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  2. Experian auto check via Autotrader will tell you , or CAP live valuation . Both tell you when last keeper was .
  3. Does anyone know if there is a free check that gives the date of the last keeper change? Many years ago, it was possible to find out for free on the RAC website but this service stopped a while back. It is possible to check the date of the last V5 issued when checking if the car is currently taxed but this date may just refer to a new V5 being issued due to a new address rather than a keeper change. I just checked a friend's car that he has owned from new in 2006 but when checking if taxed it says the last V5 was issued in 2011 so this isn't a reliable guide to the date of ownership change.
  4. Hi PM us the reg and I'll ask a good friend of mine who is into Transporters to make camper vans of . He pays wild money i reckon he would have it if he isn't stocked up , I've just sold 3 for him so he may well be up for it . Don't want to step on Mr C though if its going that way , Forum politeness and all , its not for me so no worries if its going elsewhere.
  5. Can you pm me the reg no and what he wants for it? Thanks
  6. I would be amazed if he cut VAT, maybe some additional goods may become VAT free?
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  8. Penny for every pound it was, I thought it still was till the judge told me otherwise
  9. I agree with the going off a cliff analogy. To my understanding the issue with a no-deal Brexit and the tariffs is simply because we import too much from abroad, the effect on GDP is huge as you send money overseas. We import around 50% of our food in this country. It’s an easy trap to fall into when being part of this larger common market. Countries always take advantage of cheaper goods available from elsewhere, well, private enterprise does and offers it to consumers who take advantage. Local manufacturers of produce become non-competitive and many simply close the doors. Then you have the wider variety of produce we have access to. These products will either increase in price or become a lot harder to obtain. My point is self sufficiency in regard to your food supply should be the primary concern of any government in any nation and needs addressing here asap.
  10. Option 2 would be completely pointless and make matters a lot worse. Depends how he spins it “coronavirus has cost the U.K. a lot and we need to pull together as a country and work hard to pay it off” or “this government is facing its greatest challenge with coronavirus and exiting the EU and we’re going to be bold and kick start the economy by reducing XYZ...” Maybe they’ll finally scrap Income Tax bit of trivia for you but it was introduced as a temporary statute in 1799 to recoup the money spent on the Napoleonic Wars... sure we’ve paid that off by now. The statute gets renewed every year.
  11. Theres a link to the thread you mentioned hope all is well
  12. Personally I hope he does neither, you and me will be paying for it
  13. Vat cut? Or give every adult £500 in there sky rocket ? ( only to be used face to face, no internet purchases).
  14. Yes, there is/was a guy who does camper van conversions, not been here a while though.
  15. yeh will do monday, i can trade it easy enough, just remembered someone on here was looking a few weeks ago.
  16. Same here, there are REALLY are cheaper cars for sale privately. Obviously a lot with undeclared Vcar status/cluster changes etc
  17. Put it on T2T, should make a bundle, the clientele love german gear....
  18. apologies for wrong section but i cant find the recent topic related too vw transporters, someone was looking for transporters to convert?? a good friend has this for disposal, 10/60 transporter t28 swb van, 1 owner, his from new, no VAT, its in the nice grey, done 68K with full vw history bar last service. it also has the rear bench seat still new wrapped up never used. condition- he's uber fussy, the van is mint, you'll not find one like it at auction or elsewhere, never had paint and needs nothing, the van needs zero prep, simply clean and sell. no finance, no story's, bid in confidance. if interested message me a price and i will forward, cheers.
  19. Honesty is the best policy they say guess whoever said that never ever met Arthur Daley Bag social distanced pat on the back for your honesty 10/10 hope you are well
  20. Last week
  21. Write to all the other customers now and admit your a silly boy , bet they thought what the f### is he on about when your wobbling on about the floor missing Took some owning upto though I'll give you 10/10 for that
  22. The falling pound will affect the car market because the country will become poorer. Fewer people in work, pay falling or stagnating. Fewer youngsters taking driving lessons and buying their first car. Demand drops across the industry.. The value of currency is a good indicator of a country's economic health. It is significant because a lot of UK's debt is non-Sterling - so interest payments rise when the pound falls. Also we import more than half our food plus most of our cars, car parts, tools and equipment etc etc. It will all get more expensive. We all get relatively poorer and business gets a lot tougher.. The economy was struggling BEFORE coronavirus. In the first three months of the year the UK GDP fell by 2.2%. That's the biggest fall since 1979. I have been in business since the late 1970's so I have seen my share of ups and downs, but what we are facing now is the biggest downturn in history. The fact that the government are contemplating a no-deal Brexit with concomitant tariffs in the current situation just beggars belief. We are being led off a cliff. And I say that as someone who has been an active member of the Conservative Party for 27 years.
  23. Faz thank you for being so polite and well mannered its nice to see keep us all posted .
  24. I agree with all trade vet said, and the 3k per month seems very reasonable for London. My main concern would be turning enough stock(scouring at the right price to). If you turn 50% @ an average of a £1k profit, that’s only £7k a month. Deduct your advertising, insurance, Tax, VAT, etc, and it doesn’t leave you with much of a wage. You’d probably need to turn 75/80% to make it worthwhile, IMO. it’s sounds like you’re switched on and obviously have experience, so good luck to whichever way you decide to go.
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