Former Chrysler and Ford executive Lee Iacocca dies aged 94

Former Chrysler and Ford executive Lee Iacocca dies aged 94

EX-CHRYSLER boss and Ford innovator Lee Iacocca has died at the age of 94 in Bel Air, California.

Iacocca put the Mustang in Ford’s line-up in the 1960s, and became a corporate folk hero two decades later when he resurrected Chrysler.

He was famous for his TV ads from that time, in which he said: ‘If you can find a better car, buy it!’

He had a 32-year career at Ford and Chrysler and helped launch some of Detroit’s most significant cars including the minivan, the Chrysler K-car and the Ford Escort.

Former Chrysler executives Bud Liebler and Bob Lutz, who worked with him, said they were told of the death on Tuesday by a close associate of Iacocca’s family.

The son of Italian immigrants, Mr Iacocca reached a level of celebrity matched by few auto moguls – peaking when he was courted as a presidential candidate for the 1988 election.

Mr Liebler, who worked for Mr Iacocca for a decade, said he had a larger-than-life presence that commanded attention: ‘He sucked the air out of the room whenever he walked into it. He always had something to say. He was a leader.’

In recent years Mr Iacocca was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but Mr Liebler was not sure what caused his death.

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