Car Dealer power
#1: Which car manufacturer do you represent?

I don't represent a manufacturer
#2: How do you rate your manufacturer with regards to its finance offers? #3: How do you rate the warranty your manufacturer offers? Does it cover everything it needs to and is it easy to administer? #4: How would you rate your manufacturer on its aftersales support? #5: How do you rate your manufacturer's marketing overall? Consider the support it offers you for advertising, the offers it comes up with and the marketing schemes it has developed. #6: How do you rate your car manufacturer's brand awareness? #7: How accessible is your manufacturer? Can you get hold of the right people at head office? Do they listen to what you have to say? #8: How good is your manufacturer with regards to the internet? Consider the support it gives your online offering, how leads are fed down to you and the quality of its website. #9: How do you rate the supply of new cars from your manufacturer? #10: How well does it manage used cars? Consider how it manages stock and its used car scheme. #11: How do you rate your manufacturer's forward planning? #12: How do you rate the requirements your manufacturer imposes on you? #13: What do you think of the bonus structure put in place by your car manufacturer? #14: How do you rate the return on investment from your manufacturer?
#15: Which car - from any manufacturer- do you think deserves the title of Car Dealer Power Car of the Year? #16: Which manufacturer has produced the best marketing scheme this year? #17: Who is your manufacturer of the year?

The Suppliers

This section is about finding the best suppliers.

For each category, first tell us who you use, then give them a mark out of 10, and finally add any comments you have.

#1: Warranty Supplier #2: Personalised Video Provider #3: Website Design For Franchised Dealers #4: Website Design For Independent Dealers #5: Sub-Prime Finance Supplier #6: Prime Finance Supplier #7: Motor Factor #8: Trade Insurance Provider #9: Online Advertising (New Cars) #10: Online Advertising (Used Cars) #11: Used Car Valuations Services #12: Provenance Checks #13: Cleaning Products #14: Recruitment or Training Agency #15: Paint Protection #16: Physical Auctions #17: Online Auctions and Trade-to-Trade Remarketing #18: Best Consumer Lead Generation tool (leads for people to sell cars to) #19: Dealer Management Product (DMS systems) #20: Product Innovation of the Year #21: The Extra Mile Award (The company or individual that has gone the extra mile for you somehow this year)