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  2. How much have they enabled him to make in that time though. What might not work for you is obviously working for him and he's happy with it.
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  4. Wow Autotrader have an operating profit margin of 70%, they’ve given you two free months over 15 years (while you’ve given them - circa £360,000.00 I’d imagine) and oh and some plastic steering wheel covers and you think they are fantastic?! I find it hard to believe that every one of your enquirers has come purely from Autotrader. Do you not have a forecourt, website or advertise anywhere else? I’m opening up again on the 1st June and list about a quarter of my stock on Autotrader, less then 10 percent of my booked appointments have come from Autotrader. I am really pleased you’ve made click and collect/delivery work that well for you and it’s not that Autotrader doesn’t work, its just that you have to be cost effective and there’s are many other ways to drive customers to your stock.
  5. We ditched autotrader nearly two years ago they kept ringing saying we would regret it, kept motors and ebay (which now includes gumtree) car gururs hassling us every month to upgrade no interst AT cost us nearly £30k per year plus va,t motors etc £12k per year inlc gumtree and ebay, and has been free for the last few months, profits have not altered since binning AT 23 sales so happy you made the click and collect/ deliver work for you, never happened for us can you share some tips
  6. I think AutoTrader have been fantastic throughout this, if you don't like them and you cant make it work for you then fair play, no ones forcing you to use them. Car gurus have been charging 50% whilst we've been closed and not selling, they've pulled out of load s of European markets, laying off staff, whilst not paying a penny in UK tax, but I don't hear anyone complaining about them. My sales like everyones took a massive hit in April but May I've done 23 sales so far, still about 10 behind last May but every single one has come from the Auto Trader and without it costing me a penny. I for one want to thank them for what they've done because I really believe without them I'm not sure I'd have managed to get through this. and the double stock will be most welcome for the coming weeks. I 've never been a massive fan but the facts and evidence prove that I get the best ROI from them by far than any other website Ive ever used. this wont be a popular post as everyone hates em but seriously I couldnt have survived without them and am really grateful of their support in the past couple of months, my rep of 15 years even posted me a load of disposable steering wheel covers.
  7. There's loads of examples of others not adhering to the rules but its like everything else, you need to just let them get on with it. It will affect them, not you. But then....if it causes R to tip >1 and the 2nd lockdown happens.....hmmmm...... But then if we all observed perfect aseptic technique, R would swiftly drop to 0 and in about 3-4 weeks it would be history. The truth is somewhere in between!
  8. went to the fish shop last night wife queued, I stayed in car, she took cash and card just in case they only take cash they have all the gear up/ distancing /in and all the right stickers gave her change I would rather it was card payment only she had no gloves on either apparently so wraps chips/ take money /put money in till /give you someone else's change I won't be going back for some time
  9. Need a code for a Nissan Juke. Dealers not open. Any of you fine people able to get me the code? Thanks in advance.
  10. Think its this one
  11. We had our local environmental officer yesterday posting leaflets through our letter boxes on how to open safety This woman was touching all the letter boxes door handles , stepping inside everywhere when the doors were open on the estate from what i saw , I was outside washing the doors , windows and funnily enough letter boxes . She comes over to us so i ask , " whats the leaflet for in a sharp tone ? How to open next week she said , Then told me she's an environmental health and safety officer but doubled up as a leaflet delivery person today because its important to get the rules out in the area . So i asked her what training she had because you've touched every letter box and door on the estate , stepped into my workshop where it says NO ENTRY , and are presently standing way to close to me , you have not got gloves on , cant see and form of hand sanitiser or wipes and your like a bee round a honey pot to every building on the road . I suppose on the leaflet it tells me to enforce 2 Metre rule , wash my hands , put up signs , put screens up on my desk , use the appointment only system where i can , be careful and don't touch things doesn't it , don't take cash , and make sure i have a routine to clean car interiors She says yes it does cover some of those points , So why then in gods name WHY haven't you read it then i asks , told her to collect her leaflets and take them away with her . Then had to wash the doors again .
  12. Apparently we download one off hse website after doing risk assessment. Can anyone point me in right direction I cant find this certificate to download.
  13. Here we go, this weeks Podcast! This is a chap I met at the auction, I don't actually know the exact term for his job description but he would bid on cars for traders that couldn't make it to the auction and he would get £50 a car. Before he done that he was an auctioneer for Manheim for 9 years, then went self employed and has now returned as an auctioneer for the last 3 years. Lots of stories we can all relate to from the characters at the block to one vendor making a massive loss, hope you enjoy! David Up next Hopefully Mr Horgan
  14. Something from the low end of the market - eBay and Facebook seller - would be very interesting at this time. The combination already-established remote selling and <£2000 price cars are both factors which will see an increase in demand in these current times, it would be interesting to hear how they deal with the issues etc. But a good one, someone who's been doing it for a number of years. The one that sticks in my mind I really enjoyed was when Rebecca interviewed Jamie Caple (Car Quay). He is a character, but also he's down to earth and relates strongly to car dealers. The big bosses of the big groups, inevitably, are a little "detached" from the front line so whilst they offer insight, its a different kind of information than eg a dealer who spends a lot of time interacting with the general public.
  15. If you are just starting up ‘ doorstepping ‘ ,prep your stock to death and offer a 7 day money back guarantee.Without a doubt,that will help.
  16. you say you are going to do it part time and from home so you have to put yourself in the seat of the customer why would I want to go to someone's home at this time to buy a car when I might just catch covid 19 from the seller his family the dog or even his next door neighbour coughing over the fence so a warranty is a bit of a USPS therefore its up to you and what the customers perspective of you is would you go to you and lash the cash
  17. love it you say hes retired but his old property is selling mobility scooters, maybe he still has a finger in the pie?
  18. Customers expect some form of warranty for sure , its a question they will ask you every time . Depends on the approach to warranty and how its explained , NO One covers wear and tear on a used car So you need to explain that warranty covers a LIST of parts that fail . But all this really does depend on how good you are at mechanical prep before you sell it . We all have to admit that when someone sells a used car and we buy it to resell there is going to be a problem of some sorts to fix before we sell it . So our rule is here , FIX it before its sold , we don't get warranty claims then . Life at that point is easier . Self administered is the way to go from a cost point of view and it helps you remain in control , but you have to know how to handle the situation when or if it arises . A third party warranty will say no to just about everything and then the call comes back to you anyway , Hard choices though because unless you have a workshop its expensive all way round . Golden 3 secrets , PREP PREP PREP before sale
  19. At the polar opposite end of the market, Dodgy Duncan would have made for a brilliant interview! A very affable Irishman who was the master of yarns. He's been retired for some 15 years now but memories of DD linger on. A right craic!
  20. A very broad question to answer as a lot of dealers do things totally different, many factors differ from how far away do you sell your cars local or national ? do you have a great support network like mechanic spark general all rounder ect. Return to base cover like we offer is great if your selling locally if someone has a abs light come on for example we can have it fixed and back them normally within 24 hours often the same day, then fixing faults becomes almost a secondary advert for your business when there mate down the road is still fighting with the big supermarket to even look at there car fault. For us everything is in house we control the fix we control the parts spend and nip any issues in the bud straight away before a snowball turns into an avalanche as these things often end up doing. You dont have to have your own technician in house you can do as we did at first and have a local mobile guy come and look at faults. Faults are a nightmare for sure but we take the view now is the time to shine fix it clean it get it back to customer job done.
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  22. So im the new kid in town, finding my feet and learning what works and what doesnt, whats legal and what isnt. When it comes to customer warranties, whats the best option? I know i dont have to supply a warranty, but what is the benefit if i do? Is it just peace of mind for the customer? Will a warranty realistically pay out for things which should be covered under the CRA2015 as if its fair wear and tear it wont be covered and ill have them screaming down the phone at me? Or does it set a false saftey bubble for the customer? I just dont want to waste money if i dont need to supplying 3 or 6 months warranty only to have to pay out for claims because they arent covered. I know another option is the self administered route as offered by Lawgistics. As a new trader would this be the right way to go from the start? Set up an initial warranty pot of £1000 and add £100 for each car sold? Realistically it sounds like a good option but it would be nice to get some feedback from the guys who have gone this route. Doing this does it mean i can potentially deal with a claim that would have been covered by the CRA15 as a warranty claim? Meaning i still have my 1 oppertunity to rectify any future issues? I could initially try the payed warranty route and see how it goes when a claim arises. If self administered is going to save me money in the long run then maybe thats the way to start? I could ofcourse just not offer anything but what are the pitfalls of this? the cars im dealing in are £4-6k under 10 years, if that makes a difference. Feel free to tell me im an idiot if ive missed something obvious!!!
  23. Well trevor finn of course Look up his current business and then look at Tom Hartleys (Clue, derby ) then the chat with the new new man in town could be very interesting
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