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    We have recentlyhad the need to try and claim on BCA assured scheme only to find out that it covers almost nothing,they have reworded the policy so that before it was a safety net for BCAs customers so they would bid a bit more to a good earn for BCA for example gearbox STATICcheck???????? Noise in engine bay now just pully belts i have the list here Old Wording (pre 11th January 2019) New Wording (11th Jan 2019 on) Oil contamination Oil / coolant contamination Engine bay noise Aux belt / pulley noise Brake test Brake efficiency test Clutch / autodrive take up Clutch slipping (static test) Steering Steering Noise Suspension noise / ride height Suspension ride height Aircon (excl. temp and gassing) Aircon receives power (ex. gassing) Sat nav operates (excl. functionality) S-Nav receives power (ex.functionality) ICE operates (excl. functionality) ICE receives power (ex.functionality) Roof Electrics Convertible / sunroof electrics I particularly like the clutch slipping static test ,Aircon snav ICE to JUST receiving power and suspension.