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#911for2011: Our car gets a once over

OVERALL this 911 is a good ‘un – nothing more serious than cosmetic problems really, a good find. Those were the words of Porsche GB mechanic Darren Pannell who today gave our 911 for 2011 motor the once over. Prior to some tweakage, Porsche wanted to subject our car to one of its 111-point checks […]

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#911for2011: We’ve finally done it!

Our mission to trade up from £0 to a 911 for BEN has finally been successful – here’s how we did it… WE’VE only gone and done it! Just 15 months after we started we’ve managed to trade up from absolutely nothing to a Porsche 911 all in aid of automotive industry charity BEN. Ok, […]

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911 for 2011: Anyone know of a good 911?

Bought, sold and in profit – JAMES BAGGOTT reports on this month’s exploits What a difference a few weeks make. Last issue, my colleague Duncan was lamenting the hardships we were facing finding a suitable car to splash out on to keep our pot of cash moving skywards. A search of our friendly local dealership’s part-ex corner had […]

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911 for 2011: Used supply hits our challenge

Former car salesman Duncan Chappell takes the reins of our 911 for 2011 bid Cast your mind back to the last issue and you’ll remember our 911 for 2011 update saw us post a small profit off the back of three car sales. As the former car salesman of the Car Dealer team I knew there had to […]

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911 for 2011: All change

It soon became clear that our Citroen wasn’t going anywhere fast, so we traded it on, reports James Baggott I always knew it to be the case but now, having traded a few, I’ve had a glimpse as to just how hard it must be selling second-hand cars for a living. The stress of dealing […]

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911 for 2011: Don’t you just love timewasters?

If you see James Batchelor can you kick him for me. Thanks. He was the man behind last month’s 911 for 2011 update and looking back over the copy I can see why we’re in the state we’re in now. ‘Unusually for us, things are going quite smoothly,’ were the fateful words our young hack started […]

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911 for 2011: Ship-shape and ready for sale

UNUSUALLY for us, things are going quite smoothly with our 911 for 2011 challenge. When we signed off last month we had just taken delivery of a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ with the economical 1.6-litre diesel engine. Marc Raven, Citroen’s communications boss, had sourced the car for us, and we planned to turn it around […]

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911 for 2011: Our Citroen is up for sale

WE’VE finally managed to get our latest 911 for 2011 chariot up for sale – now the waiting game begins. Our Citroen C4 Grand Picasso has been shod with new tyres, thanks to Continental, and has had three stone chips and dings expertly repaired by Chips Away – all it needs now is a new […]

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911 for 2011: Picasso gets new rubber

DEVELOPMENTS with our new 911 for 2011 purchase are gathering pace quicker than we ever expected. We’ve only had the seven-seat C4 Picasso for a few weeks, but now the car has a new set of boots courtesy of Continental, and ably fitted by National tyres. But we need to rewind time a little to […]

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911 for 2011: Moving up the trading tree

The CLK has gone and we’ve invested our pot into the next step on our ladder First things first. We made a slight accounting error last month which I’ll blame on doing sums on deadline. Our current total doesn’t currently reside at £9,418, it’s in fact the slightly lower figure of £8,970. The cash counting […]

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