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    If your worried about telling them something as it sound bad ... then i'd probably tell them but justify it. It will be more in regards to information the dealer is privy too but choose's to hide or camouflage to lead a buyer towards a certain decision, that if they knew the information they may have made differently. I wouldn't worry about a car being stolen and a customer saying " well the dealer didn't tell me i had to lock it"
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    I Just don't like the old well the dealer didn't tell me brigade.... if I am asked a question I answer it honestly... but if I am not asked something I cant tell you everything..... so where will it end well the dealer didn't tell me it had wind up windows in the back ..... well did you ask them ? well no but I should be told every little detail....
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    http://www.lawgistics.co.uk/read-news/140#sthash.x2MAqCtU.dpbs i also ask for confirmation of motor trade insurance too just in case of future legal hassles
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    "continuously dripping wet " so he has either a leak or has wet vac'd the seats and there still wet, i would myself tell him to bring it back leave it with you for a few days so you can dry it out and check for leaks, run a hose pipe over the obvious and you have done all you can do, i bet a mars bar he has washed the seats and there still wet. if he does turn into an ass then at least you have shown goodwill, a few days without his car i would go 50/50 he wont even bother bringing it back. one point i would ask is how do you know he has insured the car in the trade ?
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    I always find the odd ball cars do well on eBay auction .