Day two of #B4B17: Illkirch to Davos, Switzerland

Day two of #B4B17: Illkirch to Davos, Switzerland

IT’S day two of Bangers4Ben’s Alpine adventure and those inevitable breakouts after the mountain passes – or before them in some cases – have been coming in thick and fast.

We attempted two of these; one successfully and one not so successfully… The Furka Pass was our first challenge of the day, and most teams were out of the hotel bright and early to head into Switzerland.

Before even attempting the snowy pass, Team Promotive in the James Bond car began overheating. Fortunately it wasn’t long before they were back on the road and still ahead of the pack!

The Car Dealer support team had ploughed on ahead to investigate rumours that the Furka was closed and it seemed to be true.

However, the Sportif BMW Z3, Blackhorse Safety Car, Lookers’ Almera Tino and the Auto Trader Cheese Saab ploughed on up the mountain as far as they could before being met with an impassible barrier.

The Car Dealer MX-Fire had somehow been given responsibility for a large convoy of bangers and Jon Reay did a marvellous job of navigating us around some dire motorway traffic through Switzerland.

We’d just got up the side of the mountain and through three sets of road work traffic lights when we heard there was no way getting to the top so turned around. Though we were greeted with some not too pleased faces when the sat-nav wanted us to turn around again and go back up…

Through the cold weather and drizzle, we powered on to San Bernadino Pass where all of a sudden the clouds cleared and we were greeted baking sunshine. On up the pass things got chillier again, but we were greeted with some absolutely stunning views and incredible roads that made it worth our shivers!

We were reunited with those who had made it halfway up the Furka Pass here. We were told that Team Blackhorse’s Mercedes had gone into limp mode but were helped back on the road and the Z3 had little brakes left after its mountain decent.

Plan Insurance’s Chalet car had gone quiet though… It appeared they’d had overheating issues earlier in the day – possibly due to the “snow” covering the bonnet. Fortunately the AA were on the scene and the chalet made it onto a car train… which was going the wrong way.

Although one chalet didn’t make the climb, Teamn GardX’s did. While there have also been a few teams in traditional Swiss outfits today, none were as spot on as these!

However, it was Piers in the Italian Job Mini who was channelling his inner milk maid. The car’s megaphone had been repurposed to play moo-ing sounds, which the team discovered would attract calves from nearby fields!

Meanwhile, the Mad Max-Geoff Cox car was ploughing along well until it lost one wheel nut from both of its mammoth rear wheels. The team were cautious but continued, making it successfully up San Bernardino. On the way down, though, we were held up by a police check and the Freelander caught their attention. A lot of decorations less and a big fine they managed to escape!

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