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  2. The only good thing to come out of covid is you don't have to sit round the table listening to boring conversation with the in laws pretending you like them or they have something interesting to say
  3. Every time i put a car into one of the local mot stations years back for a service he charged £2 for a screen-wash top up as an experiment one day i filled it up before i sent the car in to him you guessed it £2 screen wash top didn't have the heart to tell him id already done it
  4. I am sending out Xmas cards to old customers, picture of santa with a mask on and the message " you can't sit at your xmas table with auntie mable, that would be breaking the law, please don't ignore, Boris is not inviting Doris so close the f ing door "
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  6. main dealer i noticed this morning has a 2010 kia picanto in prime position onthe used forecourt at £2295. Like wtf !! Prime position ! Bet they can peel a orange in there pocket
  7. 10p for making sure washer bottle is to top, 5p for the tie clips on wheel trims (each ) Car pointing right way round on collection 50p This time next year rodders
  8. Ive noticed the large dealers around here preparation is slipping cars with scuffed wheels and dents etc id be embarrassed if i was selling 20 k cars like that
  9. who the hell is making a living paying these sky high prices for stock ? Are these cars missing out on refurbishment as we all know a pdi a service and a full mot increases the overall spend ? Maybe just turning money over ? But that doesn't replace tools, repair the ròof etc . And Yet I am finding business really slow at the moment? Except the chap (I'm not a messer mate) who rang at nine this Sunday morning. Because I offer my customers next years mot and service at a reasonable cost only these customers are coming through the door at the moment, honestly pissed off, can't see the light at the end of the tunnel to be honest with more lockdowns approaching ? So there's a happy post for you comments welcome
  10. No, no, they are not all bad, some amazing savings to to had but, the puka ones work on 10% commission (my experience) on savings achieved. They work better when dealing with huge PLCs, not a car pitch.
  11. What puzzles me is why people think that some fella with an obd & a laptop is far better at programming the ECU than the manufacturers who invest tens & hundreds of millions in R&D. Some of these characters then deciding to promote themselves to pro-status & adjusting the fuel-air ratios must be responsible for fucking a few engines.
  12. I rewatched it all last week, may have had influence
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  14. Exactly that Mark, to be fair a lot of my Customers do apologise if they realise there wasn't a lot of fuel when they see the bill Oh man, them bloody remaps, I've recently had a bunch of Diesel Mercs with all sorts of issues, like trans shifts, cooling fans, ABS / ESP issues etc, I think there is some new twat in Inverness area doing 'em I'm certain some of these twats just buy a Chinesium KTag and then think they are a pro remapper 'cos they did their old Astra with it
  15. So true, sold a 335i BMW to sky engineer once for that very reason, paid cash too, said could hardly spend his moneh
  16. I had this last week Dave, a customer with a Bmw x35D brought it in for a juddering on gear change when full throttle from standstill and lack of boost from first turbo, Started with a 26 mile range after a few attempts to replicate the fault i was down to a zero range. It infuriates me, it’s not the having to put fuel in it’s the time it takes to do so, ten minute drive then ten minutes drive back and ten minutes to wait in the que as it’s an m&s garage so always people doing their weekly shop. I feel like adding .5 hours labour to their bill for my inconvenience. x5 turned out to be a poor remap issue, reflashed it to original and it’s all good.
  17. Got a lot of money, in a van all week and want a nice car better customers than geography teachers.
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  19. When I was signing up some roughish but friendly likely lad on chucky and you think he will never get accepted.Then you ask their occupation and they would say ‘scaffolder , steel erector ,I’m on the riggs or self employed Ready Mix Concrete driver you knew they would fly through.
  20. David is on a role, all the best for the weekend as we are expecting a busy 1
  21. With cheapie punters from my experience there are generally three things that sour punters when looking at a car (although old 4x4 buyers are more realistic). 1) A reference to corrosion on the MOT. 2) A reference to an oil leak on the MOT. 3) The fuel light on at the start of the test drive. It’s ok if it illuminates on the test drive but if it’s on when they first sit in it they start whining like the rear diff on an old Vauxhall Carlton. (If selling a small car with 1, 2 & 3 you’ll have it ‘til the day you die ).
  22. Seems a shame to lose a sale for £15 worth of fuel.... not the best first impression, that you’d want to give a customer Just make your margin in the metal and put your energy / effort on to the next one
  23. I'll tell ya wot boils my piss is when a customer brings a car in for work, often complex engine or running gear issues that need a lot of road testing, and the bastard light is on ................. I take 'em straight up our filling station, stick £50 in the fucker and add that onto my repair invoice with a photo copy of the receipt from petrol station
  24. Nice one David, yes there are still some decent Customers about Winner winner chicken dinner as they say in the Norwest
  25. As pleased as I am to hear your good luck David, if anyone else says: “get in!”, “go on my son!”, “back of the net!” Or “winner winner chicken dinner!” I will vomit! lol
  26. Another guy just rang said "ay up pal got my car going in this week for work then selling it , anyway I can wait till next wednesday to collect your car I've seen" . Transpires he wants 14k on Finance too , so I said yes my friend I'll send you the deal , BOOM he auto accepts too . sends me £1,890 online deposit and I await to meet him next week . Two in one day Just got to replace the bloody cars now though oh well soon be Monday . He was treated like that he said , covered in tattoos all over , but a really nice young lad when I met him . cant judge a book as they say .
  27. My father in law and his dad who were old school would have called him a dreamer, and not entertained him, 3rd generation we treat them differently just before lockdown had a kid roll up in a 62 clio sport wanting to test drive an 18 plate audi s5 at £30k, wanted £4k for clio (which had a misfire) which we offered, he then said I need to go and speak to me dad, thought no more about it 1 hour later he is back, me dad and nan are paying £10k can I get £16k on finance, sailed through auto accept paid out, we have had the poshest customers in demanding this that and the other and turns out their credit rating is so far down the toilet they are willing to pay nearly double through sub prime just to have a car that looks good, give me straight John Bull anytime, and congrats David sounds like a good deal
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