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    We have a database of 2300 independent dealerships and will happily post an "exodus" e mail out to all of them This has gone to far and must stop now I am on 07748 903961 please call me autotradeassociates.co.uk why cant we have our own website for reputable dealers only? have a look and see what we have achieved already.
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    all interesting topics, but whats stopping you all from cancelling if you feel so strongly? I dislike AT, its a big greedy beast, its arrogant, its a monopoly and abuses its market position with annual prices rises. But it works!, Ive checked my advert performance and its been unaffected, Im now putting videos on there (inspired by Cheshire Cars) and noticed response and calls on these cars go up. last month I sold 31 cars. I know 23 of those sales came directly from AT, and sold as far afield as Portsmouth and Newcastle. I would never have got these sales elsewhere. Ive tried everywhere else and nothing works and until my AT response dries up, until it stops giving me a decent ROI, then unfortunately I'm staying put. My rep has been brilliant and has been for about 10 years. Im really puzzled by the likes of people that whinge about the supplier and stay put paying the massive bills year after year if it doesn't work!!!, if it doesn't sell cars - they've not handcuffed you to them, Cancel. if it works, you sell cars, yo make a profit then whats the problem? and no doubt I'll get slated for this
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    We gave it up around 5 years ago, the monthly bill just went up & up & up! I don't run a business purely for the benefit of AT and not myself! I am surprised still at the amount of people advertising with them and complaining! There IS life after AT and unless you take that step and change how you do things, you will just continue to get shafted and be a busy fool, working to pay their extortionate bills!! Unfortunately I do lack sympathy now as there has been so much on here to encourage dealers to leave, move on and try other avenues. When will everyone wake and smell the coffee!!! Gary.
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    In small claims court you can appeal, you pay a fee around £100ish, MUST be done within 14 days of the judgement, you can ask the judge when hes made his decision or if you didnt attend you ask the appeal court, if you didnt attend you can apply for set aside [judgement] but must have good reason for not attending. The appeal court will only allow an appeal if it is satisfied that: The decision of the judge who heard the small claims trial was wrong in law; or The decision was unfair because of a serious irregularity in the small claims proceedings
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    Small claims court- true account of our own experience - beware! Case 1 A guy comes in ( wearing overalls) saying he is a mechanic and has a small garage business.We sell him an unprepped car at a reduced price and mark the invoice Trade Sale-Not Returnable - which he signs.He later sends us a bill for £300 for repairs he has carried out.We go to the small claims court and he says he is not in the trade but does his own repairs. Result- Came 2nd - cost about £370 The judge said we were negligent because we failed to check out his trade ID Case 2 Without prior notice,we get a bill for over £2k.The punter says he had broken down and was unable to contact us.( we are open 7 days a week).He was towed in by the AA to his friends garage who did the repair.We make enquiries with parts suppliers by quoting reg no and establish that his diesel Passat had 2 new injectors supplied at £500 each.These were not included on the repair bill.Also,we establish he was not towed in by the AA. The punter was a liar ! It appeared to us that he had been adding chip fat oil or something and blocked his injectors so we declined the claim under the terms of our own warranty agreement which he had signed.We went to court full of confidence. Result - Came 2nd - Cost about £2700 The judge said - as it was an agreed fact that the car had broken down,we were liable.He had either ignored our evidence or did not understand it. Thats why I stated in my earlier post- Judges don't like used car dealers
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    Rory, Thanks for sharing .. My Tea's gone cold as I got so engrossed ! Explosive stuff !!!