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Marshall beats Vertu

daksh-gupta-jaguar-marshallMARSHALL Motor Group narrowly beat Vertu in a sales competition organised by the firms’ chief executives on Twitter.

Dealer bosses Daksh Gupta of Marshall and Robert Forrester of Vertu challenged each other to a sales duel this weekend on the social networking site – and the fight raged all weekend.

Marshall’s Honda site in York went head to head with Vertu’s Honda showroom in Grantham with both sales teams egged on by their chief executives on Twitter.

It was a tough battle but at the end of play on Sunday Marshall emerged victorious with eight sales to Vertu’s 7.5 (a bike).

Gupta said on Twitter: ‘It was eight to Marshall 7.5 to Vertu but no losers this weekend, been excellent fun.

‘Congratulations to both Grantham and York for being good sports and it proves that we are in the best industry. Where else could you have this much fun?’

Next week the fight turns into a three way with Seat franchises. Darren Williams, boss of Hodgson Limited, will pitch his site against Gupta’s and Forrester’s.

We’ll certainly be following the action next weekend!

The bosses can be found on Twitter here: @MarshallMotorGp, @VertuMotors and @DTFWilliams.

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