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Trade to trade sale problem

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Please advise :

in september 2017 I purchased a car privately, as I do Ona daily basis, the car was then inspected by a group buyer who I have dealt with on many acosion, it was all checked out at my premises and then paid for, I then deliver the car.

the main dealer that bought the car did a used vehicle check and put the car on the pitch for sale.

it was sold, the customer then brought the car back for a warranty issue (indicators working inside the car but not outside) 

it was then discovered there was a mileage blocker on it 

the dealer just refunded the customer and now they want me to take the car back after 8 months!

surely this can’t be right????

please advise

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Mileage blocker as in a device to alter the mileage or stop the mileage going up ie a clocked car ? if thats right then depends on your terms and conditions i would have thought like a mileage disclaimer if thats the case then they have no claim to you, if on the other hand you assured the mileage then its down to you. 


thats how i see it. 



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