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    I've always gone the extra mile. All my scrap comes with 12 months MOT
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    How right you are! Seriously? Poor salespeople struggling by on £12K before commission. How much sympathy do you honestly think you’re going to get from millions of shop workers and zero hour contracted staff? Bearing in mind the pandemic that’s sweeping the world, are you seriously suggesting the star seller at a Land Rover dealership, who’s taken home an £80K user for the next few weeks, is topped up to their usual level? If so I’ll put this in easy to understand terms; You are an idiot. I think you’ve seriously misjudged the mood of the nation and the seriousness of current world events. If some have to struggle by on £800pm HARD LUCK - there are people dying. You need to give your head a shake.
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    @MarkTVS @Stillnotadealer Moderate your tone and language or you'll both be removed. The comments above aren't helpful or nice. Play nicely or you'll be removed from the forum.
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    A 3 year old high spec BMW i3 that I had in stock for 6 or 7 months in 2018 when the market wasn't quite ready for them yet. I must've shown that car to no less than five middle aged (and above!) couples and with that new technology every viewing was over an hour, some took two! I was very very happy to see it go. But getting rid wasn't the best part. I sold it to a very nice young bloke, he had just sold a rope access business for strong money. By then I had very small profit in the BMW but got a fantastic ML350 in part exchange against it at £18K which sold very quickly for considerably more to a finance customer. He in turn traded in an old 2005-6 BMW 330Ci Auto for which he wanted £1400 and I obliged. It sold quickly as well. That customer in turn part-exed a simlar age Audi TT for a grand. Yep, it sold quickly for a fair but more and I got a nice black Beetle Convertible in part ex. Yes, you guessed it, it sold quickly for £3489, I didn't expect the level of interest that car got. That's where the part ex chain ended. Just imagine if one of the five middle aged cash-paying no-finance couples had bought the i3.
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    I hope I'll be back Monday. I'll pass the comments on to Rebecca
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    Five days ago, i sold my last car, monday, i was days off self isolating anyway, i saw, on monday, that the pm was going to be on at 8.30, so for him to be on at that time i knew this was going to be a big one, on closing monday night, i half heartedly put my business into lockdown, leaving some handbrakes off, putting the cheapest car in front of the more expensive for safety,but not doing anything drastic, hoping for the best, thinking, like you all probably have, there may be some cheap cars out there to put to one side for a month [ now you can't even buy them ]. At just gone 8.30, my arse fell out [ sorry, that means gobsmacked ! ] realising straight away that non essential, means me ! All this week has been spent following the news, catching up on gov websites [ changing hourly so constantly refreshing] and coming on here to see other peoples plans. Fast forward to tonight, friday, and reflecting on the week, the government has worked so dam hard to keep some hope up, and money in peoples pockets, whilst still reminding us to isolate, all credit to them, they must be shattered, and of course the nhs. Tonight, a thing i did half heartedly on monday, i have wrote down a plan for a full lockdown on my business, there will be a visit tomorrow to put this plan into action, it covers security, vermin, full lock up of all tools where i can, handbrakes off, batteries off [ except the later stuff, dont want ecu's loosing the plot] and taking essential paperwork home,even draining compressor, it's like xmas, but at least with xmas, you knew when you were back in ! Have to look into maybe post redirection too, a relation was going to come and help me but latest is do not socialise, well, five days hey ? very very strange days, stay safe people
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    Umesh and the IMDA, This is SO wrong. I'm incensed. This petition is pathetic. Your Motor Dealer firms should pay decent salaries in the first place, not pay a pittance & then expect the Government (tax payer) to bail them out as a special case. I pay decent salaries... why don't IMDA firms? Disgraceful begging in these times. Get a backbone, not begging bowl. You think I'm in a better position to support my own staff? I've liquidated assets, I'm selling my farm, vehicles, even the TVs that line my office walls, I've tipped in an ISA. I was homeworking my staff 2 weeks before anyone else. I'm Chinese, I saw this coming. My parents have been confined for nearly 3-months, now. I really object to this tin-rattling begging of the motor industry as a special case. Car salesmen aren't in the line of danger with covid. Car salesmen are sitting at home with their feet up and a beer, watching TV, FFS, watching the NHS staff who are in the line of danger, as if they are watching an episode of Casualty. Is tea ready, love? I've got a niece who is a Paramedic who is showing Covid symtoms, because she has no PPE and is putting herself in danger. Where is her extra "boo-hoo" money? Car employers should assist their own employees if the employees have hardship (maybe by selling assets like I am to raise cash), not demand more than other workers are getting from the taxpayer. Exactly, it's hard. I know it's hard. I'm selling my home to stay cash rich in this crisis! But I'm not begging the taxpayer for more cash. Really, you IMDA lot need to look in a mirror. You are car salesmen, not key workers putting their lives on the line in crap PPE and saving lives while killing yourselves. Get a grip. I'm not being personal, here, it's just that petition stinks. We are all in this together...the country, not the motor trade. The Government is doing a wonderful business support job. They's given grants to businesses, guaranteed loans, removed business rates, and given a temporary suspension of "wrongful trading" rules for company directors to remove the threat of personal liability during the pandemic, as well as subsidising 80% of worker's salaries. Unheard of support... but just because car firms have created their own mini-problem because they are too tight/greedy to pay reasonable salaries (and want to save on sick pay, pension contributions, redundancy payments, payroll liabilities etc etc), this is NOT the Government's issue. And because car salesmen are so weak they meekly accept this crap salary system, is NOT the Government's issue, either. If this issue needs solving, car firms should solve this, with their own money. I want the Government supporting key workers, building hospitals and saving lives, not supporting car firms who underpay their own workers. many things will change due to this pandemic, and this crap salary system should be one of them. I have pledged my staff to pay additional top-up cash amounts over the 80% furlough, and my staff get good, full salaries to begin with! Not motor industry joke salaries. But, I want to look after them! Other firms are doing more, too. Daksh at Marshalls has said he will pay 90% on furlough. That is the kind of support people need, not a begging bowl to the Government. And stop dragging other industries into this. I'm ashamed to listen to this begging crap from the motor industry. Grow a backbone, get a grip, pay your workers some decent money and stop rattling cans at the taxpayer. And car salesmen... you are not innocent in this, either. Where are your savings? Why have you let this situation become so critical? You need to take some personal responsibility here in accepting this state of affairs and think of others in far worse positions, not yourselves. There are other mechanisms to help you... mortgage holidays, no evictions, Universal Credit. Get on with it. Can you tell I'm annoyed? ...AND DON'T CATCH THE VIRUS! Stay well. Ling LINGsCARS
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    You need to keep that going aslong as possible. Instruct him to collect it from your storage compound and give the address of a lr main dealer
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    Today is your lucky day my friend! I’ve always admired 15yr old CRVs, 10yr old Galaxies & battered Corsa p/xs. As luck might have it I have an example of each in stock ready for your purchase.
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    When I was at school (best part of 50 years ago) we had a maths class about 'geometric progression'. The teacher told us a story about a wise man who went to work for a king. He asked to be paid each day in grains of rice on the squares of a chess board. On day 1 just 1 grain of rice. On day 2 put 2 grains of rice on the next square. On day 3 put 4 grains of rice. Every day doubling the number of grains of rice - 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. The king agreed. After 64 days (the number of squares on a chess board) the wise man was owed more than all the rice in the world and was able to take the king's kingdom from him. That's geometric progression. Corona virus spreads at the rate of about 2.5 new infections per infected person. That means one infected person could potentially lead to about 60000 infections after 10 days. Without lockdown this would lead to 70-80% of the population being infected - until herd immunity kicks in and the infection rate slows right down. 70% of 70 million people is around 50 million. If 10% need hospital then that's 5 million. If 2% die then that is 1.4 million deaths. All happening over a couple of months. Unless you took radical action to slow things down you wouldn't be able to burn the bodies fast enough. This is way different to normal flu and doesn't remotely compare with smoking. There is no way on Earth that Trump will open up by Easter. We are in for a long haul, 3 months lockdown and then restrictions for many more months until, hopefully, a vaccine is developed. I said on a previous thread that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. Back in January I read that some of the hardest hit businesses in China were car dealers because they were unable to trade and pay stocking loans. We started preparing about 4 weeks ago. Not buying anything and offloading cars where possible, maximising cash in the bank. We normally stock about 40 cars but now have just 11 cars at a covered secure storage site. Computers and anything of value removed from our premises. We spent quite a few days working on preparations for this and I think we can get through ok.
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    Friends and fellow traders on the forum please may all you and your family's stay safe and take care during these tough times with your health with the corona virus pandemic Hopefully all our business can all come back from it also in time wish everyone all the best .
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    In a perfect world, car dealers want their showrooms to be full of stock, with significant numbers of prospective buyers milling around, sitting in cars, test driving, chatting to sales-staff and then driving off in them happy with their new purchase. But today is not the perfect world and won’t be for some time. A number of clients are wishing to deliver cars to customers at their home (self-isolating permitting!). As this could be considered running an organised distance selling scheme, customers could have the right to cancel the contract for UP TO A YEAR after delivery if they are not advised of the right to cancel the contract. Car dealers can also be prosecuted by Trading Standards. Where a consumer (not a business buyer) has a car delivered to them and where they have not visited the showroom beforehand, we suggest the following is given to consumers either separately (in person at handover) as well as in your terms and conditions online. Ideally, you should retain a copy of this clause with their signature signalling that they have received the notice - to ensure that they know they have the right to cancel. Do note that the mile limit and fee per mile travelled over that limit is for each dealer to decide and this example is indicative only. You cannot, though, allow for a 20 mile limit and £20 per mile driven over that amount! Lawgistics suggested wording: Cancellation under the Distance Selling Regulations Ordinarily we do not run an organised distance selling scheme. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak we need to support our valued customers by delivering your vehicle to your home. If you have ordered and taken delivery of your vehicle without visiting our showroom and you are not buying the car in the course of your trade or business, the following cancellation clause applies: You have 14 days to get to know your new vehicle and to make sure it suits you. If you change your mind just let us know in writing by post [insert address] or in email to [insert email address] and to reach us by 6pm on the 14th day following delivery and we will come and collect the vehicle for a refund. We cannot accept a return of the car if it has been damaged, modified or altered from the condition it was delivered in. An excess mileage charge of £1 per mile for any mileage over 150 miles in those 14 days will apply. If you do change your mind you cannot use the car once you have notified us - but you must still tax and insure the vehicle until it is collected. This cancellation (change of mind) clause does not affect any separate rights given to you in The Consumer Rights Act 2015 or the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).
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    It will be interesting to see if Lookers stays open for business and have a future.One year ago their shares were £1,closing bell last night they were down to 11p.I think it is very sad as they were established in 1910,have 150 dealerships,plus parts distribution companies,employ 1000’s and appear to have been led downhill by ‘ Corporates’ with little frontline motor trade experience.I was going to buy the shares at 17p last week but held back,I am pleased I did.
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    Good luck. There is absolutely no chance of me bidding online for cars up to £3K based on their absolutely pisspoor non-descriptions. I’d be bankrupt within weeks of buying blind from them shysters.
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    More problems for Philip Schofield then !
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    Anyone remember when there was warnings about keeping a mobile phone in your pocket because of what it would do to your 2 veg. Well I can categorically dismiss any theories relating to phones in pockets and fertility issues. Either that or the post man owes me an absolute fortune in bringing up his kid’s!!! Ps, spend too much time on YouTube and you’ll believe there’s aliens living in jars in Area 51, the earth is flat, god is real, the lockness monster, UFO’s, ghosts, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
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    Are beards out of fashion now due to being snot holders? Could never understand why people follow other people so they all have beards I understand why my son in law has one hes an ugly barsteward so it hides his mug
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    A few good ideas for home made masks?
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    Use this service https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-support-from-business to tell how your business might be able to help with the response to coronavirus. The support needed includes things like: medical testing equipment medical equipment design protective equipment for healthcare workers, such as masks, gowns and sanitiser hotel rooms transport and logistics, for moving goods or people manufacturing equipment warehouse or office space, for medical use or storage expertise or support on IT, manufacturing, construction, project management, procurement or engineering social care or childcare You’ll be asked some questions about the type of support you can give. You’ll then be contacted as soon as possible if your support is needed. thanks
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    The pitchforks were a bit frightening though
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    Hi mate thanks. We always pay our rent on time and normally the quickest payers on the site. Very very understanding landlords. I hope everyone is healthy and staying away from this virus. Health is wealth
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    Once again a excellent piece ! and thanks for running over time !
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    thanks for the link the bit i found a bit strange = "The firm has already axed most of its non-essential spending in areas such as marketing" which is a bit double dutch as they want us to advertise but not advertising themselves ?
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    The mercs already sorned that saves £48 a month
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    Anyone who’s saying they can’t pay this month’s rent is either a piss taker or their business was already knackered anyway.
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    Minimum wage is currently £8.21 per hour, doubt very much if many car salesmen are on minimum wage, average hours worked 37 [office for national statistics ] 37 x £8.21 = £303. 80% furlough is £242, obviously less hours less pay now if there was a petition for minimum wage workers to get at least minimum wage ?
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    Hi. Hope you’re on the mend mate. No chance of you coming out of Police retirement then?
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    It sucks for a lot of us. Me included (have been trading at this premises since Jan 2013.) Ltd Co etc so no help for us. Except hopefully the rates grant, but I’m still prepared for a curve ball on that too. I was brought up to prepare for the worst and save where you can, so not beans on toast just yet, but never say never!
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    Without the vermin who would we sell cars too?
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    Jesus trade vet, you are the most depressing person ever
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    This situation is going to cost lots of money either way we all play it , if you pack up , your business has gone . Stay on and take the grants on offer and hope we get through it then the costs are going to rise afterwards are hey not . The government is going to get its money back , the landlords are going raise Rents and that's a certain . Car dealers are going to have to make more money per sale to recoup lost monies . Only good thing is we might no have so many cash car traders who have never paid tax at all . Whatever happens guys and girls its going to be a different world after this crisis . At present just stay safe , hope you survive the cash flow worry too . Cheers to all .
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    Not always, Of late the stupid ones we get are reasonably normal middle management or retired types who probably do have the money but they think they know best as they have read Honest John.
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    Can’t you just wipe your arse on the X5 instead?
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    The latest I read was inside information that the govt look at self employed tax records see that you are in a trade unable to work ie car sales and they pay us 80% this is what I expect to keep going It will be Monday before announced or possibly late Friday night Dont pass it on To add all those in the black economy stuffing notes in their pockets are stuffed and good too
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    MOTs are still fine (at the moment) however; (From what I’ve heard today maiin dealers’ parts depts. are only supplying their own workshops and the motor factors are expecting to be told they are NOT a vital part in the supply chain).
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    Interesting how we have two threads, one showing what we are doing for our community and the other showing how our community are doing us!
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    We did unfortunately have thieves last night aswell, not on the same scale though. We have 2 advertising smart cars that get kept at roadside locations. One for the workshop business and one for the sales. One has a large Kevin the carrot teddy as the driver and the other has a 6 foot teddy bear. Some wee idiots smashed both windows and stole the teddies. Slightly annoying but we decided to do good out of it by putting a funny kidnapped post on social media and it has had an overwhelming response so it’s almost been worth it from an advertising point of view. search our social media pages if you fancy some mild amusement.
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    Open. 6 calls / emails during the week. 1 Came loved the car, left a deposit, then changed their mind in light of "everything" 1 made an appointment then called to cancel in light of "everything" 1 turned up AND was instantly approved by the finance company but could not find a way to pay the £3000 negative equity on their part-ex so no deal 1 more made an appointment then called to cancel in light of what "Boris just said" 1 call from Zuto on a car that was sold 10 days ago in another deal through them. Offered a similar to their customer. Fingers crossed. 1 is on the way right now on Sat late afternoon.
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    Our painters usually seem so pissed and high on fumes i'd doubt they even know what's going on.
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    I buy very little normally at auction but yesterday I was surprised to see ex lease cars in the 10k-20k bracket pretty much all making cap clean or even more....as if it was just business as usual! Unless you really need stock would have thought it best to sit tight for at least the next couple of weeks to just see what happens.....whilst I appreciate its different from the last financial crisis anyone who remembers the turmoil that caused wont want to see it again.....
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    Had 2 appointments today and one had one already cancelled due to the current situation. Apart from that still getting some enquires in but am holding fire on buying stock atm unless stuff can be nicked.
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    Try think insurance mate there very helpful
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    Ha Ha ‘ So you are over 80,don’t worry it’s only a pandemic ‘
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    Brexit hasn't really happened yet and this virus hasn't properly arrived in the UK yet. Its arrived in Italy though and already over 460 people have died in the last few days. Its NOT flu, its about ten times more deadly than flu. Hence the travel restrictions in Italy. Anyone who runs a real business (i.e. not a kerbside/backyard trader) should take the threat seriously and plan for a lean few months. Hopefully it won't hit as hard as some expect, but in business its best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
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    Solo/ doorstep operators will be OK and probably don’t need to trade.For the guys with the premises and the staff that have to sell X number of cars a week to stand still,it is another story.I have been watching CNBC all day and listening to experienced financial experts and medics and I hope they are wrong.Its not just the virus,it’s the Russian/Saudi row and the knock on effect as huge oil companies may be forced into bankruptcy putting thousands out of work.
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    They can become aggressive as they get older
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    wear and tear, ignore text messages, all communication in writing, your communication by registered post, read up on cra
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    As much as it will have an impact on business it’s the right thing to do. In the prime ministers speech last night he should have said UK I am dissapointed in you. Stay the fuck inside.