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MB R170 SLK 320

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Merc V6 SLK 320 R170 wanted for our own collection

2000 - 2004 model year. Must be Trade / SOR sale money

Must be V6 320 Engined Automatic with good engine. Tidy Body (don't mind one or 2 panels need Paint. Prefer Met Blue / Red def not Silver !!

Sub 100k miles a bit more money for low miler

Don't mind Fault Lights, Roof N/W etc preferrably a Car that's driveable on TP's

Collection to be Dec early Jan, unless within 200 miles of IV40 but will pay hefty D up front if the photo's I'll request check out OK.

Fed up with tossers on EBay / Gumtree returning my deposits because the scum have had better offers :( 

Twice this week !! 

Plastic Traders :(

Note to mods, sorry probably posted this in wrong Forum, feel free to delete ;)

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Hi we have a Mercedes Slk R170 V6 320

Full Service History 37,000 genuine miles

2002 in Silver, currently not advertised.....

07931232633 if you are still looking

kind regards Dale

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Hi, Thanks, I bought a Lazulith Blue one in December these cars are a lovely little retro rocket for very little money.

V6 and V8 MB's are all on the up price wise now, if I were you with that low mileage I'd sit on it for a while, only downside is Silver lol, but one mans poison etc

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