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  3. 5G operates on three bands. 5G Low is on similar frequencies to UHF TV. 5G Mid is up to 3.6GHz (a bit above existing 4G). 5G mmWave operates from about 24-76GHz but is currently seldom used since the signals can't penetrate walls and are very short range. You wouldn't expect 5G Low and Mid to produce biological effects any different to existing 3G and 4G since the frequencies are similar.
  4. No. Not seen these. I believe the site looks at your browser and links ads targeted according to your browsing history. So I guess you have been visiting a lot of sites featuring Asian and Russian women I just see ads for garage equipment....
  5. Anyone else getting Asian date/ Russian bride ads on here? understand traffic is up on the site and ad revenue helps but surely chamois leathers and pressure washers would be more relevant than mail order bride websites... just shows what CDM thinks of its audience... bet it’s had a few clicks though
  6. My old man owned one of them for about 3 months he traded it in for an older 205 the memories .
  7. Many moons ago [during the war ] i got a skoda, it was cheap, real cheap, and not all that old at all, i offered it to the masses at a reduced price, as it had come cheap, and was happy with a quick flip, never having had one before, i thought the penny pinchers would be excited over this one but the phone was very quiet, after about 3 weeks, a few had come and gone, one chap tried telling me that "it had a valve off " yeah right, thinking he was trying it on i dismissed him. Sitting down later and pondering what he said, it seemed he went into a bit too much detail really ? He had explained that one particular valve always burned out, and it got me thinking, so, i took it for "another" run, and realised it was a little slow, lifting the boot [ yes boot ! ] i listened, sod me, he was right, and i had missed it ! So, head gasket and valve ordered, readvertised for thursday, this time proper full retail price, sold with all confidence now, unfortunatley, skoda, at the time, had shocking parts departments, not in till thursday ! never mind, phones quiet, got bits first thing thursday, returned to base and began to pull it to bits [ a simple job on these i remember] so phone rings doesn't it he is very keen, and travelling 80 + miles to view, and he is bringing wife to drive it back, and got folding, so its very hard to resist the temptation to say come tomorrow, well, i have never worked so fast in all my life, job done, just topping up levels when he "appears". "just checking levels" i said, you got a long run back best to be safe i said, kicking the tool box out of view and hoping he does not see the old head gasket poking out of bin, well, his test drive was also my test drive ! keeping my eye on gauges we returned and hoping there is nothing amiss i lifted the boot for his examination, lovely, no leaks, no problems, kerching, paid, never worked so fast in all my life long time before i got another skoda, but next time i knew to spend more time listening as well as looking
  8. When is the time I need to stop the dust. Quentin crisp said “There is no need to do any car polishing at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse
  9. New business idea you can start from home Get down sainsbobs in the morning Go to the bacofoil cooking section buy 10 rolls Sell them as pre made hats on ebay
  10. I've never yet met a small time commercial property renter They are normally run as part of a property empire where the last building pays for the mortgage on the next one This worked fine till 2008 Come up to date and I think you will find that a lot of businesses that rented units don't bother anymore as they can work from home sell crap on ebay and get it delivered by Amazon This is why if you're a long standing tenant pay on time cause no trouble and been put in a position outside your comfort zone and wallet a bit of help would be appreciated,it makes no difference how much cash you have Im going to stick my neck out now and say if you are willing to accept thestaus quo you are not a business man/woman You are not in charge you are just flowing on the tide
  11. So long as we are able to pay we will pay. If the shit hits our fan and reserves are running dry I will be asking our landlord.
  12. Well what about car payments or mortgages? You might get holidays but you still have to pay at the end... So why do landlords always get shat on? Some landlords do rely on the rent as their bread and butter. Residential tenants are milking this... Bought toilet paper and claim they cannot afford the rent
  13. Absolutely This is why it's better to ask now rather then down the line as it is keeping everyone in the picture and you are asking for help not asking for something for nothing I like the phrase ...we are all in this together..... Apart from that Branson of course
  14. Still can’t see any proper scientists? Other than some eco warrior with a phd he downloaded from Africa? When some academic heavy weights with credentials that check back this up I’ll start listening.
  15. I think people should be tackFull how they handle this or they may find it comes back to haunt you at a later date
  16. i am reading this and yes agree with your points, but, the grant is not just for paying rent , it is quote for " support through this period of disruption" . i think the time is right now, it will keep the landlord informed, do not just hold back rent and be relying on recent legislation, re "protection from eviction" at all, informing [ i prefer the word asking] landlord would show that you are planning for the weeks [months] ahead, and not sticking your head in the sand. If i were landlord, the businesses that can continue would get zilch, and companies that have been stopped trading [none essential business] would get fair consideration based on there past rental history and future likeliness to continue post lockdown. i see the letter as a template, you can move words round for your own situation, [ as i have] it is, as i see, a guide, what does holiday exactly mean ? could be viewed different ways, think this might need some clarity, does it infer no rent, and nothing owed at end of 3 month, or, as i see it ? a debt moved forward 3 month to be discussed at the end to determine payment method, because if it is this, i cannot see the benefit, okay every bodies situation is different, it will need to be determined between landlord and renter, but, your not going to sell 2 cars instead of one in hopefully 3 months time, i heard a great line by the way "nobodies going to get there haircut twice " i today have followed my own advice and asked for a discount, which i believe all round is fair, i am not holding out on this, but, as a business man, i will try and cut my overheads through this no income period. lets take a look at my recent forum question/vote re are you considering withholding the rent on commercial property ? 29% yes 37% no 26% i am going to talk to landlord 7% i may talk to landlord later in the following months
  17. shocked to see the earth is'nt flat to be honest
  18. What gods not real and there is no lochness monster .always hoped i could pray to god for my millions or sell my video off the lochness monster was my second option if i found him Im gutted
  19. Treat people how you like to like to be treated my moto in life . Manners cost nothing Great read trade vet .
  20. Could you get Ling on at the same time?
  21. Yet they still believe in being a favoured punter with cash in the hip and no px.
  22. Anyone remember when there was warnings about keeping a mobile phone in your pocket because of what it would do to your 2 veg. Well I can categorically dismiss any theories relating to phones in pockets and fertility issues. Either that or the post man owes me an absolute fortune in bringing up his kid’s!!! Ps, spend too much time on YouTube and you’ll believe there’s aliens living in jars in Area 51, the earth is flat, god is real, the lockness monster, UFO’s, ghosts, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
  23. A 3 year old high spec BMW i3 that I had in stock for 6 or 7 months in 2018 when the market wasn't quite ready for them yet. I must've shown that car to no less than five middle aged (and above!) couples and with that new technology every viewing was over an hour, some took two! I was very very happy to see it go. But getting rid wasn't the best part. I sold it to a very nice young bloke, he had just sold a rope access business for strong money. By then I had very small profit in the BMW but got a fantastic ML350 in part exchange against it at £18K which sold very quickly for considerably more to a finance customer. He in turn traded in an old 2005-6 BMW 330Ci Auto for which he wanted £1400 and I obliged. It sold quickly as well. That customer in turn part-exed a simlar age Audi TT for a grand. Yep, it sold quickly for a fair but more and I got a nice black Beetle Convertible in part ex. Yes, you guessed it, it sold quickly for £3489, I didn't expect the level of interest that car got. That's where the part ex chain ended. Just imagine if one of the five middle aged cash-paying no-finance couples had bought the i3.
  24. Major can of worms this seems to be up and down the country with seven commercial properties we have stepped in to help four the other three are doing better than normal so they can cough up.
  25. Not the best ever but quite memorable.Early 80’s we had a pitch in Ashington Northumberland which was a mining town.The banks were always keen to lend to the miners who earned good money.There was this older guy hovering next to a Capri.I said hello and he says ‘ I’ll have that one ‘ just like that.He then says ‘ I will just go to Barclays ( 100 yd’s away) to get the money.He comes back soon after with a bank draft and asks if we can deliver it.The address he gives is 300 yards away.So I ask where he wants it delivered and it’s the same address.He said he didn’t drive so I asked why he was buying a Capri.He then produced a letter from Barclays saying if he wanted to buy a car they would be pleased to,lend him the money ! Apparently his friends at the pit were all getting cars so he thought he better have one.
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