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  2. Struggling to get a cheap quote from BCA Kinross to Manchester around 250 miles, any suggestions? Thanks
  3. As tony says good chance its in the trade but your still going to have to put it in your name to apply for a v5
  4. If its already in trade, then you dont have to do anything. But you will never have the V5 unless copart have it and send it to you a later date.
  5. Absolutely, in this day and age any little competitive advantage should be used to your advantage I say! Cheers, that’s what I’ve done and put it on all my adverts! I’ll stick it up in my office too
  6. Make sure to ‘milk it ‘ and embellish it.
  7. We just screenshot it and put it in our image feed ourselves
  8. Morning all, yesterday I got an email saying I’d been highly rated on Autotrader. It looks like they will send out some stickers to put up on my office. Question for you guys who have had this before. Do they automatically update your adverts to say “Highly rated” or do you guys just screenshot the picture and add it to one of the photos on your advert?
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  10. Two days ago found and bought a 1995 Lotus Esprit S4 in UK, and now thinking about how to ship it to my home in USA, from my shipping experience i know this company, but i don't sure that they are doing shipping from UK, can you recommend me any good company, I'll be thankful for all your advises
  11. Good Afternoon, I have just bought a salvage Defender from Copart and they have not supplied the log book, I want to put the truck into "Trade" rather than registering in my name and adding an additional keeper, Is it possible and if so how to do it ? Thanks
  12. You might get a better response in the private lounge rather than everyone discussing their business practices for all to see.
  13. Really? You’re letting customers on 18yr old cars grind you down over one key. No offence intended but you need a course on managing the aspirations of punters on old cars. ‘Screamer’ springs to mind.
  14. Hi all Ive got a 2002 Volvo v70 with the old style separate key and 4 button fob Customer has requested a 2nd key as a condition of sale - any idea where to go that’s not a main dealer £300 jobby? thanks jack
  15. Hi everyone, we're running a story about bounce back loans. A few dealers have told us they're still waiting for the bounce back loans they applied for months ago. Are you one of them?
  16. Easily done, saw the film at the weekend on CSDG on facebook, scary but a quick look on companies house can get you director details and the invoice makes it so easy to apply for one of those loans. I'd love to have had the police waiting for the guy when he turned up to collect the Porsche
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  18. James, what I find shocking is that this chap thinks that he could have potentially lost £80k when he had the £40k payment in his bank account, so would only have lost the car. He didn't really say that did he? I thought that you can only apply for one Bounce Back loan, so you would struggle to perform this scam on any of the traders I know.
  19. You can easily get BBL from other banks and there are actually some companies out there getting them for businesses who don't understand it and doing it for a fee.
  20. /\ /\ /\ Exactly this, the fraudster must have been very "clever"
  21. Hi James I just got sent that video this morning by a friend. I don't get how it could happen. I applied for a BBL via our bank (Natwest) This loan is a new account linked to our main account. Our main account is tied in with my own personal email. i got texts.emails for verification purposes. I wonder which bank it was via?
  22. 4 year old topic .....Really? Wonder if he still has it.
  23. This is shocking... Please pass it on to friends in the trade
  24. Spot on, those off road tyres will suit a 1 Series, afterall they do spend a lot of time off road......chains...wiring....diff....ABS rings....BBQs etc
  25. The only thing I'll change is tires. I'll find some that will give a brutal or something like premium look for this car. Everything depends on your likes. I've just put Firestone on my Ford F150 and now it looks perfectly.
  26. Exactly. I had stopped using them before going appointment only for the same reason. Personally, I think stock looks better all neatly lined up with price boards and silent salesman in the windows but it was just another thing to do. If I had your army of staff Rory, I would be tasking someone every day to marry the stock pricing to the boards, it looks so much better IMO.
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