New survey shows impact of technology on dealerships

New survey shows impact of technology on dealerships

MORE than one in 10 dealers use over 11 digital systems every day, according to a new survey from automotive data experts cap hpi.

The study also shows that 93 per cent of those surveyed spend more than two hours a day using technology in the dealership.

Commenting on the findings, Philip Nothard, retail and consumer specialist at cap hpi, said: ‘It’s clear that technology is playing an increasing role in all our lives but the trends uncovered in this new survey must give dealers pause for thought.

‘With more than one in 10 staff logging into more than 11 systems and spending more than two hours a day in front of a screen, there is an opportunity to work more efficiently.’

The majority of dealers, 57 per cent, reported they had sufficient training, but 36 per cent did not.

Nothard said: ‘Technology has an important part to play in driving efficiency within the vehicle buying and selling process. Consumers are time-poor and look to retailers to provide accurate analysis and intelligence in real-time.

‘We are always striving to make our data available in the quickest and most convenient way. In a busy retail environment, it’s important to make everything as easy as possible.’

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