New Auto Trader features aim to increase consumer confidence

New Auto Trader features aim to increase consumer confidence

AUTO Trader is introducing a range of features designed to increase consumer confidence.
The Auto Trader Car Buyers’ Report 2019 highlighted how frustrating the car-buying process can be as a result of the lack of trust that persists in the market.

To help mitigate these concerns and to instil more confidence in the vehicle, the price and the retailer, Auto Trader is evolving its consumer experience in three key areas:

Retailer confidence

Firstly, the way in which retailers’ information is presented is being redesigned to help build trust with potential car buyers.

Customer reviews are vital in achieving this and their central role in the process is highlighted by the circa one million that currently feature on the Auto Trader marketplace.

Accordingly, along with Auto Trader awards (e.g. Highly Rated and Auto Trader Retailer Awards) and industry accreditation, reviews will be made more prominent.

Price transparency

Secondly, with nearly nine out of 10 car buyers worried they’re not getting a fair deal, a lack of price transparency remains one of the biggest barriers to purchase. Powered by Auto Trader’s award-winning valuations – the company was voted Used Car Valuations Provider of the Year in this year’s Car Dealer Power Awards – flags for fair and high-price vehicles are being introduced, along with how much the price is above or below the valuation.

Not only will these flags (alongside the existing low, great and good indicators) help car buyers compare vehicles and reassure them that the price they’re paying is fair, but it will also help retailers demonstrate the value of their vehicle better than ever before, the company says.

Vehicle confidence

Finally, to ensure car buyers are confident in the vehicle, mileage and extra feature indicators will be included to give the price more context. It is quick and easy for retailers to highlight options, upgrades and spec packs thanks to the introduction of a new ‘extra features’ function.

What’s more, all the content relating to the car is being reorganised so that it is presented concisely together, including moving the description and specification further up the page and making it more prominent, as well as aligning the vehicle check with the rest of the car information.

Karolina Edwards-Smadja, pictured, director of commercial products at Auto Trader, said: ‘These changes to our consumer experience represent small but significant steps in building greater consumer confidence, which at a time when retailers are facing unprecedented challenges, could make all the difference.’

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