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    You can probably clean them to improve. Crap and dust etc collecting in the mechanism sure I read a good clean and spray of wd40 can return decent results
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    I think in this line of work it tends to come in waves, you have a run of sales, then a run of messers, a run of problems it does not seem to stay constant for me, one week you could earn 5k then nothing for weeks or just problems to sort out. may be trade girl you are just saling a little to close to the wind, been there done that, you just buy that extra car because it's a good price, job goes slow and messes the cash flow up and I'm still doing it, down a car and free up a bit of cash and leave a bit of breathing space and you will feel better with your back not up against the wall. this can be the best job in the world sometimes but I think the knack is not to let it get you down when the fires are burning all around you and just carry on like you don't give a dam
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    Apparently 'recreationally trans' is a thing? But seriously transportable mobile phone, was a cell phone built into a briefcase to improve its reception? Those were the days! Who remembers those late nights at 'NCA' Colchester on a thursday! Sale still going at 10pm, after being at the 'day sale' since 10am. Those were the days
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    Who is the admin? Its ok, found one, thanks for the help
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    .. in all seriousness though who do i email now as the email address provided is no longer the person in charge?
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    I call it a race to the bottom :-)
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    Lol, remember that being a good extra, got me thinking back to an incident at my vauxhall days again, mid 90's, mk1 corsas were great sellers new, the merit came with nothing and a rear wiper was a good up sell for us, we had an auto electrician who fitted them no problem, one day he fitted one to the wrong new car, no problem yeh just fit another to the right car...not us, wiper was removed and put on the right car, the hole left on the other new car was filled with a rubber grommet and simply handed over, but in those days you could get away with murder in this job.
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    That's very good basic business sense . My sales techniques offer more advice about the days weather than the car . They will decide to buy from you or not , let them choose . Answer questions with a very short yes or no eg "how many services ? , the answer is 6 " NOT 1 at BMW in , 2 at jack spratts garage on and 3 more at John jones but it needs another in 3,000 miles . , details kills sales because who your talking to doesn't understand anything about a cars working . Q ;Has the chain been replaced? , Answer is "the chain on this car is absolutely fine" because they are not looking for it to be changed but they've read on google that the chain goes wrong , so assurance is needed in their mind that this one is no problem . Be sure its ok though of course , reputation is important