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    Got 6 away so far all at nice profit and I feel bad weather has contributed towards busy start to month only done 4 all February so on course to smash that. Sold a nice crv 2012 mint condition 1 owner high mileage 111k petrol 6k cheap car! !
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    2 calls on Saturday afternoon: "You've got a black Peugeot on your forecourt - is it for sale & can you Email me some pictures" Me: "It is and I could, but it's not been cleaned and prepped yet" "Never mind, send me some pictures if you can, as I really need a car and I think it is just what I'm looking for" Me; "Will do" So dropped everything and took some pics in the pi$$ing rain and sent them to him. Email arrived at 19.30hrs: "Thanks for those.... I'm away all next week so I'll ring you when I get back. Nice. Phone rings while I'm with some punters: "I'm ringing about the Merc you've got advertised" Me: "Excellent. How can I help?" Him: "What can you tell me about it?" Me: "Have you read the advert, looked at the pictures and watched the video?" Him: "Yes". Me: "Can't really add much, but I've got some customers sat in front of me, so I'll ring you back in a few minutes and we can chat about it". Him: "You shouldn't have answered the phone if you couldn't talk to me" Me: "Eh? You would have preferred it if I ignored your call?" Him: "Yeah. I want to talk about it now." Me: "You've lost me" Him: "and you've lost a sale - you shouldn't have answered". Me: "I'm inclined to agree with you now....bye"
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    We had a very impatient customer earlier, on a Toyota aygo that's just arrived recently, on web without image saying awaiting valet as it was filthy. He rings up demanding pics, so I oblige telling him the car is filthy but will receive full a valet when sold or when prepped in a week or so. a real snotty email comes back I will be down in 2 hours it will !! be valeted for me to look at or I wont be coming. Sent him a reply don't bother coming then as I have other cars being cleaned that are sold and are scheduled to go out.
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    Jan was almost too busy for us, I wish i'd stayed in bed Feb and March has been stonking so far...knocking out some really boring undesirable stuff at the moment