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    The new price indicators are border line criminal, Autotrader could not develop software to value owners, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value service history, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value colour desirability, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value spec, so that part of the valuation was binned, (although i do believe there is a pathetic attempt currently ongoing, Current ratio of £10,000 spec adjusts value by £200. Yet the "masterclasses" educate dealers that these are the very things customers look for The High price indicator is also in Red/Amber which was previously used for CAT C, Incase a customer struggles to read HIGH PRICE, we have a speedometer/graph with high price revving off the scale, and if that is not enough of a deterrent, a baseless calculation has also taken place providing a figure to the pound of how much the customer would be paying above "market value", in some cases upto £2987. Absolutely no information anywhere to suggest where these figures are coming from as the Autotrader does not have one advertised £2987 cheaper, so a market only Autotrader have which is not on their own platform, (imaginary). Dealers who sell standard vehicles wont have much trouble with the new system, Dealers with specialist stock have major issues, Which dealer would price they vehicle above market? Does that make any sense, the first to suffer would be the dealer, The vehicle would not sell, Simple. Pricing vehicles is what dealers do, its part of the job, if we feel a vehicle is worth more we clearly have a basis for that, if we get it wrong it dont sell, Autotrader have really made a huge mistake with this one, It will cost them heavily as many dealers are now making it a priority to move away, and it will happen for sure, There must be a case to make with the Office of Fair Trading against Autotrader if a vehicle has been purchased as "Great Price" if that vehicle has 10+ owners, A Service Mystery, a list of mot advisories, beige in colour with wind down windows, a rear view mirror for parking sensors and 4 different wheel trims on it and pictured in a backstreet, How does Great relate to this? The system is to offer customers more transparency, lol
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    Why wouldn't she. She's put her website in her profile, her full name is on the website, you type that name into Facebook and it returns a legitimate profile for the same person with that photo as a profile picture. She seems legit to me. Unlike many others on this forum.
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    Had a Courteousy Car for years. Nothing special, but never had any issues. However, I don't advertise the fact and only lend it out to people I like or pass the Moron Test.
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    Try the Facebook trade page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/304231463443682/
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    Agree. It's 'barely' worth 200 a year (remembering there's buyer's fees too). I'm hoping the lack of sensibly priced stock is just a result of the usual January madness, but I fear I am deluding myself.
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    Sell good cars, ask for testimonials, get feedback, build real reputation.
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    Your area appears to be saturated with Minis and 500’s ,so if you are not a well established dealer,your pricing will be important.I would reduce 2 or 3 to cost price and see what happens.Then try and pick and choose punters with good swappers and try and nick them.That often works in my experience with slow moving stock.....Everyone to their own !
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    Ha Ha ,I didn’t mean LPG was bullshit,I was referring to John Prescott ! 100,000 taxis in Bangkok ! but how many go south of the river ? Enjoy . Being good at mending them must be awfull.Loads of work at £150 per hour.
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    Buying Rangies and Minis? Good that you are a mechanic! Set youself up as a LR/RR and Mini repair specialist and you'll never be short of work!
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    As a 1 man band, you have zero chance of doing 20 cars per month, there is simply not enough man hours in a day, especially if you do the job properly: MOT Service Cosmetic Repairs Valet All pre sale. I am on for 12 this month between 2 of us and to achieve 12, we are entertaining 30+ visitors in the month (only work 5 days per week). On Friday, we had 1 customers pop back for a tiny job, 4 walk-ins, 1 appointment, 2 cars for MOT and another for Service plus 3 cars to prep, photograph and advertise.
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    Wrong, you use advertising mediums to direct your customers to your website. Your website is your platform to sell YOU and YOUR business.
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    There was a lovely quote on here from someone many years ago. "When it's sunny my lender wants to lend me an umbrella, when it's raining he wants to take it away".
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    Hi Mr Bob, After reading some of the replies to your recent used car buying experience,i feel that some of the unhelpful comments just go to show what a shower of shite most motor traders actually are.I think its actually because they are all making so much money that they close ranks to protect their own kind, on average they make at least £2000 cash on every single car they sell,this money gets spent on beer and tabs.So to stop them I think you should buy a new motor every time and remember that most new car dealers have nice coffee and free wifi.
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    The trouble with any T2T is as much to do with the Billy Bullshitter buyers as the Billy Bullshitter sellers. All of my time in this game sellers appraise whilst wearing rose tinted spectacles & seem oblivious to knackered clutches. Many trade buyers (on old shit) expect the earth, expect it to be retail ready & to come with two weeks full parts & labour warranty - tbh I’d rather deal with private punters than most of the trade at my level.
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    Casper my mother was then and still is at 90 a fantastic Cook so my dinners were magnificent growing up . Then I went to Jills Parents and got such a culinary shock Her mums cooking ability was just short of poisonous
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    The absolute best all in one polish (ie cleans,removes light marks and gives a wax finish) is Auto Finesse Tripple. I like detailing cars when I have time and I have a garage full of pretty much everything, I guarantee you Tripple will do the job for you. If you are into a nice wax to finish off a detailed car then Bilt Hamber double speed lasts for a long time.
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    Probably better off with a steam engine than a Vauxhall Engine bag of Coal
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    When I started out years ago, my old man and the other old salty dogs were always telling me that 'people get out of motors for a reason' and it's rare they just fancy a change. If a car's in an auction and not on a forecourt then you need to be prepared for the occasional spanking. Obvious I know, but replies not far above always make me chuckle. If we're confessing the obvious, I've lurched a few dogs at WBAC. And a few of my missus' cars. Most memorable a 56 plate TT v6 DSG a few years ago as I hated the junk and they go wrong for fun like most of Germany's 'finest'. Nice car, but I was always shelling out on it with the usual issues. Anyway, sold it to WBAC. Happened to see it in BCA sale the next week. Two weeks later, the 'proud' new owner had tracked my missus down via facebook and was moaning about the speedo issue, lurchy gearbox etc. Could we help him track down the garages that may have done work on it and what had we done on it. I simply told him maybe don't buy from auctions next time as it's a big boys game. 'But it was cheap he said!'.
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    Had car licence for 29 years now Class 2 for 16 years Class 1 for 15 years and Motorbike for 13 years How's that for peacocking
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    Its about £3.66 per check if i recall correctly
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    Thanks Casper, you too.
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    Hello Arfur, yes we do buy and sell cars as a hobby. Thanks Nick. You're right, I'm truly not hiding behind anything.
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    madonnaluciana is trying to get their website going.
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    You’ve got it advertised as 2wd...... ......and delete all of this shit; The car has recently had the passenger side airbag recall done. THE CAR IS READY TO GO WITH NO ISSUES £4,500 ono Test drives welcome. NO TYRE KICKERS AND TIMEWASTERS If the ad is up, it’s still for sale!
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    OK, here goes. 1) Only CRV's I did well with were top spec EX models but even they struggle nowadays 2) It's red (although I sold a red EX spec very quickly once) 3) Photos are in a car park (or looks like one) 4) You're advertising on Gumtree (never sold a single car from there) 5) It is probably too cheap which will deter the serious (nice) customers Your last comment "If the ad is up, it is still for sale" means you are bored of generic messages asking if it is still available. Welcome to our world. Welcome by the way. You might do better placing the post in the General section.
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    Makes me wonder what they do with them Casper .
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    What big mistakes do they make when looking at a car themselves then ?, If they come to me for the same car your trying to look for, it wouldn't be a mistake would it as they have what they wanted in the first place . If they wanted an Audi S3 from you and went and bought Ford Fiesta ST instead then that shows how unstable they were in the first place . You obviously make it work after 15 yrs and bloody good luck to you as well as you deserve the deals after searching for their requirements , I just think those sort of customers expect me to find it , clean it , service it , present it, stump up the cash , price it less than mkt , ring them up for them to say " Sorry i changed my mind I now want a black one " and thats why its a Deposit in my books .
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    Lipped plates and keyrings. Used to put in stickers too but dropped that a few years ago.
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    Same here feels slow for a January
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    We don't know the sale price only that he took £9k cash balance. He possibly transferred a few thousands by PayPal prior to this.... Also those of you accusing the buyer of being 'greedy' how many of you have rushed somewhere on hearing of a motor going very cheap? I know I have - a few times with a wad of cash to wave under the sellers nose..
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    TV I know the answer you’re looking for is “No fucker” but I always thought the Maestro was a better car than the pitiful Escort/Orion. I’m saying that purely from a driving proposition - I had nowt to do with car selling in those days. Tbh I thought they drove better than VW’s miserable Golf too. I honestly think they weren’t bad cars, although the stepper motor choke system was shit (remember that?) & usually wanted to set an idle speed of about 2000rpm. I also remember having a blast to a pub in a neighbour’s MG Montego - 2 full litres of fuel injected Leyland power. I’d been reduced to Renault motoring at the time in the shape of a 5 1.1 - what a heap of shit. Honestly, the Montego felt like a Ferrari, it went like shit off a shovel! Or so I thought!!!
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    Do you remember the urban myth that a Maestro would say "oh shit" in the event of an accident. It was big news when I was a lad. I had a G reg Maestro Special when I was at college in 1991, my dad bought it me. I hated it and did a straight swap for an Orion Injection Ghia. I have never had as much money as when I lived at home, thanks Dad.
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    Its definitely a narrow market, the buyer is going to be 60 plus, originally from the home counties and with a wife that doesn't get out of the car until summoned! (what's not to like!) I used to think "no-way" when I saw the prices of Auto CR-V's, but stuck my neck out and bought one and it sold. Have one here now that's a bit sticky, but it will go. Of course with a narrow market, you have narrow demand, but narrow supply. They wont have many to go look at, so its buy yours or wait another month for one to come along. I personally don't do very well with "bread and butter" cars. There will always be a private seller within 10 miles under cutting your £3000 Fiesta by a grand. When you aim at the lower end of the market, buyers are particularly price sensitive and will drop their drawers to save £50, apparently...……...
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    If it was introduced the vendors wouldn’t have a choice. Sytner do just that & let’s be honest, some of the prices on there, even from those with poor ratings, can be eye watering. The response to any form of ratings are VASTLY overrated - if people think the price is right they’ll buy.
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    That's why I asked the question...………. if course everyone would describe accurately , pay promptly and life would be lovely.!
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    Talking about newspaper ! We have a chap across from us sells a few obscure old motors , has them hanging around forever type of thing . He had a Sorento 05 plate that needed welding on rear arches , so instead of getting it welded he filled it and undersealed the thing went for MOT and the guy there shoved his finger through it shite job mind . Brings it to us and asks us to weld it up , my son pulls reams of newspaper out of it , The Chap says dont know whos done that till my son says to him , Mate its got last weeks date on it Still goes on today obviously. And yes cardboard was used frequently back in the day of P38 wow some old names there , Bet you remember the Simca Engine Tappet Rattle too , was in those talbot things wasn't it if i remember
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    I would suggest a Canon EOS800D, its a good camera with a decent pixel count and also has the flip out rear screen that i find very useful for shooting images at either low levels or elevated shots to capture the best angles for each vehicle.If you want to buy something second hand then perhaps a Canon EOS70D would work well.I use this model and mine gets a regular battering from being carted around construction sites etc . Use the camera in full auto setting until you get used to it,then try using the different settings such as aperture priority to get those shots that you want. Editing is so easy and takes seconds to get the image to your liking.Always take loads of pics and just delete the one s that you dont like.Watch out for background distractions.I actually prefer using a telephoto lens at they have a narrower depth of field that kind of automatically concentrates the focus on the subject (the car) and blur out the rest of the frame.
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    A bullshitter. Tell the man to fuck off, you’ll see him in court. PS. He has had the car MOTed. ABS is part of the MOT. This proves the part he’s claiming for wasn’t faulty prior to XX date therefore absolving you of any responsibility even if you had sold it as a retail sale.
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    Agreed. You should just tell the bloke it’s B2B and you’ll see him in court. End of.
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    Spend some money investing in a half decent dslr camera, saw in the reflection your using a bit of a basic one. Even a newer iPhone will take better photos and video
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    There's a MAN & DOM is his name , I'm out no grinding for me
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    Even if you agree to their offers they don’t back them up with cold hard cash. I usually ignore them (because usually the offers are a fucking joke) but this week had 2 very close & sensible offers on two mid-termers, so I thought to myself ‘Why not? Hopefully I’m proved wrong with these email dickheads’. Unfortunately I wasn’t. One decides (presumably because I’d agreed to her offer) that she then wanted a 3mth warranty including for our agreed price. Then 6mths. Then can I revise costs. The other emailer, much to my amazement, phoned. It appeared that his cash offer wasn’t what I think of as a cash offer.......to this Norwich-based imbecile an ex-NHS Mondeo “all the holes in the bodywork have been done, mate” represents cash, if I don’t want it (correct) he’ll sell it privately cos he’s got the money. In the space of 10 seconds he then tells me he’s getting the train, getting the bus, getting his Mrs. to drive him here at the weekend (he must be thinking of making 3 journeys!). I just kept answering ok, ok, ok and at the earliest opportunity brought the call to an end. With 50% of the general public I think I’m an unpaid mental health counsellor.
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    I think you’ll find most of the environmentally friendly vegan weirdos don’t actually live in London? They just like to come and demonstrate then fuck off back to Brighton!
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    What are you going to sue for ? what is your material loss ? zero, go rent a boxing ring and last man standing gets the password to the mid database.
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    Correct ! Trade plates and vehicle you use /taxed vehicles only. Been like that for a while
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    are you sure its not the sickly sweet smell of a leaking heater matrix?
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    dvla computer cant digest so many changes in such a short time so rejects,i would either be looking for recompense from a higher source by finding who to write to at dvla towers by asking or write it off and take the medicine my insurer who is lv wont let me tax a car unless its registered in my name so slamming cars on the MID is not an option anymore for me and lets be honest here its going to be a right paper trail if you get a bumpsy whilst driving it or worse selling it within a short time and your paperwork isnt triplicated just tax a barge you will never sell if you arent bothered what you drive its really much easier in the long term and allows you to make it a pigsty too if you want
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    The engine light is so common and when the handbook is referred to usually says DO NOT DRIVE which would sound quite scary to someone who doesn't understand. Customers lie about their part exes all the time thinking we won't check them, happy to sell us their 'scrappers' for retail money!