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    Noon the next day.
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    Well, I'm gonna be the other side of the coin viewpoint. Whenever I've advertised a car that's not prepared correctly it causes stress. Whether that's successfully getting a deposit and then rushing to get the job done for the now impatient punter- or failing to get it sold as the car lets itself down, and no matter how much you assure them you'll get it all done, they can walk & I think you often get one opportunity to market and sell the junk. I don't like any more excuses 'not to buy' than can be helped. You should only have the price as the only thing they can (try to) argue about. A good car will sell and I think presentation is a reflection of you and your business. I don't see the urgency myself. However we have a site so maybe from home with only a few cars in stock it is felt that they need to be advertised immediately. For me that still doesn't make sense but we're all different (I'm not).
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    Started in 1980 @ 16 valeting. Bought a Mini Van and started going around the industrial estates touting for cleaning cars. I know,16 no licence blah blah, had a good few weeks and saw a Mini 1275GT for sale. Can't remember the price but got it, cleaned it up and sold it on. Hooked. 2 years down the line I sold Gleamers car valeting for decent money and set myself up in an old farm barn buying and selling. Business was booming back then. Selling Montegos a few years later for fun then bought myself a Porsche wide body (Personal) and proper fooked myself up. Lost a shit load Got taken on by 2 gentleman who dealt in prime German stuff and learnt the trade. Set myself up again 3 years later with their blessing and their help. Have a hell of a lot to thank those 2 guys for. They were known as the underwrighters to the Motor trade. Here I am today doing the same thing to a young guy and his business no idea why, satisfies me, dont want him burnt, He's honest and does the right thing and I like that a lot jeez I'm welling up here...