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  2. Im not thinking everyone is staying in the UK post covid. Its something I have been wanting to do before covid was even a word. You do realise I am already in the camper industry? year on year we have had good growth, the VW scene is strong. We build the things VW T6's and £25k gets me a nicely kitted out van. My customers generally know what they want and have the cash to spend, Its very different beast to the car trade, which I traded in for over 15 years before I made the switch.
  3. I'll make sure they head directly your way Interestingly there is no NCB as we know it in relation to hire out insurance, and its a total stand alone policy so Terry Fuckwit cant ruin my own NCB etc. I wont be spending a small fortune on repairs, the hirer pays for any damage and excess, in the same way you pay a deposit when you hire a car. No shitters are going in my mobile wardrobes
  4. Yep, i think its a good quirky selling point to them. Took pictures with both doors of each side open. Most traders don't seem to bother. See my soon to be released 'confessions of a car dealer'. On finest VHS tape. Discount for forum members!
  5. I left Barclays yonks ago as the staff were too snobby,strangely I see them working in aldi these days
  6. old chinese proverb spend more on car eee spend less on rectification you need the eye to pick trash from mash to make the cash try buying privately and kick them hard in the nuts if you can,look to see if they are desperate and listen to what they say do a hip before you splash the cash not before mind, be ready to walk but tell them theres my number if you change your mind you can buy a rechargeable oxy3 machine if the cars a honker but showing promise we all started buying cars the big boys reject,funnily enough the big boys want this stuff now seeing as 1% is shit
  7. did you sit in the front with the smorgs face mask on or in the rear photos required obviously kinky boots not required till oct
  8. Only joking, they're good little cars - is this the one with the suicide rear doors?
  9. The funny thing is I used to stick to bread and butter cars, small hatchbacks. But someone on this forum mentioned how that market was so crowded and the car supermarkets have 100's of the same model, so sometimes its better to go for the more oddball cars. Its nice to get the odd oddball car now and even ugly things like a 1007 I had always make a sale. The missus even said re' the Meriva, you won't sell that. Happy to prove her wrong! Its the 1.7cdti engine and on the test she was like oh this is powerful! Then again her last car was a C1. It was a really nice test drive though, i find it really enjoyable when their eyes light up and even though its a run of the mill car, it's special to them. Wish they were all like that!
  10. I hope you advised them, for their own safety and the longevity of the front tyres, to only cautiously use 1/4-1/3 throttle in the first few weeks of ownership as they become accustomed to the raw power of that 1.4 litre engine.
  11. If you had said that up front i might have turned the page over Takes all sorts , some one has to like the Meriva don't they . Long as you had the profit then Meriva's are super little cars aren't they
  12. I am sorry I don't follow ? what do you mean by books? Thank you for the info, I wish you all the best. As I said my only problem is finding good cars with good margins. a lot of money gets spent on repairs. what is the best place to get good stock from ?
  13. Yeah, i cancelled my insurance today. The post office employee told my friend that sometimes the system does not always let you process the v62, and sometimes this is related to mot/insurance. Anyway, the point of all this was that I thought that by going to the post office it could be possible to tax it at the same time as uploading the v62 and not having to wait 2-6 weeks, which might actually be much longer given the DVLA has 2.5 months of backlog. Many thanks in any case
  14. Trying to apply on the Barclays website and you just end up on a blank page....
  15. get yourself into books kid theres plenty of margins in them
  16. Yep I did tell her to try her bank first, but i still had a call from the finance company before she approached them. She is all excited now, well it is a Meriva!
  17. Well done , I mentioned Tesco etc cos i thought she had tried her bank . long as you sold it that's all that matters
  18. Thanks, she has just rang me back. Her bank have ok'd a loan for her now. I think she was just reluctant to ask them as she is self employed. But she is happy now, another one gone!
  19. You don't need insurance now as its not yours , cancel yours NOW You don't need a NEW MOT , just a Valid one that's in date as its transferable . Your friend , new keeper needs to get a New V5 by filling in the V62 and posting it to DVLA swansea , then wait for it to come back 2 to 6 weeks , at that point he can tax it . Simples but he has to wait , will cost £25 too to DVLA
  20. Not Many Finance companies do the older people sector really . two that do older props require you to be FCA approved . Tell them to try a personal loan from Sainsbury or Tesco , one or two get a loan from them and its not connected to you or the car . All online and pretty quick too
  21. I would be happy to know what you do as well. I started with 1 car which I bought with loaned money from a friend for £3000, a CAT C Auris back in 2016 with no knowledge of cars what so ever, learned and worked my way up and doing really well. not making a lot of money though as I am struggling to find cars with good margins.
  22. yes i think we have all heard of story's on the 10k grants, being rated anywhere got you those easily, regards the 50k at 2% probably not as easy to get?, i was referring to the uptake on the 50k from the more established trade on the facebook trade to trade page.
  23. LOL, 2 Pints, you'd actually very likely be over with 1 Pint There is a lot of local guys around these parts that will never ever be under the DD limit
  24. Just had an elderly lady come to see me about a car. Asked if i did finance and I told her I don't as I only take cash or bank transfer. Suggested she approach her bank as she should get better rates there....Think she may struggle with the bank as a car finance provider has just rang me on her behalf to buy the car. Only issue is as I am a part time trader I am not vat registered or limited company (fully legit though income to hmrc ,warranties etc). They said they would get back to me! Anyone know if I can arrange to get finance for her by any means? Thanks.
  25. They stopped checking for insurance about 5 years ago.
  26. probably not.. would you be able to assist on the specific matter? thanks
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