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  2. Naturally it came back on two cars ahead of the one I wanted , and back to silly prices ...FFS !
  3. I think your quoting the wrong person, I couldn't give a flying feck about AT or their price markers. If your having AT problems I feel bad for you son, I've got 99 problems but AT ain't one, hit me.
  4. Glad i dont want anything today would be a good day to be in the hall
  5. Out of the game 35 years!!! What happened, did you just nip out for a pack of Park Drive?
  6. Today
  7. My Like button dosent work so to show appreciation to a fellow members post i replied with the word LIKE. No one is forcing you to use auto trader. No one is holding a gun to your head and making you pay there bill or use there markers. Dont like it them simply leave. Also haven't assumed anything about you. If i had i probably would of commented something along the lines off: "I dont feel you are mentally stable enough to do this job if your seriously considering legal action over some price markers" . What do you do when a billy wants to return a car god i would hate to be one of your customers. I have never once tried to be clever on here i am a mere goldfish in an ocean but i also dont take to the internet to cry about a service provider and threaten legal action. I would like to quote sparky again here " Did they put a gun to your head Narcos style when they did this? "
  8. Its owned by Volkswagen Financial Services and Daimler Mobility. Daimler Mobility is the parent of MB Leasing and MB Bank etc.
  9. Yes just been on to then now, its down - can't tell me when it will be back up....
  10. so you pay autotrader a small fortune for them to tell you should have less profit.
  11. anyone else having issues ..........................with the entire site actually
  12. I understand your frustration, I really do but I would like to make 3 points. 1. There is absolutely no basis for legal action against autotrader. None whatsoever. an expansive excersize in futility at best. If you found a lawyer opportunistic enough to take it up...and it would be oppertunistic, because they would KNOW there was no chance of court when the judge stopped laughing he/she would find in favour of autotrader and award costs against the plaintiffs without a doubt. 2. Autotrader do not care about you, me or most on these forums. They don't need to, most of our accounts are four figures monthly. Can you imagine the monthly spend for big franchises and supermarkets? These are the clients Autotrader are interested in and will take notice off. The price markers will suit them as it gives the impression that the cars they sell are low priced and good value. 3. We are all big boys and girls here, so are responsible for our own destinies. We are under no obligation to use Autotrader or any other platform. If we do its on their terms and conditions (within the law obviously) the same as when a customer buys a car from me, its on my terms (within the law obviously) and I can ask any price I choose.
  13. Not the most constructive of comments, but yes they make me do slight adjustments. May be to 10% of my stock.
  14. Anyone else having problems getting online? Loads up but will not load Simulcast.
  15. so basically you do what autotrader wants you to do
  16. what on earth are you on about? Its a comment not a fucking sympathy plea do me a favour and don't assume shit about me, or more to the point read the conversation back and try and be clever in your next comment
  17. Theres lots of talk about the pricemarkers (generally negative). However, I reckon they are here to stay. Here are the adjustments I have made due to them. Anyone else make similair adjustments? 1) I want my cars to be good or ideally great price markers so if a car is fair but close to good I will reduce it but only by £100 or so. I wont slash a load off just to get a good price marker. 2) Similar to number 1, if what I feel a competitive price for a car shows low I will actually put the price up to get to great. 3) I will not advertise a car that states high price. So if I think a car is worth £4000 but the highest fair price marker is £3800 I will advertise at £3800. You need to make this adjustment before you buy the car if you dont want high price markers. Are customers actually bothered about the markers? Am I adjusting too much? Who knows. Whats your thoughts and do you do similair adjustments?
  18. Not a customer to sell a car too . Answer to your question is NO to extending 30 day return . Action should of been , " Mate go bother someone else if that's how you feel "
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