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    Got a call today from a manager called Dale at Manheim B'ham , he asked what i wanted in relation to the burn and offered to take the car back or fund the smart repair. I have asked for them to cover the smart repair cost. Can't fault them really, decent bloke wanted to help. Cant ask for more than that.
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    when i was speaking to trading standards the other week (decent bloke actually) he was of the opinion magistates always side against us
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    £1500 definitely not.Politeley point out that you have taken advice, a refund would be based on HMRC mileage rates which are 45p per mile and that they have used it for 3 months and travelled 3000 miles.However, you are willing to ignore that and make a goodwill gesture so I would say offer £1200 or if they want to buy another car you will raise this to £1400.Give the punter 2 days to make up their mind up or you will withdraw your offer.This usually works for me .You can then sort out the Astra and probably get a bit more for it. You will get used to this sort of thing !
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    Speak to the branch manager at B'ham. This sort of thing is dealt with at branch level. Be polite but firm. They missed it and you used their 'normally excellent' reports to influence your buying decision. I have always found having bodywork and interior defects sorted out in my favour painlessly. If only Surecheck were as easy to deal with.
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    JIMBO ANY warranty is in addition to a consumers rights, it doesnt replace them. a full pdi and fresh mot on EVERY car sold, the pdi sheet to be shown to consumer and signed that he/she read it. consumers must test drive / driven in car before sale. a substantial sales invoice should be produced [ forget sold as seen trade sale etc] and signed. what if a clutch goes after 2 months for example? then you go back to the pdi and sales invoice and test drive ! PDI = the clutch was consistent with a * year old ***** mileage car! [signed for] ON the test drive the clutch showed no faults [ signed for] on the sales invoice no faults were brought to your attention [ signed for ] ! I UNDERSTAND I AM PURCHASING A USED CAR THAT MAY HAVE FAULTS CONSISTENT WITH A USED ITEM !
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    Too bloody right they would. Hall bidders get run up by the internet & vice versa. On watching the Simulcast you can see what's going on when the auctioneer is saying one thing & the bid section is two or three bids ahead of him