clean that up! Take as long as you like ... Deal done! They went on to say the reason why the asked me about the MPG was their friend had told them about me but didn’t trust the garage where the Chrysler was for sale! How bizarre! Having sold them a car it just makes me wonder , would I have sold them a car IF I hadn’t bothered to look up the MPG ? OR if he hadn’t come into the showroom and spotted the SAAB?