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    Not used Glass for at least 5yrs and I stopped subscribing to CAP last year as well because everything worth buying sells for more than CAP anyway and you can get their valuations for free on all the catalogues. If I’m valuing a swapper I use a blend of We Rob Any Car and Autotrader.
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    I’ve always been told the industry average is about 8 times a year but some of the high volume Supermarkets have to run minimum double digits. We run at about the average which for what we do I think is pretty good. This target they’ve set seems unrealistic to me.
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    On the basis that we are all essentially chancing our luck by displaying them incorrectly (I've never seen a car with trade plates showing them externally, vertically but not obscuring the original plate), and still liable to a fine when they see us using them to the best of our abilities, perhaps we should all simply stop paying the trade plate fee on the basis that it is impossible to use, I'm sure they'd soon sit up and take notice then.
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    Yup, but I find the ones that the kit doesn't work for, the magnets do. It's all mad as I say- they should just be happy that we're paying for trade plates as why does it matter really if they're inside or outside. The number plate is still visible. Idiots.