Purchasing a car from dealer without V5

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Is it ok to apply for a V5, for a car being purchased from a dealer (3rd party) and not knowing the the owners name and address.

I see a V62 being mentioned

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Personally I would have applied for a logbook in my own (business) name before selling to a customer. However, paperwork can be genuinely mislaid sometimes and its usually not a problem.  I would check whether the car came to the dealer with a logbook in the first place.  There are two things I would do, firstly,  I would do a HPI check to make sure the car isn't recently damaged/repaired and therefore needing a new logbook applying for.  Secondly, check the DVLA tax website to find out when the vehicle was last taxed.  That update's on the date the last owner traded the car in (and the tax was cancelled).  If it is still showing as taxed, I would be a little concerned.  


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