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  2. Good for the brand, don’t expect to sell many cars
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  4. Feedback please - Had the AA rep in today offering / selling the AA Dealer Promise brand, anyone have them on board? Does it make any difference to sales?
  5. ok thanks. Would it be a problem that the new keeper slip is not about my purchasing but about the previous one when applying for the new v5?
  6. They are always £500 behind the price , they know what they are doing , remember fighting for ages to get it to £1,500 now a cheap px is £2,495 so at 2k they are just £500 behind again . just shows where prices are going though . 2,000 went 2295 then moved to 2495 , now they are 2795 , soon be 3k for a starter car .
  7. Mr Clarkson also dailys a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black edition, he's hardly the guy you want to listen to about a baby SUV that he'd never buy?
  8. What? IIRC these have a mechanical hillhold function. Handbrake is same as on other Suzukis with discs at the back. Just make sure it is properly adjusted and discs are in reasonable shape. Yes the Diesel is a bit noisy, the petrol is better, but there are worse Diesels. I like Suzukis they generally work OK and get from A to B.
  9. Bit of grave digging there, but just goes to show how times change fast in this industry.
  10. But at auction they are not always in good condition.
  11. Hope it goes to £2000, nearly impossible to provide a fully prepped car, pay vat and make a wage for £1499. But I think £1999 is very doable.
  12. At the moment, you do! But, on a more serious note, The one that gives you the money first Get in on the market and find out!
  13. Such as any problems I’ve read they have a problem with the handbrake as well as they are nosiest diesels on the road, what sort of person owns this car. Mums Oaps etc
  14. someone i know bought one of these to me to have a look as it occasionally lost all power on a run,i kicked all the tyres plugged three different scanners into it and drew a blank,i think he just crosses his legs and holds his worry beads when hes on the motorway now come to think of it i haven't seen him for ages looking to the obituary pages now............................
  15. So so true. You’d have to be absolutely fucking desperate, or stupid, to contemplate dealing with someone who is already thinking of bouncing the car back before they’ve even bought it.
  16. Yes I do know something about them but your question is open-ended... I like the petrol versions - customers invariably happy with them. Not so much the Diesels, which are FIAT IIRC.... I gather the 4x4 versions sell well in places where there are lots of hills.....but that doesn't apply to me.
  17. It's like a facebook enquiry is this; "I'm interested. Can you tell me more?"
  18. Its the new valeter sorry about that he got it mixed up with the other one with more miles.
  19. Wikipedia? Youtube? Parkers? Owners Forums? Reviews? The internet is your friend for general stuff.... Unless there is something specific that you want to know? Or get it MOT'd & PDi'd and get it on the net. If a customer wants to know anything, they'll ask.
  20. I have just got a 2014 plate Suzuki SX4 S-Cross diesel anyone know anything about these cars I have the SZ-T version 4x4 all grip
  21. Is it price increase time already!
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