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Cult Car: Lotus Esprit

It’s the 35th year since Lotus debuted the Esprit at the Paris Motor Show. It marked a real change in the brand’s approach, moving upmarket into the higher echelons of supercardom. How fitting, then, that the firm should be doing the very same thing this year, too – at, yes, the Paris Motor Show… If […]

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Cult Car: Caterham 7

LOTUS is moving upmarket. The firm has signalled its intention to aim straight for Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin in the future. Bold stuff? Well, it’s a move up from where the firm is today. But not without precedent… Let’s go back to the 1970s, and the glory days of mercurial owner Colin Chapman. He […]

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Cult Car: Renault Clio V6

RENAULT is not shy when it comes to doing mad things with hatchbacks. Not so long ago, Car Dealer fell in love with the extreme Renaultsport Megane R26.R – roll cage, hardcore suspension, no stereo, two seats and all. It was every inch the road-going rally car, we reckoned. And we loved it. It did, […]

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Cult Cars: Ferrari 288 GTO

Omologazione is what the ‘O’ in ‘GTO’ stands for: homologation special. This is Ferrari’s name for its most extreme road cars – those that are built only to satisfy the legislators who run the racing championships. Want to enter GT racing? Build X number of road cars first, then we’ll let you in.  Mad motors […]

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Cult Car: Honda NSX

HONDA NSX, a mere cult car? No, it’s more than that: indeed, it’s one of the most significant cars of the past few decades. This sounds like heady praise indeed, but don’t take our word for it. That is, instead, the view of McLaren F1 maker and car design god Gordon Murray. Back in the […]

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Cult Car: Lamborghini Murcielago

Any production car that produces 670bhp is worthy of cult car status in Car Dealer Magazine’s eyes. It’s even better when said power is produced at a dizzy, screaming 8,000rpm – and little short of genius when it is a mighty mid-mounted 6.5-litre V12 that’s doing all the hard work. Yes, there is little doubt […]

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Cult Car: Caparo T1

    Colloquially known as the car that burned touring car hero Jason Plato on national TV, there’s far more to the Caparo that just being, er, a bit of a hottie. Designed to demonstrate cutting-edge British technology, it’s thoroughly deserving of Cult Car status. Indeed, its fiery habits maybe even only enhance this… The designers, […]

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Cult Car 21: Lancia Delta Integrale

CAR Dealer Magazine staff are of a certain age. In our childhood, there was only one daddy on the World Rally circuit. The Lancia Delta Integrale. World Rally Champion 1987. 1988. 1989. 1990. 1991, too. Oh, and don’t forget 1992.  On the poster we had on our wall, they’d run out of space on the laurel […]

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Cult Car 20: Bentley Flying Spur

BRIDES traditionally have a habit of being late to weddings. It’s almost accepted: the nudges in the crowd, the nervous groom, the best man getting into the spirit of a few lunchtime beers by winding up the groom (and that’s before his hilarious ‘lost the ring’ joke).  However, even the most disorganised bride would have […]

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Cult Cars 19: Bugatti Veyron

Ah, how different things were a decade ago. Back then everything was booming. Nothing was running out. Anything was possible. Well, almost. Certainly, launching the world’s fastest, most powerful, most expensive car was but a walk in the park. Well, it was if your surname was Piech, and you were boss of the mighty Volkswagen. […]

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