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CAR DEALER likes to be as open and honest about its distribution as possible. We are not ABC registered as we’re a small publishing company and registration and auditing is prohibitively expensive.

However, we want all our valued advertisers to be happy in the knowledge that their message is getting out there to the right people, so we’ve taken the steps of publishing a print certificate here every month.

Published at the end of this post are our last 12 months’ print certificates from Warners Midlands PLC.

As of January 2010, Car Dealer sealed its database at 12,000 copies, cutting out a number of duplicated subscribers who were not on the database by name. Now, any new subscriber has to pay for the magazine at the rate of £39.99 per year as part of membership to Car Dealer Club. Subscriptions can be made by clicking here.

Car Dealer is sent to dealer principals of franchised dealers across the UK, a huge number of independent dealers as well as suppliers to the motor trade and car manufacturer staff.

Our database is cleansed constantly. Every time a magazine is returned to us – for example when a dealership closes or a contact moves – we remove that subscriber from our database and replace with a new one, to ensure our subscriber numbers remains the same.

We have worked very hard on our database over the last five years and it is managed full time by our Car Dealer Club manager.

We also offer a FREE iPhone App which digests daily news content from our website and have launched a popular iPad version of the magazine which is available to download free of charge from the App store.

If you’d like a trial copy of the magazine please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the Contact Us tab at the top right of this page. For more information about Car Dealer please click here.


Here are the latest print certificates:

Issue 63

Issue 62

Issue 61

Issue 60

Issue 59

Issue 58

Issue 57 

Issue 56 

Issue 55

Issue 54 

Issue 53 

Issue 52

Issue 51 

Issue 50 

Issue 49

Issue 48

Issue 47


Here are some of the nice things subscribers say about us:

‘I travel extensively throughout the UK and constantly visit dealerships of varying size. I always ask them if they have seen our advertorial in Car Dealer and from Inverness through Cardiff to Belfast I have been impressed with the readership. I recently opened two new accounts as a direct result of a contact from reading our articles.’ Eric Stone, WMS

‘There’s one clear reason why I’ve allowed First Response to become associated with Car Dealer beyond the fact that the magazine shouts quality from from start to finish with the latest news, dealer oriented features and powerful insights into our market. Whilst the guys are very focused and professional, they’re fun to work with.’ Don Brough, First Response Finance

‘Car Dealer has really shaken up the way industry news is reported and read. High quality reporting, great production values and an entertaining yet informative collection of writers mean that it’s always well-read at Hyundai HQ.’ Hyundai Managing Director, Tony Whitehorn

‘Car Dealer has become essential reading for all of us in the expanding Kia network. Its bright and easy style coupled with a dedication to bringing the latest news and information to everyone in the world of new car sales makes it one of the highlights of the month.’ Michael Cole, Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd

‘Congratulations on your October issue. My copy just came through and it’s a great read. It’s getting more and more like Car magazine or Autocar for the trade, and very easy to read.’ Kevin Meeks, Network and Business Development Director for Volvo Car UK

‘Car Dealer provides an honest outlook on the sector. It’s upbeat, it’s entertaining and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And Big Mike is probably the most honest viewpoint on the industry out there.’ Andrew Jackson, business manager, franchised dealer

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