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    Those foreign non-payer bidders are why I stopped ebay auctions, these complete and utter scumbags bidding in the last minute with absolutely no intent on buying. You could have a 10 day auction finishing 8pm on a Sunday and then "scoobynaznazhussein69" bids in the last second and fecks it all up. It still really makes me ANGRY...
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    stuck 2 sheds on an ebay auction,both brutal adverts, both won by foreign sounding names, no further contact, utter waste of time
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    Whilst on tfr, cracks me up the people who pay £500+++ for paint protection only to go to the local hand car wash and have it removed by the tfr.
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    Checking the Mot history I see in 2009 it had an advisory on slight smear on front wiper blade Has it been done? I’ll give you £200
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    People don’t want too cheap. Sometimes the higher price gives them reassurance. With free AT stock and such a cheap car you MUST try it at the higher price. Extra £500 on a car like this is a great result. An absolute bargain at only £14.95 per previous owner. £149.95 per previous owner
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    We had a polo in last month typical old owner with a stupid white dog in the boot eaten all the carpet shelf missing and rear headrests, costs us over £100 to get the parts on line via flee bay mint it back up and yep you guessed it next owner said can i take the shelf out as he wants to put his dog in the boot.