Your questions answered live by a panel of legal advisors

Your questions answered live by a panel of legal advisors

HAVE you got a query about running your dealership? We’ve got the answers on this week’s Trade Plates TV Live show.

Lawgistics will be available to take your questions, however this time we’ll be live from its new offices in Cambridgeshire with not one but three legal advisors.

Rebecca Chaplin will be joined by Nona Bowkis, Jason Williams and Howard Tilney at 3pm tomorrow (October 5). Ian Gardner, aka the Judge, will also be available to answer questions on the show.

We’ll be asking the panel about advertising laws and ways that dealers are often caught out. The panel will also be answering questions about distance selling and how this could affect your business if you are delivering cars to customers.

If you have a question you’d like to put to the panel, email or tweet @tradeplatestv. You can also join the conversation live by asking questions via the chatbox.

To watch the show live, visit tomorrow at 3pm.

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