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Video: Caterham Cars gives its dealership a fitting farewell

caterhamdonutMOVING premises is, quite often, cause for celebration – signifying the expansion of the business and undoubtedly happy times ahead.

For Caterham Cars however, a move from their namesake dealership wasn’t quite such a celebratory affair.

We reported on the upcoming move back in January – brought on not by a desire to expand, but the dealership’s landlords selling the site for redevelopment.

Still, the team in Surrey aren’t ones to make a fuss, but they did at least come up with a fitting send-off for the premises that started the Caterham Cars business back in 1973.

Most celebrate with champagne. Caterham, evidently, preferred donuts. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean…

In either case, we wish them the best of luck at their new premises!

Jon Reay
Jon Reay

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